East Coast freelance photographer??

Hi there, new member here @ this forum.

Just requesting information. I am a mother of one who is looking for a reputable freelance photographer in the New Brunswick, area.

If anyone knows of anyone who may help me with my search, please email me.

We would like to put a portfolio together. (Colour/Black & White) to get her modeling career started.

Thank you all for your time.

Welcome Cygnus, I can't help you on a photographer but all the best to you and your daughter.
Thank you for the nice welcome.
Nice to meet you also. =)

That's okay, I'm sure someone will be able to help me soon...
Okay, where'd my reply go?

Try this again:

The only one I've dealt with was, I think his name was Bob Fraser, he worked with Judith Irving Zed.

What I would do if I was you, is go to Appleby's, and talk to Peter. Tell him what you're looking for, and ask him for some names. He knows the people in town who are in the profession.
I know some people, but none of them are reputatable :P
Hi there, thanks for the quick replies.

Can any of you email me a list of photographers, you know in the area?

Very much apprechiated! =)

I've called around, some are pretty fair & others are pretty steap in price. Gave me an idea however.


Well since you're using a public forum which is free for everyone, why not post your results here? Lots of users come here from Google and look for information.. so swapping results through email isn't really that fair!
I just didn't want people to give me telephone #'s here.

I thought that was against the rules of the forum, it being personal info & all...

please post here, if anyone would prefer doing so...


Oh telephone numbers... I guess use your discretion.
My wife's uncle is a phtographer. He's in Red Bank near Mirimichi.
If you want the absolute best work going, and are willing to pay for it, go with Martin Flewelling. But you'll pay for it.

Mark Hemmings does nice work (www.markhemmings.com (external - login to view)), Cinthia Wilson seems to do nice ones too (www.photoimages.nb.ca (external - login to view)).

I know none of them personally, but have had Martin Flewelling do some work for me.

eastcoastrob - it's "As I was walking up the stair"......not "stairs".....
Quote: Originally Posted by TenPenny

eastcoastrob - it's "As I was walking up the stair"......not "stairs".....

I've seen some variations and I like it better this way. Plus I'm quoting from a movie- Identity. Good flick.
Yeah, i get **** some times. Why did he call it "Antigonish"???
Antigonish is a great place. Been there, same with Peggy's Cove and all those great places over there, especially Clearwater Lobster,yummmmmm

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