Things I've learned on TV

Reverend Blair
I learn a lot of things watching TV. Very few of them are useful to me, and others I already knew, but here are some of them:

If you want to burn a body in a dumpster full of paper, you need at least five gallons of gasoline to destroy all genetic evidence.

If you are going to kill somebody, get rid of your shoes immediately afterwards. If you are driving a car that can be traced back to you, get rid of the tires.

Designers know nothing about building codes.

Blood spatter analysis is a lot like looking at modern art.

Peter Mansbridge looks really stupid when he doesn't shave.

People in Britain have much nicer antiques than people in the US.

A compressed air gun that fires frozen chickens would make an excellent toy.

The better the beer commercial, the worse the beer.

What have you learned from TV?
ive learned SOOOO much from tv that i couldent write it...even right now im watching that Mt.Everest climb on the Discovery Channel...i just leared that the chinese were the first people to document the effects of altitude sickness in 35 B.C. ...(low air pressure from going to high)
good topic rev :P

well there are a few but here is sample, it the things is important I write it down

1. Viagra was originally formulated as a cure for angina, but the only effect it had on test subjects was, well, the rest is history.

2. The average peapod contains eight peas.

3.There are more lakes in Canada than in all the other countries in the world combined.

4. There are 500 cranberries to a pound.

5. A sheep can remember another sheep’s face for two years. Thats better than most marriages these days :P
television is the debbil
I haven't watched TV for years and years...most of it is drivel...
Ummm English Thats why I'm always gettin great marks for English
There are some wonderful things on TV. CBC, PBS, discovery channel, brava (television without borders) HBO. Depends on what you watch.
Reverend Blair
Actually all the murder and blood spatter stuff I learned was from Discovery.

Here's another example of that:

If you are making a pipe bomb and want a more uniform spread of shrapnel, bolt the ends together.
I will keep that in mind, it might come in handy one day :P
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

There are some wonderful things on TV. CBC, PBS, discovery channel, brava (television without borders) HBO. Depends on what you watch.

Showcase = Television without borders. I love showcase.

On the other topic: I reconfirmed my notion a couple nights ago that "evangelical" or born-again Christians are probably the most brainwashed people on earth... and that they seem to hate everybody but each other and that non-christians are believe [by them] to goto hell.
Not to be difficult but i think this post should read:
Things I HAVEN'T learned from TV.

that's a shorter list for me! i have to admit i'm a junkie... and now with CSI...well i can be my own crime scene investigator! ok, maybe not. but i know all about slaying vampires, teen angst, and witty retort. yes i'm a product of too much WB tv.
Diamond Sun
I've learned that it's guaranteed that I will cry during those Christmas Long Distance Telephone Commercials.

I've learned that people really will watch anything.

I've learned that CBC can make good TV (anyone watch Corner Gas?)

and I've learned that no matter how much I thought I knew about TV shows, my new sister in law knows more!
Rick van Opbergen
As JDream, I learned a lot of English by watching TV. And for the rest: too much to tell. I know that "Divorcing Iranian Style" is very bad for women. That North Korea is even worse than I thought. That a serial killer can kill 100 people and still show no remorse. Etc, etc, etc.
I've learned that the shows that EVERYONE watches (like Survivor & the Apprentice) are ACTUALLY addicting.

And i've learned that the only thing on TV in canada is Degrassi or the News... (yawn)

I've learned that anything worth knowing, u will sooner or later learn from the TV.

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