The Chase after peapod!

Lets continue here.
Quote: Originally Posted by JDream

OUCHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *JUMPS* THAT HURTS *Looks behind* THERE YOU ARE!!! *Tries to catch peapod*

JD dream does not know that peapod was really the star of crouching tiger hidden dragon....mwaaahahahahahahah she says, as she leaps into undergrandnitz thread....doing a few backward flips into the thread......bring it on little piece of pumpernickel
'' Oh My '' JD says. As JD jumps back and runs .....
She keeps running till she comes on a crowded beach and hides between some people sitting there *Phew* JD thinks ''Peapod wont find me here'' JD says muahahahaha JD says
HA! xray vision little gouda there is no escape. Your punishment will be a night on the town with little ricky :P wear pink wooden clogs. :P
NOOOO NEVER *runs again*
HA! you don't seem to be running to fast :P me thinks you want to be caught by little ricky :P peapod will use the fairy dust to add 50 pounds on you see how little ricky likes that and you will also have hair in your ears and a 5 o'clock shadow...and you will meet up with little ricky and double date with tammy fay baker who will chaprone your date.....
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

This one I send to you JD Dream :P

Yo I break it down then I break you up
With a knee to the face and a kick to the cup
I'm not flamin, but I'm on fire
I'm high on life, only kites get me higher

Watch it evil girl!!!! I'm gonna get you and eat you when YOU'RE still ALIVE.
NOOOOOOO *hides from everyone...* I look like a ugly monkey or something... I can't hear anything... HELPPPPPP SOMEONEEEEEEEEEEEE HELPPPP MEEE!!!
Yell louder, so little ricky can come rescue you. Than I will turn him into a big red wheel of gouda cheese and you can munch away
NOOO LEAVE RICKY ALONEEEEEEEEEE !!! :P He's mine, And you're not gonna touch him, Even when I need to run after you with this... hair in my ears. :O *hides hair of ears behind hair* *runs over to peapod and slaps* THERE!
Peapod cannot feel your slap, remember I have that cloak :P you put up a good fight for the little monkey ricky. May I attend the wedding? But first we must have one great battle to be sure you are the one that gets little ricky, she says as she starts up the chainsaw to cut down the tree JD is hiding in.....lumberjacks always have chainsaws
NOOOOO *jumps onto another tree* OH DINNER, *hides and disappears for dinner* I'll be back peapod!
what the hell, this isn't fine.
yall gonna let this drop off page one?
weren't you havin fun?
or can't you compete with these rhymes

later JD mwaaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhah
*runs* You're so mean!! HA BEHIND YOU! *jumps on peapod and slaps* GRRRRR FEEL MY POWER! :P loooll muahahahahahahahaha!!! I say
Rick van Opbergen
Ehm OK ... it seems I have to rescue JDream right? ... let me think *does a googlesearch*


HA! surrender now, thou foul fiend (peapod), or else face ultimate humiliation ... ehm ... meaning: I have a nude photo of you peapod :P ... whoahahahahaha!!!!
Rick van Opbergen
you know, that time you got drunk with paris hilton and paul newman ... whoahahahaha ....
*Runs over to Rick and hides behind him* Hey you umm saved me? or not? looolll *happy*
Rick van Opbergen
*feels like tarzan* yeah, just hide with Ape (Victorius Emmanuel Fernandéz de la Hoya - van Bruynswijck)
HA! I am back and I am wearing a yellow jumpsuit..and I am gonna kill JD Dream...and you to ricky if you get in my way.....2 againist one!!! my kinda fight.....hehehaw..............
Rick van Opbergen
kill ... hehehe ... just try me!
Oh very clever, using the peapod so you can sneak behind the bushes....I see you two nice grasp JD dream...but hey tap tap...on their shoulders...ahahahaha as peapod does a triple sumersault and flashes her new shiny sword......mwaaahahahahahahahhaahh
*hugs Ricky* noone is gonna hurt my Ricky, Not even you pig peapod.

Rick van Opbergen
*flips backwards while running up the wall, makes Matrix-like movement over peapod's head to confuse her while Victorius does his special monkeytrick* whoahahaha
grgrgrgrgr the age old battle...we fight to the death for the hand of the fair ricky :P bring it on sister......
*still holding Rick* A bit slower? :P You're makin me feel dizzy, looollll Why not run Ricky? :P *lets Rick go and hides behind him* go Rick go Rick!
Rick van Opbergen
WAIT A MINUTE (...) you're fighting about ME? why didn't you say so? *folds out stretcher, puts on sunglasses while sipping on his exotic cocktail* GIRLFIGHT!
There are consequences to breaking the heart of a murdering bastard :P :P
HEY .. FIGHT She tried to kill me !!! And look she is way stronger then me ;P And btw, You're already mine so :P Nothin peapod can do bout it ;P
Rick van Opbergen
come on, you can be as strong as you want to be go get her JDream, kick some butt!

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