Morning Ricky

Rick van Opbergen
Come on, I'm 18 ... too old ... anyway, you have to see the popularity of Halloween in perspective ... we have never had anyone coming to us to ask candy at the night of Halloween ... I even don't know people who celebrate Halloween ... but according to some people, there are some places here in the Netherlands where like 15 children dress themselves up like horrible monsters ( you know: Michael Jackson, Liza Minnelli, George W. Bush ...) and celebrate it ...
Rick van Opbergen
... and than they say that Halloween "is becoming more and more popular" ...
Ricky I am way older than 18 and I go trick or treating..really I do..its fun..a few halloweens ago galaniomama and I went out in her jeep, man we got alot of stuff...the best part was flying down the road in her jeep with her cape flying behind...the top was down...we park and was lots of fun..and most of the other kids are bigger than us anyway..and they have no idea that we could be their parents :P
Rick van Opbergen
hahaha do you have some photos? ... and what costume did you have, were you the monster of frankenstein, a mummy, dracula???
At the particular halloween night I was a bowling pin...truly..I looked just like one two..all you see were my eyes and my mouth...I needed to see and eat :P and I had black stockings on..and I have kid size feet a size 5..regardless of what galaniomama says...the women wears a nine or something giant like that so she is envious of my tiny feet...anyway..yes the bowling pin costume worked excellent for collecting candy...the real trick is when some adult tries to get you talk at the not speak...just giggle...if you speak they might catch on :P Well I will definately provide you with pics of this years event...and its better to trick or treat with one of those plastic jack o lanterns...looks more kid can keep spares in the jeep..if you show up with a pillowcase they get suspicious...its most fun when you go to house where you know the candy dispensers and they have no idea "tis" "me" peapod...

This year I am tossing ideas around for my costume in regards to trick or treat...I have to 2 for the parties and one for collecting candy...yes life is very difficult for podpea....see I am in diquise right now practicing for the big night...Well gotta go and do something...don't know what....but something...later gater
Rick van Opbergen
a bowling pin! man, it does sound like fun how you tell it ... I'm still too old ... and probably too tall :P ...
Rick van Opbergen
Aha ... sunday has arrived here ... 12 o'clock ... it's all dark outside ... horrormovie on the TV ... Intwine (Dutch rock band) and Cat Stevens coming out of the speakers .... must become a good sunday ...
Dam I cannot stop yakking to tall? what are you nuts :P how about the giant in jack in the bean stock? there are plenty of giants around....and lots of kids now are 6 footers at 10.. you are very smart ricky...but you gotta work on letting your imagination run only get to go around the block once little minime grasshopper :P Thats it ciao for now
Rick van Opbergen
yea yea "ciao for now" ... see you in five minutes ... hmmm too little imagination huh ... and what if people recognize me? people always recognize me! when I was young, me and my friends used to call people whom we knew to trick them ... they always recognized my voice ... pretty frustrating ...
Cat Stevens tea for the tillerman? I love that one...right now I am listening to thelonious monk...the greatest jazz player ever!!!! Do you ever listen to jazz in holland? and is it true about all the pot smoking there
Rick van Opbergen
I never listen to jazz actually ... don't really like it, it's not my style ... and concerning smoking pot, well it depends where you are: when people are in amsterdam, they all come home and tell: well those dutchmen all spoke pot! while 1) most people who you see smoking pot in amsterdam are tourists and 2) in the rest of the netherlands you have to look hard to catch anyone smoking a joint. I've heard the youth in countries as denmark, france and the uk smoke more pot than us dutch youth. it's not special anymore I guess, now it's sorta legal here ...
Morning I over slept today...although I was awake at 5..but i went back to I gotta get ready to drive to my brothers house of horrors. The things you do to get a turkey dinner...I am sorry to hear that you are not aware of the theloious are missing out
Well now I got the real story on the pot smoking over there. You should hear the tales people tell here of pot smoking in holland. It pretty liberal on the island here..but still illegal...if you are sick or dying than you get it legally. I have a friend who has hiv, and he gets it describes it like a restaurant...with a menu and daily what should I have for breakfast?
Rick van Opbergen
For breakfast? ... bet you had your brealfast already by now, else I would recommend eggs ... I like eggs ... had them for breakfast ... but if I understand it correctly, it's thanksgiving today right? In that case: Happy Thanksgiving!!! ... and if not: forget what I just wrote...
Rick van Opbergen
Peapod, what did you have for breakfast this morning??? Anything good? Some Thanksgiving leftovers?
Ricky we might as well just chat in your own thread..look you have 5 pages are the king around here. Hey what has happened to fubbleskag? I miss the nasty pirate bugging me in the morning :P
Rick van Opbergen
"the king" ...
"the kind" what do you mean? that is very funny about the voice thing....on sunday I was sitting outside at where else but starbucks...I was yaking it up with a couple of the regulars...and at the next table was a couple....the guys asks us for light...we kept yaking and than the guy who asked for the light...who was a sherrif says to me..."don't I know you"? well who wants to be reconized by a sherriff? even if you are innocent :P He said is your name Peapod (I won't use my real name) oh what the hell my real name is "polly" and no I do not want a cracker either :P
Anyway I said yes it is...and I started to really look at him...and it turns out....his mother and I use to hang around together....which was about 12 years ago, than he was 20 with big bushy was a good reunion...all hugs and kisses and stuff...I grab them when I can :P Anyway he said he reconized me because of my voice...and this has happened many times...voice reconigation :P
Rick van Opbergen
You must have a beautiful voice then (ok that's enough ...); anyway, I've never been to a starbucks in my entire life ...don't think we even have a starbucks in my town ...
beautiful voice...I don't think so...but everyone remembers it :P mine is like bonnie tylers...really...everyone says so...kinda like gravel... :P :P :P although I cannot sing like her :P Hey ricky when are you coming to canada to check out lumberjacks :P
Rick van Opbergen
when someone invites me ...
Rick van Opbergen
well I could come to Canada next year, in the summerbreak, don't know what the most beautiful time of the year is to visit Canada, and where should I go to, east, west, north, south?
Well you should go west young man....but if you come to vancouver can stay at peapods are just a kid so it will be alright with me...I have nephews your age that will show you a good time...but you cannot corupt sisters would be after me than :P :P
Rick van Opbergen
I corrupt them? Me? I played Jesus in a play at the elementary school for crying out loud
Are you sure it was not peapod pinching you that made you cry out :P :P guess not I have never been to holland...but I just bought 2 big bag of tulips bulbs :P
Rick van Opbergen
tulips ... beautiful flowers ... ever bought wooden shoes by the way? you can have them in all different colors (just look at my avatar)
Yes I have seen many wooden fact never mind :P your avatar is cool, the shoes look good in colors....I have rubber ones for my garden....I just read a book about the history of the tulip..very know at one time if you owned a few tulip bulbs you were considered what we would call a millionaire now yes the tulip has a very interesting natural history :P and they look good to...Hey ricky check this out when you got time they have photos there of vancouver island...and Victoria is a very beautiful city... (external - login to view)
Rick van Opbergen
*sigh* this makes me depressed ... I now realize in what an ugly town I live ... :P ....
Rick van Opbergen

Vancouver, beautiful skyline
Are you telling me you looked at those pictures already what are you anyway? well this site has pictures of all of british columbia...some nice one of vancouver to....what town do you live in?
Rick van Opbergen
no not all, just scan a bit, I'm quite fast hehehehe ... what I am? hmmm good question .... always thought to be a lion, until I saw the Lion King and came to the conclusion we do not seem to share same heritage ... too little hair ... the town I live in? ehm Eindhoven ... one of the most ugliest cities of the Netherlands ...

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