Household chores

Rick van Opbergen
Which household chores do you dislike the most? When I'm home alone - or better: when my mom is off to work - she always "asks" (read: demands) me to do some household chores: vacuuming, mopping down the floor, taking a walk with the dog. But I really HATE vacuuming and mopping down the floor ... gives me the feeling it takes away my ... male pride you know <SIGH> ... anyway, what are the household chores you dislike most?

NB: I just vacuumed, that's why this somewhat peculiar thread.
household chores....well I kinda took care of that when I divorced :P My parents had 5 slaves and lots of chores to divide up....but the good thing about it was they taught us how to work. And afterward we could spend the day at the swimming hole....

Sometimes I had to clean my brothers room.....I am the oldest so I got all the lousy jobs...being the oldest is also a curse. When ever I did his room I could be sure to find things that I could use for blackmail and obtain power over my brother :P
Rick van Opbergen
Well it's not that I disapprove of me doing these chores .... there are just some I don't like

EDIT: I agree that the older ones always have to do more ... luckily, I'm the younger one thank God I have an older sister
Well men should have to clean bathrooms, they are the ones that make the mess...leaving the toilet seat up all the time :P you have a special outfit you wear for cleaning chores? do you wear your wooden shoes in the house :P
Rick van Opbergen
we make the biggest mess??? ... oh wait that might even be true ... no I don't wear a special uniform haha ... I have a confession to make: I don't even have wooden shoes ... I hope this will not mean the government will take away my Dutch passport ... I can come to Canada any time, can I?
As far as I am concerned....yes you can come to canada anytime...with or without the shoes. And we do have some windmills here to...Time to get busy now and head into the land of the drones
Rick van Opbergen
You are leaving? In that case: au revoir, Canadianne (my French is very bad ...) ... ow I do like the windmills !
The chore I hate the most is cleaning the cat litter box. P.U. And the rotten little stinkers must christian it everytime it gets changed, or they feel I need help in spreading out the litter.
Diamond Sun
I freaking hate vacumming, HATE IT. So, Xendrick does it, and I do practically everything else in order to avoid doing the vacumming. It's not really fair that all he does is vacumming, but I think it's worth it.
i love vacuuming. trouble is, my partner is a much more **** person than myself, therefore all the vacuuming, dusting and 'cleaning up' is done for me. ouch. it's a tough life. i will vacuuming though, when the need calls. i garden, does that count??
You garden since when? I always see your "partner" doing the work, and you reaping all the rewards
ouch, that was a little nasty!!!!!

hey - last weekend i worked in the garden all day, like a trojan i was. you know, you could hardly tell i had completed anything there.
Haggis McBagpipe
I like most household work, it might be boring work, but I'm rarely 'there' while I do it, so I'm not bored (I daydream, have the music going) And besides, I like the results. Hate washing floors, though. Oh, and vacuuming under beds.
Well I hate cleaning, so I try to do as little as possible, sometimes my place gets a little out of hand...but that is what friends are for..they come over and cannot stand it and clean...galaniomama once even cleaned my bathroom...this is something I learned from huckleberry fin..and so far it has worked out well...but I do a big spring cleaning myself once a year, not always in the spring either.
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

this is something I learned from huckleberry fin

8-) You are fortunate to have such friends, Pea. I think you mean Tom Sawyer, though, don't you?
No I mean huckleberry fin...he lived in my neighbourhood, he had 3 sisters to named hope, faith and charity, and his little brother was named popeye..there was a time when your parents could name you anything they wanted.
As for having such friends, yes I agree that they are fortune to have me. They would all say so to in sync, if you asked them all at the same time. My new signature has made me wise, because I can now walk on rice paper.

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