bevvy in the sky with diamonds

ummm Bevvy where are you? You musted be moved by now, you said a week :P hurry back we miss you :P
Bevvy I say bevvy where art tho? its been way to long bevvy, come back please!!!!!!!!
Bevvy :P :P :P :P :P :P I am so glad you have returned. We all missed you alot...tell tell about the new house.
Pea, I'm back! Sorry for being gone so long but **** happens and **** happened.
well come on bev......more details are needed. we are staring at the **** but we don't know why........
Well whatever the ****, I lay money on you fixing it I am very glad to see you back again. :P I was getting ready to call you up :P I hope you **** is straightened out by early december we are coming over for coffee :P :P :P
Bevvy I gotta go, tons of stuff to do but I will catch you later and hear all about your new house and move. :P
I checked to see if you were on-line about 15 mins ago but you weren't.

So yeah, we are all moved now. What an ordeal! First we started out with the movers moving everything but a few boxes into the workshop. As they did this hubby, myself and a brother-in=law cleaned up and ripped out carpet throughout the house. It was aweful Pea, flipping aweful. Every time the guys ripped out a piece of carpet they had to leave the room to breathe and let the fur and dust settle. I got to clean mould off the cupboards and walls and Oh I can't forget about the windows. OH MY GOD. I had mould falling on me for days while I cleaned it all up. I've got through 2 bottles of CLR, 10 rolls of paper towels, 10 lbs. of shop rags, 2 bottles of Windex and 1 bottle of Fantastik. Freaking grow ups!

But the painters showed up the next morning and stayed for 5 days repainting everything, including the laundry room and furance room. Then the carpet layers came in but they aren't finished yet. I still have to knock out a wall to enlarge the Games room, so when that's done they can finish putting in that piece of carpet as well as the carpet from the end of the slate to the hardwoods in the kitchen.

It's all coming together and I couldn't be more pleased with how things are turning out. Heck even the teenage kid is impressed with the place.

I've even been out gardening, with the super help of my two favorite sister-in-laws. I even got some daffs planted for the spring, but I need lots more. But I do NOT have to look at weeds and grass clumps the size of small shrubs and that is a good thing. Heck we've even been out pressure washing in the rain. There was just NO way hubby and I could live with the cob webs and cocoons and all the other stuff that was all over the house. But it's gone now and I don't ever want to take on a project like this again. It's been fun but.

So what has Pea been up to lately?
Wow you have been busy I see you have a new look *looks at avatar* and a new place to live. That is a way from vancouver. Not much new with me bevvy, same old same old, except that cosmos now lives in Victoria which is awesome. The garden I still have not finished there, it keeps raining So you are all settled in now and can come back to the board. We are coming over in December, hold onto your hat
Cool, I can hardly wait. Let me know when and where your going to be and we can get together.

I wouldn't exactly say I'm all settled in just yet. Still got a wall to knock out, carpet to be laid, slate to be laid (but it is all cut to size at the moment), more carpet to be laid and hardwood flooring to be done, then some painting, installing an electric fence for the horses and an invisible fence for the dog, plus fixing the gutters at the barn let alone all the other stuff. I would say that I'm more like 1/2 settled in. I tell ya moving from 3600 sq ft down to 1600 sq ft is hard. It took me and my two sister-in-laws 3 days to place the pictures and I'm stil not totally pleased with some arrangements.

We did take advantage of the nice weather we did have and got out and pulled out the bloody grass and weeds which were all at least 3' high in the garden, and then some lovely rotting vegetation around back. Yup it's been fun. But the shrubs have all been trimmed back and rotting vegetation removed, ground turned and even managed to plant some daffs so I have something coming up in the spring. And hubby even pressure washed in the rain as neither of us could live with the cob webs and cocoons which hung from almost everywhere.

I tell ya, no Molly Maid practicum would ever consider cleaning this house.
Rick van Opbergen
Not to hijack your thread, but has anyone seen Jillyvn lately? Or Martin Le Acadien?
Ricky :P where you been yourself :P Martin was here yesterday. And get your butt otta bevvy thread.
Rick van Opbergen
Ehm OK ... I haven't been away long, have I? Just one day ... do you miss me so much peapod broahahaha ... OK I'm leaving the thread now, you don't have to push me! :P
Ya :P As a matter of fact I did miss ya......mwaaahahahahaahahahaha
Aw let Ricky stay, I love the chimp.

So this morning is biting the big one. All this rain and my barn is flooding out. So I have spent the last hour digging trenches and diverting water. Seems the people before us were to flipping cheap to spend an additional $20 to get the last length of gutter material to finish the job properly. Geesh I hate people like that. But on the bright side the property in behind us is being cleared and there is this massive mound of blackberry bushes that they are taking out. Oh thank you thank you thank you. We wanted to do it but it wasn't our property. No worries about subdivisions or anything like that out here, prolly 5 x 10 acre lots for farms or something around that size. And we will be able to clear out the run off ditch in back and make sure that water is running properly, as I have noticed we are getting some water from there. Man I just love it when other people improve my property or my view, which they have done tremendously too I might add. Now if they could just take out a few of the hydraingas I'd be ecstatic.
Bevvy hope you got a boat parked in your yard somewhere :P Digging trenches already this morning, man you are a islander girl When I come over I got a big bag of dahlia tubers for you and your knew house. I have some of the most awesome dalhias you can imagine, just ask galaniomama.

Ya, the little monkey is just to darn cute, he can stay god that avatar is cute. :P
Oh I love dahlias, they are soo beautiful. I've got the front garden all ready for them this spring. I threw out the peat which I used to store the tubers in over the winter, I'll make sure I get some before you visit.

As for digging trenches, it was either that or muck out 3 stalls and 1 feed room and replace everything, which is rather expensive when this happens. So I'll check on it a little later to make sure that everything is draining away from the barn. I called hubby to let him know so hopefully he will be able to deal with this little issue very soon. I just hate adding to his job list, even though I do as much as I can.
Yo bevvy do not worry about peat moss, I already have them dusted, packed in peat moss and nice little detailed descriptions of each tuber.
Yo bevvy whats up sista :P
Not much for today. I'll prolly go pick up a few things. Oldest daughter is coming for dinner tonight to tell me all about her new job. My trenching job was awesome, it didn't need to be redone or nothing and both horsies are dry and happy. Boy I tell ya the new horse we just got is such a sweety. He's so gentle, a little shy as he's been abandoned for the last 8 years with zero attention paid to him. But he's coming along nicely and is a great addition to bevvyd's critter family.

So you working today? What's on the menu for today?
You got horses, how much land have you got out there anyway? So your trenches worked, they must be good, considering the rain we been having. So I got dahalia tubers for you, what else would you like...I got it and I will bring it to you.
Only 2 1/2 acres.

As for plants I know there is nothing but daffs in the front garden and we didn't dig up the back garden yet so I know there are iris's, not sure what else. I'll prolly just plant the front garden this year, see what comes up out back and then determine if it stays or goes elsewhere. In one of my houses I lifted and seperated 1 iris plant and got 6 divisions out of it, but there was lots of them to do this too so friends were given lots.

Lots has to be done in the gardens as the people before us were complete idiots. They plants a lilac tree under the eaves of the house. Dumb, dumb dumb. I've cut it back but it will have to be moved. And I won't even begin to tell you about the rose bushes that have been left for lord knows how long. See they were busy making sure other species of plants were growing, if you know what I mean. But the weeds grow like gang busters here, lots of worms in the dirt so that's a good start I think. I"ve got a vege garden which is now full of mounds of grass and weed. I will have to weedeat before I can even get in there with a rototiller. My back is going to be so sore this spring. Too many lilac trees, a holly tree which I hate and too many hydrangeas which I also hate and nothing planted in any sort of order or design. Might explain all the empty booze bottles found through the yard.
make sure you get rid of the runners those liliacs send out. Why don't you like hydrangeas? You can make them turn different colours ya know. I will send you a list of what I got and you can decide what you would like. I got lots of different things, I have a few roses, but they get to many diseases, to much rain. Are you going to open up a nursery?
Opening the nursery is still the plan, but not right away. Probably in the new year, come spring. We have landscaping that needs to be done before anything can be brought in.

As for the lilac trees, have no fear, unless you are a lilac tree that is.

I don't like hydrangeas cause they are too big a flower, not aromatic. The ones here are blue and I have one that is red, but there are about 10 of them which is too much for someone who doesn't like them. I'll probably end up keeping 1 or 2 but that's about it.

How big is your garden?
I am glad I am not a liliac tree with you around bevvy, the trench digger :P The garden I have is about 1/2 a acre. Ya thats right girlfriend :P Its actually a contract. I get paid for doing it. :P Its the garden where I live, and since I love gardening, I usually put my contract money that I get paid back into the garden, ya ya I know its crazy, but so am I :P but I do have a awesome garden bevvy I am going to send you a list of what I have and you can pick what you like, kinda like mp3 files but real :P
Bevvy have you been to the garden forum?
What garden forum? Never heard of one. Link me.
Oh my god bevvy get ready to die!!!!!! this garden fourm is going to be the best thing you have ever seen...Its huge be prepared to be there for awhile....and you will never need a gardening book again...they also have a canadian gardeners section. This is where I met galaniomama 4 years ago...we realized we lived in the same place, and the rest is history. :P I gotta run...lots of work to do. But I will pm you later.. (external - login to view)
Ms galore would you please read the summit thread we need to confer, set the time and place, we don't want to be late for this very important date. Thank you ms. galore for your attention in this matter.
Girlfriend will you check your private messages :P
Oh man! Happy day bevvy in the sky with diamonds is back :P I gots the nicest pm from my old bud Glad your back girlfriend, now lets kick some *** :P

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