First Job

How old were you when you got your first job? what was it?
Reverend Blair
First real job?

I was twelve, working in a confectionary called Beavermart.
My first job was at Mcdonalds. I hated both the job and the uniform.
ummmm well .. actually I have my first job now :P just not for long anymore Bringin newspapers and such things .. its boring..
Rick van Opbergen
I had my first job relatively late - I was 16. Now I'm 18 and I still have the same job - I'm a mailman actually, I just came back from work.
Just for you little ricky :P

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Rick van Opbergen
thanks peapod, you really make me feel like someone special!
HA! thats an easy one, you are special :P
Rick van Opbergen
:P you are too!
Diamond Sun
Hmm. If you don't count babysitting, I got my first job at 14, stuffing stuffing into the legs of Clown Dolls that my aunt made. I also sometimes, when she was feeling extra generous, got to sew their hats.
My first job when I was around 15 was at a Woolworth's 5 and 10 cent store, in the candy department, on Saturdays as I was still in high school.

Woolworth's didn't make any profit on the Saturdays I was there...I ate more than I sold!
double 2
My first job was when I was 11 . I used to clean chaf out of the boot at the Alberta Wheat Pool elevator . In my Home town .
My first job was at woodwards in my hometown, on saturdays in the bakery..I was on donut detail. To this day I hate the sight of donuts :P but I know how they get that jam in the middle of a bismark donut now :P
My first job other than babysitting and delivering papers was as a clerk at the General Store up the street from my house. We sold everything from milk and bread to fishing/hunting licences. We even sold worms, but thank goodness they never made me count them into the styrofoam cups - there are some things I won't do, not even for $2.85/hour.
Paranoid Dot Calm
My first "big" job was when I broke into a drugstore at 13 years of age and stole all the Lucky Elephant popcorn. That pink coloured popcorn with a prize in the box. The cash register was full, but I just took one bill of each .... A $5, a $2 and a $1 dollar bill. At thirteen that was a whole bunch of money.

My first employment position was as a bus-boy behind a Woolworth counter.

I've had about 20 different careers.

Base metal mining as a hoistman. I operated the largest mine hoist in North America. (Pipe Lake, Manitoba)

Pest Control technician with a Class II licence. I know everything there is to know about structural pests.

I owned and operated a refrigeration company called Dr. Freeze and Nurse BTU.
(Or cold is something to sneeze about)
Nurse BTU was pretty hot stuff!

I owned and operated a contract janitorial service in Yellowknife, NWT. named Gleam-All Services.

I owned and operated a disc jockey service named Music-Plus* (* a bit more class)
If music is to become part of your day,
And you've got a party without music to play.
There is no need to worry nor cause to fuss,
Just give us a call at Music-Plus*

I could go on and on .... just don't wanna bore yuh!

Paranoid Dot Calm
This looks like a good job to have. (external - login to view)
Just what exactly is going on over there in hide-away lane Calm
What is "real job"?

As I was always active, in my youth, this might be hard to define. Cubs, Scouts, Rovers, Cub leader, Scout leader, Rover leader .....

First "paid for" activity was as an Army Cadet, summer training at Camp Farnham in Quebec. We lived in Quebec City at the time. 2 summers (age 14 and 15).

Around age 16 I was in the Military Police Reserve (Militia) and was paid for 2 nights per week, weekends, and summer duty. We lived in Camp Borden at that time (my father was in the Army).

First "civilian" job, at age 18, was working as a swamper for Allied VanLines in Barrie, Ontario (near Camp Borden). It was both a summer and weekend job. Summer was about 100 hours per week at $.95 per hour my first year. I was the richest kid I knew ... LOL !
Reverend Blair

What is "real job"?

It's kind of vague. I did a lot of hard work for little or no pay on the farm and I had a paper route before what I consider my first "real" job. The definition I use is being paid a regular wage by somebody you aren't related to, but by that definition some of the hardest working I know never have a "real" job until they take over the family farm.

I think it would vary with your personal situation/experiences.
My first job was ice cream and milk shake sales. Scooping out hard ice cream was bad enough but having to use the Oster was the worst. I reeked of milk at the end of each day.
dug clams and sold to wholesaler down the road. 13 years old. got paid $12 for about 300 pounds of clams!!!! enough to buy this coat i had always wanted, white fake fur with brown fake fur trim. yummy. looked good with my go-go boots.
my first job is from long ago when i worked in a restorant! i was working on the tables and that is how it was. oh do i not miss that.
Rick van Opbergen
I once worked at a party thrown by friends's parents to celebrate their 25 years of marriage. Just walking with those glasses on a dinner-tray ... the horror!
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