obsessive compulsive behavior

Haggis McBagpipe
Okay, a big confession, one that is basically of the blushing kind: I actually get far too much pleasure out of my morning ritual of tidying up the house. I mean, I really love it, getting it from messy to nice appealing order. Oh boy.
Rick, my bedside alarm clock was always 1/2 hour fast. But the other week I managed to sum up the courage to change to actual real time. I've almost been late ever since.
Haggis, would you come to my house? You would be in 7th heaven, truly.
funny how that works isn't it!
Rick van Opbergen
bevvyd: my alarm clock is fast too
Rick, do you think people will say we are running away with time?
Rick van Opbergen
Maybe ... I'm just totally obsessed with time ... when my train comes two minutes late, I'm stressed ... when the teacher stops the lesson three minutes late, I'm angry with him ... I don't know why...
Haggis McBagpipe
Bev, I would love your home just as it is, though! I love each house for its own way of being.

Funny, though, even when I was a kid I would sometimes deliberately let my bedroom get to the total disaster stage just so that I could have the almost orgasmic pleasure of cleaning it all up. That's sick, but man was it ever fun. Even all these years later I still like it best when, for whatever reason, the house is a total disaster and I get to really clean up. God I need help.
yes I can relate to the same thing...it leads to an exciting cleaning spree...and you always find things that you forgot you had
Haggis McBagpipe
Yes! Exactly, and the 'before' and 'after' resembles something of a miracle. It's the ultimate makeover.
Yes it does, but if only it would stay that way :P
I must admit that I not only have my bedroom clock set fast, but every clock in the house is set fast... but not the same amount. That way I'm not sure which is the "real" time so hopefully I'll be on time!! Drives my partner NUTS!!

But here's the BIG confession:
Whenever I eat a sandwich, the last bit has to have five sides so that I can put 1 finger on each side. No clue why I do this, but I've done it since I was a kid!
Your clocks have arms on them do they? interesting :P mine don't
the only way I know the time is the radio clock in the bedroom :P
i have a habbit of scareing people by falling face first...and then at the last second put my hands out...stopping me just 1cm before my nose hits the ground...
Reverend Blair
Half the clocks in our house aren't even set, we just hit buttons until they stopped blinking. That might be because I'm compulsively early for everything and Mrs. Rev has never, not once, been on time in her life. We let the clocks go all willy nilly so we don't drive each other insane.

When I was a tech fixing photofinishing machines a couple of the women at work gave me an obsessive-compulsive test out of the back of a Cosmopolitan or one of those mags. It came out that I had a hand-washing compulsion because I was washing my hands so much. Of course I was washing my hands constantly...I was getting them coated in photo chemistry all the time....You get your hands dirty, you wash them. It only makes sense.

The same test completely missed my obsession with cigarettes though...it placed me as a moderate smoker, not seriously addicted. I started smoking when I was twelve and have been managing a couple packs a day since I was sixteen or seventeen.

So much for magazine tests...
another thing...i like to put my shirt on before my pants....i dont know why....ive tried not to but...i just cant!
you should try the falling down trick when you are putting your pants on :P I gotta go eat more thanksgiving dinner now but with at least the company will be yummy my pumkin cheesecake turned out real well...mmmmmm its hard being so perfect :P
lol...i just finished off the rest of the turkey...
Hey sucka.. sup!I just figured out a gansta name for ya broken jimmy jamma.. later, sucka..

gun doggy pimp
my grandmother will not make left hand turns. I cannot understand why not but she will travel for more 20 minutes to avoid it
sometimes, when I'm alone, I um fondle myself. I well it's not exactly compulsive, but I sometimes hurt people, badly. Like kill them and stuff, it's not as bad as you think. Only like one or two people, no one really cares. But other than that I'm pretty normal! !!!
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by niko

Like kill them and stuff, it's not as bad as you think. Only like one or two people, no one really cares. But other than that I'm pretty normal! :) !!!

Well as long as they're Republicans.
Rick van Opbergen
As long as it is in your imagination niko ...
I prefer to let happier things run through my imagination, killing people is not one of them. A nice coho on my line, a walk in the woods. And I do have a new obessessive compulsive order, I check this board every morning when I wake up. :P
Rick van Opbergen
Yeah, same for me, only for me, it's just at least once a day.
Yo cosmos, my wheels has a few compulsive /obbessive odditites :P
just remember one thing about her, she likes the metal to the metal :P she likes to whizz through orange lights. And don't forget at the red light she like to burn a little rubber on take off :P Be good to my go cart, return her in one piece:P :P :P
I've got a couple of weird habits...

One is that I have to look at licence plates on cars to add up the numbers. A 7 means good luck, nothing else means a thing to me.

The worst one is putting myself to sleep thinking of words which are only typed with the left hand. Apparently in typing the left hand is used slightly more than the right hand. I've found many words which can be typed with the left hand only, hundreds of them in fact. This drives me nuts, but I can't stop. I must be compulsive or something...and now that I'm running out of new words what's next?

Guess I'll have to start with right hand words, there are more vowels there...am I nuts or what?
I'm terrified of spiders... that's all i seem to find in my house. I guess my habit is first i have to turn on ALL lights when entering a room...and search the ground walls and ceiling for those little black spots. Then if i have a blanket or jacket that has hit the floor, i have to shake it off first.. making sure there are no spiders in it. I don't know where i got this INTENSE fear but the spiders in this house are creepier than the ones i'm used to, back home.
Too weird for one of my first few posts?
Diamond Sun
Not weird at all. Do I have any weird habits?

Oh, when I'm eating a fast food burger, I have this special way of folding up the wrapper it came in, so it's a nice little square to rest the burger on. It's very strange, and I have no idea when I started doing it, never mind why.
That is weird.

I don't think i have really weird habits...

unless you mean my eating habits...like cold leftovers for breakfast. (Kraft dinner, Ribs, steak, grilled chicken...anything)

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