do you have a pet name for your spouse?

Well I ask because last night at this party a couple kept refering to each other with their pet names, he was muffin, and she was danish. It was like being in a bakery :P So what pet names do you have for your spouse/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ whatever :P
yeah, well you may as well be my spouse so i will start. bitch. or in nicer times - bitchy
**** :P or sometimes ****ty :P
now now, this is no way to start a monday........
Diamond Sun
Oh, we're so boring. Nothing exciting really. Dear, Honey, sweetheart, baby...

Blah. Boring indeed.
I never called my husband anything but his name - well, to his face, anyway.

I'm kidding.

I call my kids lots of pet names though. I call my daughter babe or baby, hunny-bunny, sweetheart, sweetness, and of course princess. My son gets babe too, sometimes, or darlin' (said with a drawl), and when he was younger, he was either my handsome prince or my sweet prince. I used to kiss him good night and whisper, "Good night, sweet prince". It's from Hamlet - never mind that it was said while he was dying.

Call me sappy, but I like pet names. I've been called honey, sweety (hate that one), sweetheart, kiddo and variations on my nickname.
dickhead is always a nice pet name :P
Dexter Sinister
Heh, funny question.

My lovely wife is...well, stacked is a good word for it, even at the advanced age of... um, better not give that away. She's under 50 and over 40, and you'll just have to be satisfied with that, and she still looks fabulous to me. For a while I called her titto, early in our relationship, but in later life I've reverted to the old standards: honey, dear, babe, just routine stuff. But now and then, when she's teasing me unmercifully (which she's very good at) I'll take an idea from Peter Sellers in one of the Pink Panther movies and call her "swine wife." Purely a term of affection, of course.

But that's not common. No more than once a week...
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