What was your first car?

Rick van Opbergen
Oh OK, thanks sj007 for clearing that up
Reverend Blair
Back to first cars. My very first vehicle was a 1951 Dodge 1 ton. It is very likely the ugliest vehicle Dodge ever built. When I was twelve I was looking at a Hot Rod magazine full of 1950's trucks that had been redone. You know the ones...short boxes and flames and chrome. My grandfather saw the magazine and, "I have an old truck just like that and you can have it."

He meant this old Dodge and knew it, but it would have been rude not to take it. I got it running a couple of times after that and I learned a lot about taking things apart and not being able to put them back together and I almost drove over my brother once, but I never really got it road ready.

The last time I saw it, that truck was parked in a field with a tree growing through it. My mother recently sold all of the junked vehicles and farm equipment in that field for scrap.

The first vehicle I bought and actually drove was a 1967 Comet Caliente with a high performance 289 and a Holley 4 barrel. I paid $400 for it, put on some fat tires and Crager SS mag wheels and was ready to roll.

The car had a radio, and holes had been cut for speakers in the back deck, but the speakers were missing so there was no sound. Fortunately we were at the drive-in and noticed that there were lots of speakers there so, reasoning that the place was never full and was closing at the end of the season anyway, we took a couple of them.

The speakers sounded like crap, but I got many compliments on them because people assumed they were some retro design or something.
While not legally mine, it was mine to drive, feed and care for: a 1973 Pontiac Catalina. 4 dr, 18 ft from bumper to bumper. And, because it had a "trailer towing package", it had the Oldsmobile Rocket 350 4bbl.

It was sooooo big, that as a teenager, I could lie in the back seat with my feet on one door handle, and rest my head on the other. Now, why would I have such fond memories of THAT?
Reverend Blair
I'm betting car sex isn't nearly as much fun as it used to be. I'm betting it's still pretty fun though.

Since you mentioned huge Oldsmobiles, Tenpenny...did you ever do this: Taken a road trip with 3 of your buddies and use the floor in the back seat as the beer cooler? Layer of ice, layer of beer, layer ice, layer of beer. The guys in the back have to keep their feet on the hump, and the police insist there's some sort of law against it, but if you ever want to drive from Regina to BC it's a pretty good way to travel.
You are to much rev you would get along fine with my brothers, in fact they would view you as some sort of god.
Diamond Sun
I love these first car stories! Mine was a silver 1979 Camaro Berlinetta. It belonged to my uncle and I loved it as a little girl. Naturally, growing up in the 80's I loved those types of cars! When I graduated from high school, my grandpa gave me the car. Man, I loved that thing. It went so fast without ever feeling like it was going fast, until you looked at the speedometre.

I parked that car for about 18 months, in Edmonton, so it got cold. And when I went to start it up again, it started without the slightest hesitation. She was a beast allright, and I loved her!

When I moved over the mountains, I had to leave it behind, because it just wouldn't make the trip. I sold it to my BIL who traded it in for a Hyundai. Oh, the sadness.
Have any of you ever seen a 50's Austin? That was my first car--a small car that must have weighed two tons it was so slow and heavy, with little flippers for turn signals and a small round metal thingy for the gas pedal. No seat belts, a manual choke and of course a manual transmission. Easy on the gas--I filled it up about once a month for tooting around town. Ugly as sin, but I loved that beastly car.
First car that I owned was in 1967 when I bought a white 1966 Plymouth Fury III, 4 door, with a 318 big block V8, automatic.

Went through 3 engines in that car! My fault, not Plymouth Last time I put in an engine (easy in those days)was a 383 big block, highrise manifold, Holley 750CFM carb with massive secondaries, dual free-flow exhaust, new (at that time) 70 series wide tires (bias-ply fibreglass), flat black spoked and chrome rim wheels, reinforced springs and risers with stabilization control, 8 track (what else!), disco lights to go with it, booster amp, dual wide black stripes on hood to back of trunk, overshoulder seat belts (lap belts were all that came with cars in those days) for front seat (wanted them to be able to find the body if I ever crashed it), a lead foot and an attitude.
Nice to see you back bogie. I have a lead foot and a attitude, but just a mazda
1982(?) Chevette.
It was blue.

Hey... what did you expect... I'm a girl.
double 2
'72' chev 1/2 ton am still kicking myself for letting it go damn fine truck . I drive an '82' formula one friebird still in mint condition .
my 'firstie' was a mg midget sportscar. i drove it out of the showroom. i didn't know how to drive a standard, and lived about 40 miles from town. ouch! BUT - it was british racing green and had gorgeous leather seats - kinda like a pumpkin colour - oohhh mama, i was a pretty hot 17 year ol i tell ya. i loved that car. sigh. i wish i had it now. never tried to make out in it though, you would be performing real olympics then!
you are the perfect person for the midget to Were you wearing a cape at the time :P I love the jeep, so much I think I might get myself one.
Reverend Blair
I really like the old British sportscars. There was a whole minimalist attitude about them...power nothing, tops were an option (from a country known for it's rain) they handled like a dream, good on gas.

I had a Spitfire for a while, and I bought an MGB that I was going to rebuild...a project that turned out to be beyond my abilities. I miss that Spitfire.
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