Good night comos, admen, zenfisher and 16 lurkers

Well a fun night...I even got to mess with a professor...a sinister character named dex, over in the religion thread....we were both on a roll....ah ain't life grand I
'night Peapod
Rick van Opbergen
Good morning! (afternoon here, but I bet it's morning in Canuck country)
Hey what for breakfast ricky :P
Rick van Opbergen
Two slieces of bread with herb butter - had to eat quick, had a driving lesson this morning ... (it's almost 16:30 here) ... and you, my dear peapod? What did you have for breakfast?
"and you my dear peapod" well thats real cute ricky :P toast and herb butter thats a new one....what kind of herbs? This morning its raisin bran and a banana for me...cause I am a little monkey :P
Rick van Opbergen
Ehm just had a look, it contains chive, garlic, onion and ... carrot? that's weird ...always suspected you were a monkey. "I am the monkey, I can go anywhere" :P

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