Being Humanitarians

okay, so yesterday i am feeling pretty good, i have good health, a job all that stuff. so i head to my fave coffee shop down the road on coffee break and this panhandler approaches me outside. sure, i say, when i come back out i'll give you some change.

gets me coffee, comes back outside and handed the fellow $5. he asks for more money. first i laughed. then i realized he was serious....what???? i ask him, and he stated he needed more like $7 to buy a 'proper' breakfast. i told him he could take the $5 and buy a coffee and two muffins in the coffee shop. was i right to be offended? somebody explain to me what happened here? or more likely, what is happening on our society?? should i feel offended that someone wanted even more when they were panhandling, or should that be expected. explain please. arrgggg
Well most people don't give 5 bucks, so he assumed you had a fat wallet, and it sounds like you do :P My favorite is the drugie that use to come to starbucks. You would be in the lineup and she would come along and say, buy me a coffee, I need one. Now she was not asking nicely, it was more a order or demand. First time I told her, you got alot of nerve, asking me like that. To which she replied get over it, just buy me the coffee. Well her approach amused me, so I bought her a coffee a few times. She is banned now, she walked off with one of those 400.00 coffee machines that was in a box on the counter. They know it was her. But the street people here as you know are a uppty bunch. :P Next time give him a loonie.
hmmm that is a tough one. It is not your job to get him or her for that matter a "proper breakfest"...but at the same time many will argue that we are the ones that put these people in the situation that they are in, and it is out job to get them out. But I think that you had every right to be did a nice thing, and the guy didn't even appreciate it. Probably that reason he wanted more was because he thought that you had more many people really give $ know spread the wealth. And the raeson society is like this is because it is really messed up. Society..aka north america is to busy with interfering with other countries problems, that it devotes little to no time with dealing with its own problems..such as homelessness. I think that we should fix our problems before rushing off to fix everyone else's!
As a non-smoker, I'm not sure about this, but isn't a pack of smokes about $7.00?

When I worked downtown, I got used to seeing the same panhandlers on their usual corners. It got so that if I didn't see one of them, I started to worry about him.

There was one guy in particular that I liked. He'd play his harmonica (badly) and say hi to everyone that walked by. I decided not to give him money, because you don't really know what they spend it on, but I'd buy him a coffee or a sandwich every now and then.

I saw a bit on the news a while ago about the street kids in Victoria. It seems a lot of them come from very nice neighbourhoods, and they panhandle more for kicks than need. Pathetic - there they are, playing at being poor, when the real needy folks end up getting the bad rap for them.
You are right about some of the panhandlers in victoria lady c, but you can usually spot them, as they carry cell phones Homeless people really interest me. I always wonder what happened to them. There is one in my neighbourhood. Peter. He was a professor at the university of victoria. You can see him everyday pushing his cart around collecting recycleables. He does not ask for money from anyone, people have offered it to him, but he refuses. He sleeps in the underground parking at the the grocery store. Alot of people were upset for awhile in the neighbourhood because he did not wear shoes, and his feet were in terrible conditon. Finally angus the old scottish jester argued him into accepting some shoes. If you have a conversation with him, he is the most witty person I have ever met. It does make you wonder how he came to end up like this, but he actually seems quite happy with his life.
yeah, the thought had crossed my mind that he was after smokes. i think next time i'll drop off some food. the abuse isn't worth it
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