What would you do for a Hot Tub?

The first of us to have a grandkid gets a hot tub.

Would you do it?
Diamond Sun
Not on purpose.

It's awfully cold in these here parts and um wishin' i could warms up with a nice'm'cozy hot tub.
Diamond Sun
yeah, well keep wishing. Besides, you should be the one to produce a grandchild, that's why you got married in the first place right?? **teasing**

Seriously, our inlaws have promised us a hot tub if either of us produce a grand child. Unabashed bribery!!
Yeah DS and I are excited to see the rest of the family friends in December. They are all going to be surprised that I'm not 5 months pregnant. When Brendan and I announced the engagement/marriage that was their first question. What are the odds I'll get some baby clothes as a present?
he he he, maybe to be evil, i'll make a present out to you with some tiny shoes in it. give everyone a heart attack! don't forget that we will be "re-organizing" the pantry this xmas.
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