Life's Little Miracles

One of my friends has breast cancer and is in the middle of chemo. She bought several wigs and hats to wear, and is having fun wearing each and every one of them.

We asked her one day how she was doing, and she said she was feeling okay, but she got tired really easily. She went on to say it's not a good idea to fall asleep when the kids were home though - she woke up one afternoon to discover they'd signed her head, much like you'd sign a cast. She took off her hat to show us... in various colours of felt markers she had "I love you Mommy", and "Get well soon" written all over her head.

We all thought that was very sweet.
True story, swear to God.

When my niece was almost 5 we took her and my nephew to Disneyland (we were meeting my parents there - doing them a favour, really...) Because she had never been on a plane before, my brother sent some gravol for her to take, just in case. Just before they called for pre-boarding, I pulled the bottle out of my bag and proceeded to peel off all the plastic wrapping. After getting out the little spoon, I was checking for the dosage when my husband whispered, "Don't you think you should be doing that in the bathroom?"

"No," I said, "right here is fine."

"But there are people here," he said.

"So?" I replied. "Who could possible object to seeing a little girl getting some gravol?" Just then I looked at my niece, bent over, her pants around her ankles.

I can't wait till she gets married.
I hope I get to do the toast...
LadyC those were wonderful stories You made my day
It made my day too, that's really sweet -- I would love to have kids like that. Awww

I bet that made your friend feel better for a while.
It did. She's very upbeat anyway, but she was very proud of her graffiti.
LadyC ... I'm not usually big on the Hallmark stories but I must admit those two brought a smile to my face. Thanks for cheering my day!
Something tells me you won't be seeing a Hallmark movie of the week commemorating the 2nd story anytime soon.

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