Morning Ricky

*official police voice* you are very funny ricky :P

Well first I fine about 4 of biggest onions I can and chop them up, than a couple of red pepper, I saute them in lots of butter(to bad, thats they way I like it) Than I add a couple of cups of chopped roma tomatoes. Than I get the bottle of patak's hot curry paste out and put two big tablespoons of the paste in and I have instant east indian curry. I don't have to bother with all the necessary spices as they are all in the paste.
Rick van Opbergen
does make you "smell" not?
Yes "ode of curry" a nice earthy smell. :P What is your favorite ethic food?
Rick van Opbergen
ethnic you mean? ehm dunno ... I like chinese food ... kinda boring right? oh and I like Bulgarian feta cheese! homemade!
Chinese food is good, there are alot of chinese restaurants. And japanese sushi is popular. My favorite is still indian. you know that sell that cheese you are talking about at the mediterean deli. They also have a feta cheese spread that spreads like cream cheese on crackers very yummy as well as the yogurt cheese. You must be a gouda fan. :P
Rick van Opbergen
A Gouda fan, yeah, that's correct You know, I'm really ashamed about it, but I've never eaten sushi so far. while one of my friends is japanese ... is it tasty?
No it is not to me...I don't like raw fish or sticky rice, or seaweed :P but lots of people like it. I do like the tempura vegetatbles tho with dip. :P gouda on the side :P
Rick van Opbergen
Now raw fish isn't that bet, I like it! Herrings with onions, tasty!
rollmops :P
Rick van Opbergen
well that's with pickles, but yea! rollmops!
Ok when you come to visit me this will be the menu for our first meal together :P

Edammer bloemkool
Kabeljauw met kaaskorst
Eiersalade met asperges
Friese koolstamppot met lamsvlees

But first we will smoke lots of Hachée :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
Rick van Opbergen
HUH???? "Edammer bloemkool" ... do you have an English translation of this peapod???
:P (external - login to view)
Rick van Opbergen
aha! cauliflower and edam cheese! well it that case it should be "bloemkool met Edammer kaas" ... not "Edammer bloemkool" ... but I'm just bitching now ... "hopjesvla" (coffee custard) is tasty! you should try that!
Rick van Opbergen
oh and "speculaas" ... yummy!
I've just been havin some problems.. Hi Andem & peapod & every1 :P
Morning ricky and JD dream, Jd you must come by in daylight are you today little monkey ricky? gouda cheese for breakfast?
Rick van Opbergen
Haha *thinks* what did I have for breakfast? oh wait I know, eggs! yum yum. no gouda cheese for me this time. anyway, to talk about something totally different, some time ago you said to me you posted a pic of you here (right?), in the forum album? I've posted a picture of me when I was just a child in the forum album yesterday, but I couldn't find your picture. or am I confused now and is there no picture of you in the forum album?
No I never said that i do not think? hard to think until I finish this coffee, I had a pic of myself at some charlie pics, that were on the board, but I will send you one...just you tho :P hey what do you think of my new avatar...its marvin the martian :P :P
Rick van Opbergen
can I have my doubts about your new avatar? :P no I like it, but why did you decide to remove the Monty-Python-knights-avatar?
Oh he is not far away, he hangs out in his own folder, along with a bunch of other monty python avatar. They are always partying in that folder....every once and while you here things like, hey peapod are you shrubbery? are you wearing yellow? stuff like that. Once I threatened to delete them, and they settled down for a bit. :P
Rick van Opbergen
you have a large imagination peapod!
yes I do and I only show a fraction of it here :P and you? how do you rate your imagination?
Rick van Opbergen
hmmm I dunno actually ... good question ... when I was young (which is actually only 10 years ago), I often fantasized about these things, like aliens and stuff, or some sort of undiscovered world in the Amazone or something ... oh and I always thought mutants (you know, from the X-Men, was a HUGE fan) really existed ... but nowadays ... dunno
ummmmm...sorry little dude but the X men do exist. I have seen them :P Just like after a good rain you can go into the forests here and try and find a fairy under a toad stool, you have to be careful tho, faires are full of mischeif. :P
Rick van Opbergen
ehm OK ... damn it I knew it, I saw Storm once in our local mall, really!
Is that when the picture was taken of you? I mean the surprised look that is on your avatar :P
Rick van Opbergen
oh, well but that's Victorius, and yes, he was quite surprised ... but I guess that was mainly because he sees every woman as a banana ... don't ask ... the real me is actually quite cute (according to Haggis)!
the banana line was good :P Well I like to find things out for myself, so I guess that means you gotta a picture of yourself over in the forum album. I will go see for myself who is cuter you or your avatar :P
Actually I am partial to the monkey :P :P :P just kidding...of course you are very cute...what kid isn't :P I gotta feeling you are pretty "ruff ruff" at present age....lumberjack lingo for cute.

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