Bevvy the marvelous

morning bev so whats on your agenda today? Friday grgrgrgrgr...means I got to go downtown to the bank...I hate going downtown...but now that tourist season is just about over its not to bad...Weekend plans?
Hey your own thread would ya
Woahhh, good morning Peapod. Ahh yes the most wonderful day of the week. And this one is special for me as I will be handing in my notice today, retirement here I come. Between taking 2 weeks off at the end of the month, my sister-in-law coming out for 2 weeks right after that, a week later heading to Mexico for a week and then a week and half after that comes Christmas and New Years.

I'm so excited about this new adventure in my life. Hubby and I were out looking at flooring last night, lighting, moulding, stones and stuff for the front of the house, paint colors, counter tops and appliances. For some odd reason I thought retirement meant sitting around on one's butt. And from what I can see I'll be lucky if I ever get a chance to sit down at all.

This weekend is reserved for packing. Did the dump runs last weekend and got boxes so I'm ready to start boxing up stuff. But I first gotta figure out what I need to take with us, stuff like hammer & nails, clips & chains to keep the horse secured, cleaners, vacuum, mop, broom, tape measure, oh and some gardening tools as the people we bought from didn't garden at all and there is grass and weeds 3' high at the front door plus cob webs, oh yeah pressure washer.

But saturday morning is also reserved for choosing flooring and satellite system.

What about you? Some wonderful retreat or party? Oh I can hardly wait till I have to time to do all that stuff too.

Happy Friday everybody.
Well I would really like to do something...but I have this huge garden to start putting to bed...and on sunday I have to go to ladysmith to my brothers for the old family gather ye round...there is enough of us to play ball, baseball that is..and yes we do that, especially after we have stuffed our faces....who's on first?

God that was fun!!!!! I had 6 support workers in picking up schedules...and man did we dance!!!!!!!! was a blast...bye now...gotta go work...sorta of
Yeah I still got a pear tree and about 3 apple trees that need to be picked. The dumb bear just isn't doing his thing except knocking over the trees. Stupid thing.

Your lucky to have family around, mine is on the island and hubby's is in Ontario so we never get to go to family functions. Nice in some ways but lousy in alot of other ways. As much as we disagree with each other I miss them all. Too bad times change and not always for the better.

Our family pass time for get togethers is playing cribbage. Dad likes to think he's the reigning champ with me as a runner up, hubby has 2 corvettes and 50 pair of sweat pants coming from Mom cause she's really lousy at playing crib and as you can tell at betting too. But it's all good fun. Now if we could just play for $$ I could have retired sooner.
Your husband has 2 corvettes!!!! god you two are materialist :P However I have taken a shine to you regardless of how shallow you are I never play any type of games with my family....I learned my lessons well...that whole gang only has one thing on their mind and that is to win! fact sometimes the board or the cards go flying across the room...cause some kin gets all mad and huffy when they are skunked...course the rubbing in might play a factor...but its the free for all wrestling that I try to my mother bites! yes she is a nasty grey panther she is...however when we play baseball we are more rugrats are included to make up 2 teams...ah..I kin hardly give my brother the corkscrew when I tackle him to the ground...dumb *** that he is :P
You get em girl! And no hubby doesn't have 2 corvettes, Mom just owes him 2 corvettes. And holy moly your mom sounds like quite the panther, but good for her. It pays off to be active.

And take it easy on your bro there, one day he just might give himself a rub and pat your toast.
Well I am relieved to know you do not own 2 corvette next you would have told me you two travel route 66. :P Yes I would say my mother was in some strange line up at the gene pool. The pinching is worse! its real nasty and hurts, and you cannot haul off and bitch slap your mom. and she is quite aware of this, and she deems some sort of nasty power from this awareness. She is not a good ball player least there is something she is not good at :P
Bevvy I did tell my brother about your brothers toast idea. I must say he was in he wished he had thought of it to. His eyes got all glazed and he asked me if maybe your brother was one of those urban legends he had heard about. Yes he is little dumb ***! he know important people :P
My brother will be glad to hear that someone is in aw of him. I'll check with my sister to see what he's done to her over the years.
That would be a good I think my brother would like to start a scrapebook on your brother Bevvy they must never meet! under any circumstances could we ever allow this to happen. It would be like unleashing the "hoser brothers" back into the world
I'll do my part to keep him away. The last thing we need is more rotten brother pranks. The two of us have lived thru enough.
Yes we must do our best, else we would have to leave the I gotta go downtown...grgrgrgrgrggrgrgrgrgr I hate going down there. If I don't catch you later bevvy have a good weekend, and happy thanksgiving!

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