Hi peapod!

Rick van Opbergen
Hi peapod! Still working?
Wow you must really like me little dutch boy :P giving me my own thread and all..are you better looking than fubbleskag? you have nicer shoes I can see that...yes I am working, if you call it that...soon it will lunch time...although it always feels like lunch time around here...thats why I am always here...with my buds :P
Rick van Opbergen
better shoes? ehm ok ... don't know what fubbleskag's shoes look like ... lunchtime wow ... forgot the timezone ... it's getting very dark here ... 21:00 ...
Yet we are able to have our little conversations even if I am in daylight and you are in darkness...very profound...what do you think it means? I will tell you a sekrit ricky....My first husbands last name was vandermeer. Truly...his family owned a bakery :P

Rick van Opbergen
aha "the Dutch connection" ... hmmm that name is very similar to a name which exists in my family, Van Meer ...
Rick van Opbergen
time for me to log out ... been here too long, have to be beware of an overdosis ... see you later lil' monkey ...
well catch you later also little bug...imagine that a bug and a monkey friends...only in cyberspace can such things happen :P catch you on the flip side :P
hey....ive noticed that more people have there own thread...with there name...
You are getting real sharp there dude...how else can we get someone's attention...sup little dude...meet you over in "your" thread.
Rick van Opbergen
so, done anything interesting today? ... oh wait, timezones ... let me see ... it's nearly 8:00 now in BC right? you still have the entire thursday ...
Morning Ricky Not much happening here. Yesterday was a beautiful day here....people wearing shorts, but actually there are people who wear shorts in our "so called winter here" which does not really exist. Our winters are "rain" which is very nice to... I am late today...I actually slept in! I cannot believe it myself...but I did not go to bed until 3....I am reading a very good book. So what is new with you?
Rick van Opbergen
hmm not so much, spent the day at a classmate's house, working on a project, it's approximately 17:25 here now, and I'm hungry! we're eating "boerenkool", it's delicious! I'll search for a pic ...
Rick van Opbergen
Now it might not look very tasty, but I can assure it is!

Rick van Opbergen
by the way, what book are you reading?
now you have just ruined any thoughts I had about lunch. What is that the little sausage is sitting on? It looks like some kind Kale. I remember how fond my vandermeer X was of the leafy green Kale :P
Rick van Opbergen
ehh Kale? I don't know that ... anyway, it's called "rookworst" in Dutch, translated as ... let's see ... smoked sausage... sorry for ruining your lunch! I'm gonna eat now, see you later lil' monkey.
goodbye yourself little monkey....yes I am also going to go and eat some breakfast..a nice bunch of banana :P Catch you on the flip side :P
Rick van Opbergen
and how was breakfast? (how come I always end - and even start - with talking about food????)
Rick van Opbergen
ok I'll try something else: planning to go dancing tonight?
Rick van Opbergen
just spend half an hour on this major new thread ... and I got an error ... EVERYTHING'S GONE! EVERYTHING!!!!! ... makes me quite PISSED OFF by the way ... I HATE MY COMPUTER!!!!!! ... *sigh* ...
Haggis McBagpipe
Ah yes. Some of the finest thoughts ever penned (keyed) by mankind have been unceremoniously deleted by a willful, petulant computer. I think computers feel threatened by such uniquely human wisdom, and they know exactly what to do to get back at you for it.
Rick van Opbergen
Well I was making a thread about Wars & Conflicts in the Modern World ... was just surprised by the huge amount of fighting going on today ... wanted to share that with you ... when I was finished, I clicked on preview ... than there was an error, everything was gone, no way I can have it back ...
Haggis McBagpipe
Yes, it's happened to me as well. It just always seems to happen to my most thoughtful well-written stuff! I have found, though, from such experiences, that when you go to redo the post it will be even finer.
Rick van Opbergen
Maybe later ... I'm depressed at the moment

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