totally random bull**** thread

At certain times throughout the course of human history, it becomes necessary to make a thread for Totally Random Bull****.

This is one of those times.

Works like this, I write some Totally Random Bull****, then you write some Totally Random Bull****. It doesn't have to be related to my TRB or anything. It can be anything at all, there are no limits, but try to make it mildly funny. I start.

Take this yes, no, always go where there is much more to be said about all that there is and isn't. How can I know where the sun will go, if no one will tell me where I need to go? How soon is the now that is mostly forever, but never to be here and yet always gone tomorrow. Doe the rivers flow across the mountain only to find on the other side that there is more or less of what there was already not on the other side? How can the sky be so vast and huge when it is already what it is and isn't, yet is up so high and now knows as well as the Earth, all that it is.

Your turn
i don't get it grasshopper.
Rick van Opbergen
galianomama that's just BS ... hey ... ehm ... good one!
#4're on to me!!!

Rick van Opbergen
sorry that was Ape, what's going on? <looks innocent>
oo oo ee aa aa. my monkey sayz it wuz not ur monkey :P
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by galianomama

i don't get it grasshopper.

Funny, I said that very thing one time to a post that I didn't get, on this very forum, in fact, but after I posted that I didn't get it I felt pretty silly for having admitted that I didn't get what I suspect everybody else did get, whereas I can see by the subsequent posts to your 'don't get it' post that you do get it, but I can't really say whether I do or not - get it, that is - because the issue of 'gotten-ness' is a complex one never fully understood except, of course, possibly by scientists who do that sort of thing, they analyse the getting-it cells found in the human brain (right side, near the center, two cells to the left of the 'chocolate' cells) which (the human brain, and sometimes the dog brain) is inherently able to get what can be got if and when the getting is a go but rarely when the get has been got previously, at which point the getting is dismissed as more of an 'also got', not the same thing at all, obviously, and a subject that probably deserves its own thread.
In the hot summer of 76',1976 that is, a truly riveting question arose.A question to which I have never heard the answer yet.
"In a heatwave such as this," How long would it take a bumblebee,wearing a pair of clogs, to run across a barrel of tar?"
Haggis McBagpipe
This seems the right thread for my confession. I just want to come out in favour of George W. Bush, a man that I pretend to loathe here on the forum but in reality a man I think is the Greatest Leader of All Time Ever.

He is sexy, he is smarter than anybody else, he is the only man who can save America from all those terrorists and the economy. Man, when he looks at you with those baby blue eyes, it makes a person feel woozy. With desire.

I am glad to get this off my chest. I can now wear my American flag t-shirt - the one with Bush as superman in the middle of it - with pride.

God bless you all... and God bless America.
Confession is good for the soul, and right now I am not dreaming of george bush being on my chest....he is, and uh and mind wanders to my true desire, as I stare at the ceiling counting gyp rock pebbles....yes I confess when I saw Paul licking his comb in fairenheight 911, I was a goner..I will follow him anywhere, he can have me anywhere...and he can bring his comb and do me and my hair.
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

.yes I confess when I saw Paul licking his comb in fairenheight 911, I was a goner...

God yes, have to agree with this. That was one image that, however much one might want it to, just will not go away. You can beg, you can bribe, you can cry, you can have a lobotomy, but that image is still there in the back of your mind, waiting for you at the end of the day. It is the monster under the bed, the breathing thing behind a closed door.
I have this to proclaim!! I say buttery nipples for a better tomarrow. I just ate pancakes.

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