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today in english the teacher made us right a page story in 5 minutes it had to have a narraitor and around 2 people having a conversation(dialogue)...just to skip ahead it was really funny to everyone and it even made the teacher laugh...

here it is(and if there are any gammer errors ignore them...)and("(space)yadayada" means the other person talking)

As Sam walked down Shanty street he noticed a shadow under a street light, as he got closer he realized it was his good buddy Ned.As soon as Sam got close he immediatly said"Tuesday is coming did u bring your coat? Ned replied "I live in a giant bucket!"..." well you get an F in effiencey, but an A+ in dramatic timing!" Ned, angered, he punched Sam in the face,and at that time a 10 year-old boy ran by and yelled "owned!,I saw it!,you just got owned!" At that moment Sam climbed up a near-by ladder onto a roof and screamed "I'll do it!" " Sam! NO!" And while Sam was thinking "did I leave the oven on?" He lost his balance and fell 60feet to his death. As Ned fell to his knees and screamed "WHY! WHY! why! did i eat that casserol for dinner!" realizing "hey it's 8:00pm and survivor is starting". As Ned skipped down the street, a 6ton dumpster truck lost control and hit Ned then crashed into a gas station which triggered a series of explosions destroying the town of Idiotville.

The End!

lol my the end of this everyone was laughing so hard about 4 of them started to cry-laugh! lol

and dont just read it! tell me what you think, I like to see...read what other people have to say
keep going little buddy, one day you will write the great canadian novel
Reverend Blair
Very cool, Nitz. If I had to write a story in five minutes it would be this,

It takes me five minutes just to get a coffee or a beer and find my tobacco and get the cat off the keyboard and get a lighter that works and pet the dogs and put on a hat and dig out my sunglasses.

Good story. Is it a metaphor or an allegory?
i duno? he just said right a page story in 5 minutes it has to have a narraitor and around 2 people having a conversation...and thats what i did...
cool story
I love stories like that... they remind me of dreams, where everything makes perfect sense at the time, but later... not so much.

My brother had a similar assignment, and he wrote a whole page on the word "boring". He used every form and every meaning until the word sounded silly. I think you had as much fun writing your story as he did writing his.

And i had a lot of fun reading both.
Dude it seems we agree you are pretty good at blah de blah :P
hellz yea...
Yu doode-a, yuoo ere-a zee mun, velk tell, du a foo duooble-a boonny hups fur me-a.. Bork Bork Bork!
Rick van Opbergen
Guess it was OK
Well said. I want some of whatever you're on!!
good ole fashion tim bits....there 95% sugar...coated with a little bit of heroin....just a big...like reaces puff cerial...
Yea better start working on the spelling dude. :P
hey hey QUIET! Iz failledd engish thats impossiamable
hey hey QUIET! Iz failledd engish thats impossiamable
Dude I know you are doing that on purpose, the spelling, you are not fooling peapod :P

*slaps undergrandnitz upside the head*
with all this smacking im becomeing stupiddid...

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