Brawl at Starbucks?????

pea, for god's sake give us details here. ican't believe that place, i always knew it was evil. and it stinks of sour milk - yuk.

so come on pea, give us the scoop on that twisted woman there this morning, who, what, etc. all because she had a bush t-shirt on???
Will you quit saying my starbucks stinks! Well there is not much to tell, as you know my starbucks is closed for a week, its 10 years old and every starbucks get a reno after 10 years. But some of the regulars still get to go me, angus and sparky. But they serve free coffee outside on the patio. So there are still lots of people drinking coffee outside. Well she comes along and has a vote for bush or something t-shirt on, and of course angus said something to her, I don't know what, but all hell broke loose. And well you know angus has been around for a long time and has many friends, most of them were at starbucks than to :P anyway as soon as she swore at him, the rest jumped in and the insults were flying...I had a headache so I just watched and listened. She had a potty mouth tho, which only made things worse. She demanded from the girls working that angus and james be banned...of course you know james and his "hand movements" she actually called him a "fairy" than it got real nasty, with strangers tossing remarks in. Than everybody starts laughing, and than booing, she threw her coffee down and walked off....never seen that at starbucks before...hey next time you join us...wear a george bush t-shirt.... :P
Reverend Blair
I have two George Bush has a big picture of him with the caption, "International Terrorist." The other just has a picture of him with one of those "no" symbols on it.
they would be acceptable at my starbucks rev :P you would get out alive :P
how delicious...and to think i missed it. dammit. by the way - they don't close starbucks every ten years even if they need it or i have told you before, that one has a sour milk problemo - big time. ask anyone. they will confirm.

on to important stuff, james is such a nice guy, i would have loved to see him in action. i bet ol' angus held his own, my god, i wouldn't want to get on the nasty side of him.

let me know what erupts today!!!
Well since I spend most of my life over at my starbucks I know a little about their inner workings, and they do reno a store every ten years even if they don't need to. The staff otta know they work there :P It will re-open looks awesome!!!!!!! I also have a stack of free cards. I will buy you a lattie :P hehehehe yes James is very funny!!! he will tell you himself whenever you see the way are you prepared for tomarrow :P :P please call me right now!!!!!
er pea, today is THURSDAY. i am at work, tomorrow will be FRIDAY. then it will be SATURDAY. okay?
#8 are right I have been operating like its friday tomarrow I will have nothing to do :P speaking of starbucks, did you know if you bring your own mug, or reuse you paper cup you get 10 cents off the drink.
wow. a whole ten cents.
well the price have gone up, oh I forgot you don't notice those things, as somebody else is always paying :P :P
I like watching the brawls start out in the clubbing district of Toronto. Usually don't last very long as the areas usually have cops around.. You know the area I'm talking about? Peter St. & Richmond?

Anyways, sometimes there's far worse stuff that happens there than Starbucks, pea. I was walking home down Peter Street one night when Peter to Blue Jays Way was closed because of a stabbing. Freaky stuff.
oh I know far worse stuff happens....sparky has a police scanner. . Victoria likes to hide its crimes, not good for the tourist trade.

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