What was your first car?

My first car was a volkswagon , and we could squeeze 6 of us into into. One volkswagon that will always stand out in mind is one that I saw many times, it was white but the doors were black, and there was a nice big gold police shield on each door. It was awesome
Yesterday I saw to young kids get into a brand new black caddie, with darkened window, the licence plate said W0-Fat..... wonder how they made their money

What was your first car?
Haggis McBagpipe
My very first car was a red '67 Pontiac Parisienne. Man, I loved that big old land yacht with its ubercool eight-track player. Most people here are probably far too young to know what one of those fancy dancy hi-tech eight-track players even is!

The car I learned to drive on, my dad's, I still have: a 1965 Chevy Impala SS convertible. Sadly, it is just rusting away in storage.
I owned a '75 parisienne for a brief period; it didn't come with an 8-track stock, but i tracked one down and installed it myself (cost me $80 from a wrecker).

my first car was a 78 honda civic, though. this car lasted me 2 full years of constant abuse, including a christmas eve upheaval of a roadside green power box, a low-speed encounter with an rcmp cruiser, and over a 100 high-speed runs over "the wall" (which averaged about 3 feet of vertical air over a distance of 10-15 feet).

when it was finally decommissioned (compliments of an RCMP roadside safety check), i used it to move a concrete roadside barrier for my roommate before it found it's final resting place in his backyard.

i miss that car.

oh, and i once almost killed my best friend who to this day is upset that he almost died in a car that was worth less than the jacket he was wearing.
Was the cruiser a volkswagon fubbleskag? Come on reverend yours I gotta here about.
lets see my first car wuz a hotweels

but my real car ... i dont have one
God that was funny!! about the hot wheels.
you be it is i made an ubertrack long ago and and still havent tken it down
Paranoid Dot Calm
My first car was in 1966 when I purchased a 1958 Chev Imala 2 door hardtop, silver in colour and red interior. $695.00 in borrowed funds from Household Finance.

Aren't you damn impressed, eh?

Anyways; I burned the automatic transmission out and decided to put in a 3 speed standard. All my friends said it was piece of cake. They said that I only needed to remove 8 bolts and the tranny would just fall out.
Well .... I must of removed about a hundred and 8 bolts and it was not coming loose. Meanwhile, my battery is going dead because I got the radio on during my frantic repairs. When I started the engine to charge my battery, the whole bottom of the damn car clunked onto the ground!

I had the car up on blocks and in the months it was there, my twin borrowed my tires for his car. I had to put them back on when I called a tow truck to tow my car to the garage to install the standard transmission.

I'm cruisin' down the road behind this tow truck and the back wheel came off my car!


When I got the car back, and because I bought a "used" stick shift from a "friend" ..... and made a mistake and bought a Ford stick instead of a Chevy stick, it meant that the mechanic had to make a much larger hole in the floor so the linkage would work. Plus .... the shifting was backwards. (First was where reverse would normally be.)

Later the next summer when my rad/heater hose burst, my legs got scalded with the steam coming up through the linkage hole in the floor!

I sold the car even trade for an electric guitar and amplifier. Then I signed up for music lessons. I figured I'd learn how to play Jingle Bells by Christmas.
One day, I was sitting in my "learn" studio for my half hour (30 dollar) lesson and I heard such great sounds coming from other people taking lessons. I was dreaming of the time I'd be half as good as these guys I was hearing.
While I was leaving the studio, other guys were too.
Yuh know, these guys were only 8 or 10 years old!

I quit!

There are some funny people around here these days :P must be the christmas spirit Calm are you a friend of the rev's it sounds like you both talk the same vehicle language I cannot wait to hear what his first vehicle was.
Rick van Opbergen
Hey sj007 I'm in the same situation as you are - I don't even have my drivers license (yet!)
Just the Facts
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

My first car was a volkswagon

That brings back memories...a friend in high school had a volkswagon beetle. Every once in a while three or four of us would tease him by picking it up and hiding it on him!

The good 'ole days.

My first car was a '64 Oldsmobile F85. It was only a 305, but in those days there was nothing between the engine and the wheels except the tranny. When you put the petal to the metal that sucker would go!
I had a super beetle, blue, it loved corners, but just on two wheels tho :P Ya, the good old days :P
yea Rick im like about 4 months away from my learners its 16 in my prov
Rick van Opbergen
I'm 18 ... you can get your drivers license back here when you are 18 ... and it sure costs a lot of money
yea i must admit it does
Rick van Opbergen
How much does it cost in Canada?
well its more then i can afford i forget the exact number and rick in canada its provincial duristiction
Rick van Opbergen
ehh duristiction? Back here I think it costs some 1800 euros or so (for my sister) in total, some 2,800 Canadian dollars ...
mmm i dont think its that much in Quebec
Rick van Opbergen
Sorry I edited it, I was a bit confused, it's a bit lower.
i still dont think its that much but if u get private lessens btw is that cost just for the leaners or the whole thing?
Rick van Opbergen
You have to pay all, no matter what. It's not that the government pays a part or so.
no but is that including driving lessons & books?
Rick van Opbergen
Yes, all.
ah well i thin k it mabe about 1000$ but it realy denpends
Rick van Opbergen
But how many driving lessons do you approximately get? And are you all driving in automatics, or in cars where you have to shift gears yourself, like here in the Netherlands?
both kinds of cars it all realy depends because u could just take the road test w/ any instruction but ull probably fail
Rick van Opbergen
Anyway, I'm leaving, see yall tomorrow, mazzel.
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