Morning Ricky

Rick van Opbergen
OK peapod ... had a wonderful breakdinner ... chicken, fried potatoes with onions and bacon, string beans ... I really like meat .... I respect vegetarians, but I could not live without meat ... the horror!
Sorry I missed you this morning little monkey :P all of a sudden there is work at work :P I have come across something that I think you should maybe think about acquiring they are called "dimmocks", said to very good for little dutch boys, and sup boys in toronto check them out (external - login to view)
Rick van Opbergen
I'll order them right away! ... and just HOW do you come up with this stuff???!!!
Well ricky, I have many "young" friends and they send me this stuff all the time :P I just put up a game for you games forum :P
Rick van Opbergen
OK thanks, gonna look right away ... so you had work at work? what is exactly your job?
Greeting little monkey :P You are late today. Did you order your dimmocks :P Well I am not sure myself what my job is :P But I am told by BC housing that I work in a non-profit senior housing, independent living. But they still need alot of things arranged for them, but they are still independent mostly I just deal with doctors and home support and the odd good looking handy dart driver. Also I plan their meals, as there is a community dining room, and they love having guest speakers come in, life fireman, police, things like that. I would like to get some playboy pinups for them, but I have not be able to find any...would you like to vounteer for the postion? :P
Rick van Opbergen
Kinda late I know ... woke up around 6:00 to go to school ... school starts around 8:45, but I had to eat first, and than the bus, and the train ... when I arrive, it's still a bit dark ... bad for my mood ... anyway, had lessons to 11:30, than we didn't have any lessons up to 15:45! So we went downtown, wanted to catch a movie but the movietheatre opened only around 13:30, which would probably mean we didn't have enough time to get back in time (we wanted to see Shark Tale) ... so we just went stumbling through the streets, doing nothing .... enjoyed the sun ... got very bored ... the lesson was actually FUN after such a dull day ... was back around 20:00, had to eat, than went watching a movie (Small Soldiers, I switched it off after twenty minutes, didn't like it, it was just really bad) .... and now I'm here! ... and how much does it pay to be a playboy pinup?
Rick van Opbergen
It's 22:40 here BTW
It pays nothing, but you will get alot of compliaments even if they are not true :P
Rick van Opbergen
sorry, no money, no working ....
ya, thats the motto over here in canada to :P
Rick van Opbergen
true friends! (and brainwashed hehehehehe ...)
Muaaaaaawhahahahahaha Crazy JD is backkkkkkkkkkk
mwaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I see you JD dreamy :P
Hey JDream, wb! LTNS! Where ya been?
Morning ricky :P you missed JD dream, look up a couple of messages, so what new?
Rick van Opbergen
I'm kinda busy, working on this project I talked about, don't know why I'm here , have to work, work, work! ... Do you know how boring it can be to work on a project ALL DAY? ... I know, I'm bitching, I bitch a lot ... my apologies
Feel free to bitch all you want little monkey Did you say in some thread you were studing anthropology?
Rick van Opbergen
Yeah ...
Ah...I thought I remember that :P I have read a few of margaret mead's books she is awesome. Have you ever heard of chad oliver? his latest book combines SF and antropology. I have it but have read it yet. You might like him, here is review of his latest book A star above it.

This volume of the late Oliver's short fiction and its companion, Far from This Earth and Other Stories, strike a truly heroic blow for the cause of restoring classic sf to print. During a 35-year career begun in 1952, Oliver specialized in short fiction, much of it sharing the common device of a society being observed, which reflected Oliver's other occupation as a professor of anthropology. "Blood's a Rover" features human military observers and aliens. "The Ant and the Eye" has a misfit observing his society and it observing him, each trying to see whether they can fit the other. "Any More at Home Like You" is one of several stories about aliens coming to Earth or being marooned there and groping toward understanding. Oliver believed that intelligence of any sort, though inevitably fallible, would grope toward understanding enough to prevent gross crimes and total disasters. He also believed in human expansion into space and to other worlds, and that faith adds further to stories already distinguished by graceful prose and good world building. Must-have volumes for thorough sf collections
Rick van Opbergen
Never heard of Chad Oliver before ... sounds interesting though! (and ehh sorry for the late response)
Morning little sambal king :P Whats new?
Rick van Opbergen
Kinda busy the last few days, school, work, learning ... the usual ... just got back from a ride through my town, three friends came crashing in, one has a car, and she (yes, she) wanted to show me what a good driver she is (she just got her driver's license) ... so we were just cruising through our town, talking 'bout nothing ... didn't think she was a very good driver by the way, but I didn't say that (she had to bring me home first ) ... and what's up with you? enjoying a lovely sunday?
Ya, its a beautiful day here, sun shining. Its my turn to have the starbuck jesters for dinner, we take turns...why can't I get a rainy day...I am making chicken curry, I have already made the roti bread.....yum yum, taught to me by a gifted east indian from India, now residing in canada :P and I will have basmati rice...which smells like popcorn when cooking :P For dessert 9 spoons and a bucket of ice cream :P
Rick van Opbergen
"why can't I get a rainy day" - excuse me???!!! I'm DIEING for a day WITHOUT rain. Autumn means automatically rain (lots of) around here, so it's just raining, and raining, and raining ... enjoy the sun! Sounds nice by the way, what you are planning to eat.
sambal I told you in my post what I was eating, or do you mean right now...well right now I am eating an apple off the apple tree in my yard :P but for dinner you will have to read the post above yours.... :P wake up :P
Rick van Opbergen
But I ehm sorta meant dinner ... that is the thing that sounds nice
ya dinner went very well :P my house smells like a curry factory now
How about sharing that recipe for the curried chicken Pea? Sounds tasty.
Rick van Opbergen
Yea peapod I like curry too, *policevoice* hand us over the recipe

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