I love it when...

Ok, this is a good topic to get people to know each other a bit better. It's an idea I saw elsewhere and thought I'd give it a go. You just add to the thread by saying something that you love, or something that you love to do, etc. Just keep on adding to the thread. I'll start..

I love it when I pull an all nighter and then I'm able to watch the sun rise right from the beginning.
Haggis McBagpipe
I love it when it is raining at night while I'm driving, the traffic lights blink a brighter red and green in the rain and it reminds me of Christmas. I know, I know, you're asking, "Rain??' I'm a Vancouverite, what can I say... it take me right back to Christmas when I was a kid.
I love it when I am camping and stare up at the stars and recall some wonderful words I memorized a long time ago. Underneath the superficial self, which pays attention to this and that, there is another self, more really us than I. These words are true I have moments of them.
The more you become aware of your unkown self, if you become aware of it, the more you realize that it is inseparably connected with everything else. We are a total function of this total galaxy, bounded by the milky way, and this galaxy is a function of all other galaxies. Than we are that vast thing that you see far,far off with great telescopes. You look and you look, and one day you
wake up and say "hey thats me"and in knowing that, you know that you will never die. We are the eternal thing, that comes and goes, that appears as admen, galaniomama and ricky and so it goes forever and ever, and ever.
I love to stand on a beach on a clear sky night, listening to the sound of the waves and looking at the stars. It's so peaceful!
Haggis McBagpipe
I love it when George W. Bush chokes on a pretzel. There's always hope that one day it might work.
I love getting drunk on the beach then lighting off fireworks
Haggis McBagpipe
I love it when some jerk goes hurtling past you at twice the speed limit, then a few minutes later you pass him... 'cause he's pulled over by a cop.
Reverend Blair
It's better when they hit a light pole, Haggis...as long as they don't get hurt.

I love when I wake up to find myself covered by dogs.
Rick van Opbergen
I love it when I can see all my friends again - they study all over the country - after a week of exhausting college ...
Haggis McBagpipe
I'm with you on that one, Rev.

I love it when my dog gets into that special extra-nuts mode that comes out of the blue. His eyes are laughing, he's smiling, he's making strange noises that appears to be laughter... and then there's no help for it, all work must stop. The dog wins.
I love it when I am surrounded by all my wonderful friends on nature trek. I love the trip and I love them.
Haggis McBagpipe
I love it when my daughter skips out of work and comes over for lunch and an afternoon of extra-cheesy movies.
I love it when me and my mom go for a walk and end up arm in arm and she tells me how much she loves me. And the nice thing about it is I know she is telling the truth :P
Haggis McBagpipe
I especially like that one, Pea.

I sneakily love it when I am kind of bagged from cycling several days in a row and I wake to find that the weather isn't going to be good for another day of it, meaning 'hurrah! flop city here I come!'
Reverend Blair
I love sitting in the bar on a slow afternoon...just kind of go for lunch and be home for supper.
Haggis McBagpipe
I love reading the US news... and knowing that I'm in Canada.
Haggis McBagpipe
A BONUS love-it, 'cause if I don't get it said FAST I'm gonna be in for it, big-time:

I really REALLY love it when I get to spend the whole entire day emailing back and forth with my favourite email buddy!
Diamond Sun
I love it when my dad unexpectedly says "I love you" at the end of a phone call.
I love listening to music with full bass, full blast when my roomy is gone for a weekend.
I love it when I can lay on a big rock at the ocean on a hot day, just like seals do.
I love driving off the ferry in the dark, getting lost several times finding my new home, then discovering my landlords are strong as oxen and having my U-Haul unloaded in half an hour! Mostly, I love being "home" on the rock!!

Oh ya, and I love London Drugs, SuperStore and Chapters!!
Haggis McBagpipe
You have done with the big move, then! Sounds as though things are going to be great for you, best wishes in your new home, Cosmo.

I love it when we get 'dramatic' weather conditions, be it extra-hard rain or very strong winds or a severe lightning storm or a major snow storm... any weather that is out of the ordinary. I find it exhilarating.
Me too, other than having to set up the sump pump in my garden in the pouring rain... sure beats sucking about 100 gallons of water with a carpet cleaner though.

I love having a nice warm kitty curl up on my lap... a contented purr has to be one of the nicest sounds.

I love holding a baby till s/he falls asleep.

I love sitting on the lanai watching the sunset in Maui.

I love the taste of the season's first strawberries, and also the first mandarine orange.

I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I do something "all bt myself".

I love getting hugs and kisses from my kids - and giving them back.

Hearing "I love you"
I love it when the chance arrives to realise that there are other people in the world that cherish values from their hearts instead of the values in their pockets. Like the entries above.. I feel so not alone living in a society that dwells on the buck side. I love that feeling that I have my back covered by the other guys shooting from their hearts. I hate being scared and alone in the bleak corruptness of the corporate system. I also love the rain, Haggis. it does kinda look like Christmas. Your puppies are great, Rev, but a nice, hot kitty cat on your toes is what I'd rather be facing in the morning. Less slobbering.
Wow! that was awesome edgerunner. I love reading something like what edgerunner just wrote.
Haggis McBagpipe
I love it that we can do this, we can reach across to kindred spirits around the world, and all with just some heartfelt thoughts and the clickety clack of a keyboard... which, come to think of it, could easily be another thing I can say I love (and miss): the old clickety clack sound that a typewriter makes, and the *ding* at the end of the line.
Haggis McBagpipe
Okay, so I'm doing two in a row here, but after what happened today, I must.

My computer booted this morning to the infamous and dreaded blinking question mark (it's a Mac thing, it is the computer's way of saying it has no clue where anything is inside of it, it can't give you squat, no desktop, nada, it is an extremely dire situation essentially meaning you have zero access to anything, your computer data may be toast and your good mood is definitely toast).

So anyway, to get to the point, I love it when my computer does such a henious thing and I go out for breakie, just leaving the beast to stew in its own questioning juices, I come back and voila! it has changed its mind and has reached the desktop and all is well. Trust me, this is something to really, really love....
I love the moment when I have taken a good picture and I know it is a good picture. I love Edge. She is the most amazing woman in the world. I am in awe of who she is. She makes up for all the misfortune I have experienced in my life. Everyday she gives me a renewed hope.

I love when I come home from a particularly bad day at work and Edge is waiting to cheer me up.

The rain I can take or leave...but driving in snow on a winters night, the flakes streaking towards you is awe inspiring.

I love driving watching a beautiful prairie sunset in the rear view mirror and a lightening storm ahead of you.

Even though they are often mischeivious, I love our cat and macaw.

I love a ice cold beer on a hot day.
You two are awesome but how the heck did you get mixed up with the rev :P

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