Morning Ricky

Rick van Opbergen
Ask peapod, you should have her permittion
Rick van Opbergen
Hey Big P. where are you? How are you doing today, eh?
Rick van Opbergen
Hey Big P.!
Heya little monkey ehm...guess I cannot call you that anymore, since you retired victorious You better not have done anything mean to him..or else Are you all ready for christmas Ricky?
Rick van Opbergen
I still have Victorius somewhere ... if you want I can bring him back ... see it as my Christmas present to you I'm all ready for Christmas, yes. Bought all the presents, a cooking book for my sister, a book of a comediant for my dad, a bread baking machine (! - my sister and her boyfriend also pay for this one) for my mom + bread book + dog calender, and parfume for my sister's boyfriend. So, what about you?
Rick van Opbergen
Whoops that's not him! I think I deleted Victorius ... not good eh?
me?? am I suppose to be doing something? :P ya I am done everything that I need to do. I am having cosmos and per partner for christmas dinner, and 6 others. I won't see my family until boxing day. They all go up to mount washington at christmas now. I am not a big fan of skiing. They won't let me ski down the hill with sauages links for a scraf, so I say forget about it :P :P We got no snow here, just a sunny day, might even have to mow the lawn tomarrow :P Hey If I don't talk at you before christmas ricky, ehm...well merry christmas to you, and give victorious a christmas squeeze from peapod, and give him a extra big yellow banana for christmas.
Rick van Opbergen
I'll do that ... if I can find him No snow here either for Christmas. It's not exactly sunny, it's just rainy ... it feels like fall here ... No winter feeling. I hate that. I'm looking forward to tomorrow night, when we are unwrapping the gifts :P I know, I'm 18, but I still get excited thinking 'bout it! Haha! And is it just me, or is everybody being too friendly these days? Not that I mind ...
Well I don't like that kind of excitement. I open my presents as soon as somebody gives it to me. I am not waiting until christmas, so the ones I got so far I already opened. Thats why I don't usually get most of my haul until boxing day. :P its true honest, just ask anybody.
Rick van Opbergen
You know, we don't celebrate Boxing Day ... just found out it's the day after Christmas ... how many Christmasdays do you have in Canada? I mean, here you have Christmaseve (tomorrow), than First Christmasday (saturday) and Second Christmasday (sunday) ...

I like that kind of excitement. It just bowls up in you, and yes, it's hard to resist, but that makes it all more the fun hahaha.
Oh and so far I have gotten the following gifts. A monty phyon tee shirt, it has I'm a lumberjack on the front, and the words to the entire song on the front. Of course its just for bed time. :P

I got a bean grinder, a starbucks one to. awesome. Aupook gave me a bottle of nail hardener. Nice, as I don't wear nail polish, but you never know about the nail hardener.
I got boxes of chocolates, 4 I think now, good ones to, from purdy's....yummy choclate. I got some good tunes from my little neighbourhood skaters, and the iran grocerier gave me a box of dates, which I will feed to other people. Oh ya the best are the two starbuck cards, I will get to drink alot of free latties for awhile.
Rick van Opbergen
Haha, sounds great peapod! But ehm a box of dates? Must have another meaning than I'm aware of, eh? And the Monty Python scene, is that with the lumberjack who's actually gay. It was the first time I've heard of Canadians probably :P
is that victorious impression of michael jackson??????? I mean your avartar :P No a box of dates, you know like the kind you eat. So how come you are not opening your presents ricky
Rick van Opbergen
How did you know his name his Michael Jackson? :P The reason why I'm not opening my presents is because it's not evening yet :P It's about 16:30 here now ... and I'm bored ... It's one of those days you know ... I mean, for the following week I have tons to do ... But today: nada *sigh* And what about you peapod, what are you doing at the moment?
ehm...well at this moment, I am putting my wooden leg no. I already put my glass eye and teeth in. I actually just woke up making to much merry last night :P But I don't have to work today. I might spend it at london drugs watching people with the christmas spirit yesterday a fight broke there I understand, two grown men fighting over a toy they both wanted. You better leave a list of what you got for christmas. You deleted victorious how could you?????
Rick van Opbergen
"I am putting my wooden leg no. I already put my glass eye and teeth in." Are you ... a pirate? Or Michael Jackson the Second? I don't know why I deleted Victorius ... do realize that he was a very naughty monkey
Ricky my friend kadrushe is here for a morning rum and coke, before she goes to work she want to wish you a merry christmas in her language. She is from kosovo. But now she is a canadian, learning all the lumberjack ways. be it with a albanian accent. Anyway she want to write you a merry christmas message...ok over to you kadrushe.

oh rum and coke and she is over the top already better pour her another :P ...heya...what the ....gimmy back my leg kadrushe...*tackles her to the floor*

Ricky un kadrushe, ta uroj christmas the vitin e ri me gjitha te mirat gezuar.

Ya....same here ricky except in english
Rick van Opbergen
Thanks peapod, I really appreciate the Christmas wish Here's one back in Dutch:

Peapod en kadrushe, vrolijk Kerstfeest, krijg maar veel cadeautjes en alvast een erg gelukkig Nieuwjaar (hoewel we vast wel eerder nog spreken)!

Wow Kosovo, did she flee Kosovo during the war or what's her story? And what is with that wooden leg Big P.
the wooden leg is a joke thank goodness :P Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ricky does she have a story. She is a very brave would be lumberjack, and a very clever one to. Yes I want her to come here and tell her story!! She hesitates as her writing in english she feels is not good enough, I tell her there are people born and raised here that cannot write english very well either :P Yes after christmas i will sit her down at the computer and get her to tell you her story. Well I got people coming by now...word has spread that I am giving out free rum and coke.....the smoke signals have alerted the neighbourhood Catch you after christmas ricky...hope you have a wonderful christmas.
Rick van Opbergen
Yes, same to you, hope you'll have a wonderful Christmas as well! And say to your Albanian friend that I really look forward to hearing her story, and that she does not have to worry about her English! So, bye bye for now, see you soon!
Rick van Opbergen
Hey peapod, how are you doing? How was Christmas? I already read some about your Christmas dinner (...), how was Boxing Day?
Heya Ricky :P How are you? How was your christmas? Lets hear what you got My boxing day was with my parents And my papa and I went fishing We left my mother to her dusting of my home, and her nagging :P In fact I already have been to the waterworld this morning. The sun is shining here, I might mow the lawn later :P I am not working again until the new year. So I will be going fishing as much as I can Which reminds me cosmos still have not taken her 2 trout sitting in my freezer. I think I will put her digital camera she left here right next to them in the freezer :P
Rick van Opbergen
Fishing eh? In the Atlantic Ocean or just in a nearby river? :P My Christmas was great, with many gifts, feeling kinda guilty about it, my parents gave me a new watch, I knew that because I had chosen it myself, and my sister and her boyfriend gave me a MP3-player I don't know about Canada, but I know that in the Netherlands, a MP3-player is relatively expensive, so ... hmmm ... felt kinda guilty about it. I also got a history book (sounds boring eh?), well not a real history book, this guy travelled through the entire European continent between January 1th 1999 and January 1th 2000 to get a picture how Europe was at the end of the 20th century ... also got a magazine about the 500 richest Dutch, it is called the "Quote 500", and a cousin of my father is also on the list ... We had a nice Christmasdinner, and the rest of the day and also yesterday we just kinda relaxed ...
ehm..sounds like you got everything you deserved :P You must have been a good boy all year. And what did victorious get?? a nice clump of bananas.
I live on the pacific side of the ocean ricky. And tis river fishing we do. My papa can cast a line like no other And he has the best tackle box I have ever seen.
Ricky do you have some way to transcribe albanian?
Rick van Opbergen
Ehm right ... the Pacific ........

Victorious got some filet mignon, his favorite dish. He also got a babycar and a ticket to visit his family in Borneo :P You know, I've never fished before ... nobody in my family can fish ... we are citypeople I guess ... we already panic when we have to light a fire

And no, I don't know of a way to transcribe Albanian. Have you already tried to search for a translating program on the Internet? How is your Albanian friend by the way?
NEVER been fishing how are such things possible :P Well when you "ever" come to canada, we will change that "kitty" that is what I call my kosvos friend, ( I can't remember a name like her real one :P ) is good. And I will get her to write you her story soon. Well I gotta go soon, I really do have to mow the lawn And I have not been to starbucks in two days even tho they were closed. It will be a exciting to see the whole gang and hear all holiday stories.
Rick van Opbergen
You haven't been to Starbucks for two days now???!!! And you're still alive?! ( ) OK I'll see you soon then, enjoy the mowing :P
Ya I got my starbucks fix ricky, and just about the whole gang was there. Looks like everybody got a toque for christmas to. Even got a little story for ya :P Aparently this morning, someone saw someone walking through the underground parking lot at our little shopping centre with a shotgun The person quickly came into starbucks and called 911 the police.....Well it turns out it was the landscaper and he was carrying a leaf blower.
Rick van Opbergen
A leaf blower? Someone does need glasses around here haha. Did you have enough latties? (that's how you call cups of coffee right?) Any interesting Christmas stories? :P

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