Morning Ricky

Ricky...don't look left or right...I mean you :P You were not here for breakfast? Sup
Rick van Opbergen
I woke up this morning (at 6:00), all sleeping in the house, quickly got a shower, eat a eggsalad sandwich (again, there was some eggsalad left ...), and ran to the bus, which leaves around 6:42 (had to catch the train of 7:08 ) ... made it, luckily, and so did my "travelbuddy" (my female travelbuddy that is), and of we went ... arrived in Nijmegen around 8:00 (no wait, that's not true, we had to take the slow train, so we arrived in Nijmegen around 8:15 or so), wanted to get the bus again, but it was full, so we had to wait for another bus ... when we arrived at the university, the bus suddenly stopped, a girl fainted (don't know why) and the busdriver called an ambulance, so we had to leave the bus ... had to walk an additional ten minutes, so we were late (I hate that - we left half an hour earlier, as we were about 20 minutes late the last time when we went to the university) ... got some interesting lessons ... but when it was 15:30, we were tired, though we decided to stay for the last lesson (from 15:45 to 17:30) ... but after 45 minutes, we couldn't take it anymore, so we left ... got back in Eindhoven around 18:00 ... had to take the bus, which left on 18:20 ... was back at home around 18:40 ... it's 21:45 now ... that's why I "skipped" breakfast ... I'm terribly sorry peapod!
Does JD dream know you have a "female travelling buddy :P
Rick van Opbergen
Ehh I'm not sure ... no I don't think so ... hehehehe
Well she might now :P I hope the egg salad is gone now, three days in a row would be a bit should try one those "don" things bevvy eats for breakfast :P She will explain, its to hard for me to understand
Rick van Opbergen
Hmmm I actually don't know whether the eggsalad is still in the fridge ... although I swear I just saw him walking out the door ... I usually eat two pieces of bread with some sort of meat products ... or cheese! with sambal and black pepper! I LOVE spicy foods, even when it's for breakfast!
sambal! yes I know this condiment...very tasty..and to :P You want to do the samba after you eat it.....
Rick van Opbergen
Well actually I usually just want some water afterwards
I had the same breaky as yesterday again, still delicious and still good for the soul. Lunch as yummy as Ihad cod rolls stuff with crab and stuff and a salad on the side.

Now this Ding Dong thing, it is a round chocolate cake covered in a light chocolate coating (not icing) and the center is filled with cream. Can't give you any nutritional facts as there probably isn't any, except they are good.
Bevvy I noticed that you did not mention anything about bending over for the ding dong :P :P :P :P :P :P
Rick van Opbergen
This morning I had two pieces of bread with (tadatada!) cheese, sambal and black pepper, AND (to finish it) four slices of cucumber. And some juice. Yummy.
This morning I threw the following my blender and drank it..milk, yogurt, banana, blueberries, a handful of herbs and some honey...Right now I feel pretty good
Rick van Opbergen
In some kind of odd way, it seems actually pretty tasty peapod... weird ...
Ricky what was tasty? my milkshake or you sambal sandwich
Rick van Opbergen
Your milkshake!
Rick van Opbergen
how was your lunch peapod?
Morning ricky how are you this fine rainy day :P Me I am kinda dancing around the room, I have good tunes on..I am waiting on my friends to appear...we are going on a salty walk...afterwards we go to this italian bakery here that make the most yummy good..And we indulge in "guilty pleasures" they have the most delicious whats new with you? Are you also tripping around the room? :P
Rick van Opbergen
Neh, I worked today, I'm a mailman (whoops JDream is not supposed to read this ...), anyway, had to work, and afterwards went to see a friend, and I just had supper (taco's!), it's 18:45 now (Dutch people all tend to eat around 18:00), could be I have to walk with the dog ... hope not, don't feel like it, going out tonight, have to prepare ...
Well my little "delft" friend....this could be to your advantage...maybe JD dream would like a poem delievered to her, from a cute postman :P just make sure there is no ringing twice :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
I feel very goofy this morning
Rick van Opbergen
I'm not very good at poems, and she's not my girlfriend (sorry JDream ), and I will only go as far as actually writing a poem when that person means something really special to me (for some kind of reason it's not coming out of my mouth as it should , it's not that JDream isn't special , but hey, you know what I mean ... right ... right???) ... by the way, we are having some nice weather back here (it's chilly, though beautiful skies, and NO rain :P )
Boy! stop it right now!!!!! listen to peapod :P :P you are digging yourself a really big hole... :P
Rick van Opbergen
hmmm you could be right
Yes minime grasshopper, I am. ....after all I am from venus :P
Rick van Opbergen
I knew Steven Spielberg had to be involved in all this ...
Yes! he is also a dreamer but alas little grasshopper my sidekicks have arrived...adieu... until we meet again..and I would add that it has been a most pleasureable banter with you this rainy are very quick...and lots of fun...congradulations! peapod is very impressed...soon you will be walking on rice paper as well
Rick van Opbergen
Ok ehh master (OK this response wasn't that quick, can you forgive me?)
What are you still doing here? My walk was good...but it is raining to hard here now..I cannot work in my garden... now I will have to much work to do next weekend...but I will ignore it...has I have an adventure planned than that involves fishing Do you celebrate thanksgiving there like we do here? Please indiciate a yea or neigh
Rick van Opbergen
I've been away for some time, but I'm not going out tonight - friend is sick, and the other one decided that he did not want to go anymore ... <sigh> ... I'm all alone now: parents away for a party somewhere, sister to her boyfriend ... the dog is sleeping ...

No we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, that's a typically Northern American tradition (I guess). Most holidays still have a bond with Christian holidays: Christmas, Easter, Sinterklaas (you know what I mean right? ...), Carnaval (for us Catholics). So no eating of the turkey here ... no Thanksgiving ... although it seems Halloween is getting more and more popular ... but I'm too old for that
To old for halloween surely you jest nobody knows how old you are when you trick or if your costume is good..there is no way of knowing...and you get lots of have to save your pennies where you can....and on the plus side its lots of fun....riding a broom around collecting fruit tho...I say anybody who tries to give me apples or something dumb like that a visit later in the evening will be required :P

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