Morning Ricky

Rick van Opbergen
I'm getting my driving licence pretty soon, I guess (I hope!), I'm having my theory exams in a week, after that I guess I have to wait for a couple of weeks maybe and then ...
And a good and responsible one you will be rickles, I have no doubt about that. :P Ehm...rickles I notice your signature, please tell me that blonde bimbo did not really say that
Rick van Opbergen
Yep, she did, I'm not kidding. She actually laughed after she said that
Well rickles some say that perxiode can seep into the brain cells through the skin :P So maybe its not her fault

How are you this morning rickles :P and victorious, how is himself this fine morning. I have heard from emma dibbs, she is enjoying vancouver and they will arrive here on saturday.

Side note: Hammie finally found me a playpen for emma's cherub :P
Rick van Opbergen
Well, I'm doing great this "morning" (it's already 17:30 here :P ), done a lot of homework, exams coming up in *sigh* TWO days ... So my head is just full of "liminality", "OECD", "kinship" ...

Emma already coming Saterday, eh? Have you prepared her? God, wish I were in Vancouver now. It has been raining here for the majority of the time. Depressing ...
Rick van Opbergen
Hey Big P., how are you doin' today? What 'ya had for breakfast ... yoyo ... whatever (American slang, pfff :P )
Rickyyy How are YA? :P things goin well on da uni? :P
Rick van Opbergen
Yeah, everything's going great! What 'bout you?
what about me??? nobody asking how I am heya ricky Today emma dibbs arrives :P
Rick van Opbergen
Hey, I already asked you how you were doing some 4 posts ago, but you didn't respond Aha, Emma Dibbs eh ... may she have a good time ... and I hope you will behave this time Big P. :P
i'm alright i guess eh ricky enjoyin da weekend? :P
OMG! OMG!! little ricky and victorious I was just thinking of sending col man after you again :P Where have you been little ricky and what adventures have you had. podifer has missed you and victorious. :P
Rick van Opbergen
Podifer? Is that your new nickname, Miss Moneypenny? Where I have been? Good question

Neh, just kidding :P

I have been extremely busy, and with that, I mean EXTREMELY busy University work, the Green Party, it was just one big meshuggeneh week! Today, I was back in Nijmegen (although I have spring break!) 'cause I had to take a few surveys (6) for scientific research (I'm allowed to use the word "scientific" now ), and it was just crazy! It was in this nice neighborhood in the center of town, a neighborhood with mostly "alternative" people, like we call them here (hippies, Greens, Leftish intellectuals mostly). One of the people I interviewed was this crazy musician, living in a big house. He was also a painter and a writer by the way. He had studies philosophy in the 70s, but he eventually started to make music for a living, and the guy was crazy, I tell ya, but funny crazy! His house was just one big mess, money on the floor, dirty underwear, a matras in the corner and the stench of weed in the air I'm sure you would like him! :P His answers, his actions, incredible! Maybe I should give him another visit

Anyway, much has happened, too much to talk about really, I guess 70% would bore you anyway :P
Tears of joy ricky, at your return. And you never bore me or anyone else. :P You are one of those rare individuals. Okay no more nice stuff....back to monkey business. Your life sounds exciting, and so do your friends Well I have some work to do So don't disappear to soon.

Cheers and beers,
Rick van Opbergen
*disappearing again* See you in the Matrix, Podifer ...
Hey Rick I'm very impressed with how your country rolled out the red carpet for our vets You should be very proud of your country and its people
Where is that gouda boy anyway Probally out with the new friend he made. One of my uncles was part of the canadian forces that liberated holland. He never stopped talking about what wonderful people they were...but he was not talking about you ricky ...don't want gouda to know how much I like him
Hey lil gouda, you better come back soon...there is a new kid on the block, as smart as yer self lil gouda. Bring victorious with you.
Hey Pea any sign of the gouda boy?
No, not yet...the colman will track him down...he probally is still sitting in front of that dyke, plugging the hole
I dont think so.. too busy with the university... -.-

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