What kind of drunk are you?

rumandmonkey.com/widgets/tests/drunk/ (external - login to view)
Well without taking the quiz, I'm a happy one, red nose and all.
Ok I'm a Philosphical drunk, watch out I tend to repeat myself. Something I inherited from my Dad. But I learned it's OK to leave after the 3 repeat.
Reverend Blair
I made Chunder Monkey.

In reality though...I'm the kind of drunk that jumps out a boat window, then drives a yellow and red pick-up truck into Zenfisher just because he's there. I'm the kind of drunk that helps strange women to move in the middle of the night just because they are walking down the street crying. I'm the kind of drunk that when handed the steering wheel from a moving car, says, "Don't step on the brakes, it'll go right." I'm the kind of drunk that, upside down in the ditch, says, "And you said I couldn't drive."

Everybody's worst nightmare though...I'm the kind of drunk that thinks I have morals and scruples. I don't, of course, but I think I do...and I don't mind telling you about them.
Philosophical drunk myself. You can learn a lot about life lying on the hood of Rev red & yellow truck.

Aww, give us a cuddle. You're an Emotional Drunk!

I'd post the pic, but it was creepy.

People say I have an alcohol problem.. eh, the only alcohol problem I have is when there's none left.. Alcohol makes me happy person

**goes for a triple rye and ginger**
BTW, I don't like drinking vodka anymore.. ever since I drank a 40 New Years 2002 a little too quickly.
I've never liked vodka. Those that say you can't taste it are lying.

Here's a cool site - it's got equal parts fun and serious stuff...

www.sotallytober.com/ (external - login to view)

There's an annoying pop-up window that says to "click here to claim your prize" - that wasn't there the last time I went to this site. It will go away on its own after a few minutes.

If you register, you can enter the contents of your "bar", and then you can get suggestions for drinks you can make with ingredients you have on hand. There's also quotes and other fun stuff.
I think we all go through different stages of "drunkingness":

When I was younger, I was flirt!

As I got older, I was nasty and as I matured, I became a happier but clumsier drunk.

In any case, I don't drink the way I used to and now just enjoy being surrounded by friends.
Been a while since I posted, but this is my kind of thread.

Apparently I am a philosphical drunk.


I thought I was an incorrehent drunk. Live and learn.
Rick van Opbergen
"I'm a chunder monkey"? I never vomit after drinking! Hmmm could that be the risk of doing the test in a not-so-serious way? (...) It did look like the word "*****" you know :P
Reverend Blair

I thought I was an incorrehent drunk. Live and learn.

That likely qualifies you to have deep, nonsensical discussions with Zen and I, Jilly. No sentence longer than three massively slurred words.
Dexter Sinister
Philosophical, apparently, though as a one word label it's a fair description of my whole personality.

As a drunk though, it's not true. As a drunk, what I usually am is first hilarious (well, at least *I* think so), then sleepy. And as long as we're on the general subject of drinking and drunkenness, I'd like to go on record as stating that the best drink in the world is a single malt Scotch at least 12 years old, and preferably 18, and it's an absolute crime against humanity that the stuff is so damnably expensive. If it weren't for usurious sin taxes it'd be $3 a liter. And the second best drink in the world is Dexter's home made wine. I can make stuff as good as anything you can buy off the shelf, for a tenth the cost. In fact, I'm sipping a glass of Chateau Sinister right now, a fine dark Merlot the colour of rubies... mmmmmmmm...
Rick van Opbergen
this thread is starting to look like an AA-meeting
Aww, give us a cuddle. You're an Emotional Drunk!

"But I thought he liked me. It was all going so well. I can't take it, you know? Not again. Why me, you know? My life is so ****ing ****. I'm just a worthless piece of nothing ****. Everything I do is ****, or it turns to ****, or I turn it to ****."

- pause -

"You've got beautiful eyes ..."

--- looolll
JD you are not old enough to drink :P and he does like you.

You mean like a nice Lagavulin, sitting back in a comfy chair, looking out over the ocean....
Dexter Sinister
Quote: Originally Posted by TenPenny

You mean like a nice Lagavulin, sitting back in a comfy chair, looking out over the ocean....

Yes, that would be pretty nice, though my first choice would be Laphroaig and looking out over the rolling prairie late on a cool October afternoon. Fall is my favourite season, single malt Scotch is my favourite drink, the great Canadian plains are my favourite landscape, then put my best friend and loving wife of 24 years into the scene--and fortunately they happen to be the same person--and it just can't get any better than that.
lol Who likes me?
Dexter Sinister
Quote: Originally Posted by JDream

lol Who likes me?

Invite me into your home, sit me down in a comfortable chair, pour me a Scotch, and I'll tell you.
lol okay :P

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