Morning Ricky

Rick van Opbergen
Yeah No, seriously, I had a sandwich with Gouda cheese :P And what did you have for breakfast, recruit Big P.?
coffee...and than coffee and some more coffee again..I think I need another coffee :P
Rick van Opbergen
Starbucks, eh?
Ricky and victorious how are you? have not seen much of you two lately...secretly I have missed you, but do not tell anyone :P whats new?
Rick van Opbergen
Hey Big P., what's new? Well not much actually, I'm in an avatar-crises, dunno what avatar I should pick, still have to visit Paranoid's website though ... For the rest: study, study, study ... I have exams in a week, pffff, it's a lot! Anyway, how are you? Anything new happened to you? It seems like I haven't spoken to you in a month!
Yes I know what you mean, a day now without ricky and victorious is like a day without gouda cheese :P I need my monkey fixes. Nothing new, just going from one day to the next..but I have to leave for 10 minutes now, my signature will explain all I hope to catch up with you a victorious later.
Rick van Opbergen
Well, have fun! So what are you going to do on the backseat? ... Discuss world politics, eh? :P
No! just beat the crap out of somebody :P I am wearing my hiking boots, they have steel toes :P I am taking them over to galaniomamas workplace in about 10 minutes :P
Rick van Opbergen
I wasn't aware of your ehm violent character Big P. :P Should I be afraid??
Morning ricky :P or afternoon? have not seen you around in a few days, how are things going? how is victorious, and the cute beagle?
Rick van Opbergen
It's already night Big P. - almost 23:00 *sigh* I'm busy studying for school at the moment, have too much to learn, too little time *sigh* - not depressed though, don't worry :P Victorius is currently asleep, he had a tough day, he fought today with the neighbor gorilla, the gorilla surely beat the crap out of him haha ... I mean, I feel for him ... he's a bad monkey :P ... the beagle is OK, Cooper is a lazy dog, sleeps all day, he's now asleep as well ... He's just two and already acting like a fourteen year old :P

And how are you Big P.? What have you been doing the last few days? :P
ehm..wallowing in self reflection that time of year i suppose. I have not been up to much, tomarrow I have taken the day off, and I am catching the afternoon ferry to go have dinner with lady C, of course galaniomama and cosmos baffed out at the last minute, last weekend. This time I didn't even ask them, to hell with them They are going to get firewood tomarrow anyway, that would be a sight to see :P I have also been taking some very interesting pictures, oh I have one for you that is going to crack you up!!!!! it involves young girls and gouda cheese...ehm I am not saying more. I will have them developed on sunday. Post them on monday. ehm...thats all....oh except as 007 says...
i luv u
Rick van Opbergen
Hey, what's this, are you trying to hit on me Big P.? :P ... bad thing cosmo and galaniomama baffed out ... I will take care of them broahahahahaha ... I'm a bad guy you know ... Satan is my uncle hehehehehe ... I'm really curious for the photos! Can't you give me another little tip what's on the photos? (besides gals and Gouda cheese)
ehm..well maybe a few hints...well its my neighbourhood saying merry christmas to the board. The starbucks employees, the grocery store, and ehm..and yes my new friend bruce/cindy wanted to show off his dress...ehm..lets see oh yes the irian grocery, organic planet, I plan on inlisting ferry workers tomarrow on my BORING trip across the salt chuck. ehm..I don't want to give to much I am not hitting on you, I am peapod, not mary kaye Letourneau. ehm...better go for a lattie soon.
Rick van Opbergen
wow you really made me curious now! ... and ehm who's Mary Kaye Letourneau? Or is that not a person?
ehm..i thought everyone knew who she was. (external - login to view)
Rick van Opbergen
I've heard about her! ...
Morning or afternoon Ricky and victorious. How are you today? Guess it must be your bedtime there. So what you been nibbling on.
Rick van Opbergen
It's already past 22:00 here ... What we've been nibbling on? Except Gouda cheese? Ehm not much I guess ... I had this rough day at school ... I hate busses ... I'll explain: we had to take the bus to the trainstation in Nijmegen, where I study (and where JDream lives), and we had about 15 minutes to reach the station before the train left. So we waited for the bus to arrive ... and waited ... and waited ... started to get annoyed ... finally the bus arrived ... it was packed of course, always nice ... when we arrived on the trainstation, we noticed that our train was bound to leave in less than a minute ... so we started running ... but we were too late: the train left before our eyes ... yes, WE WERE PISSED ... it was raining ... we wanted to go home ... missing the train meant another 45 minutes later at home ... just the thought of that ... didn't like it ... anyway, I like bitching, you must have noticed ... I have to work all day long tomorrow ... have exams coming up (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) ... I'm stressed!

But for the rest I'm OK

And, what about you, have you had any interesting conversations today?
Well right now I am trying to type and put my other leg in my jeans. OMG OMG OMG!! I just fell flat on my ***, can't really hop that well anymore :P I am just heading out to catch the bucket of bolts(bc ferries) over to vancouver to meet up with ladyc and go out for dinner. Than I am coming back on the same bucket of bolts tonight. OMG OMG OMG!!!! thats 3 hours I will have to spend on that tug and now I gotta drive out there and find a place to park grgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgr. Guess we are both bitching today :P Well I gotta go now that I have my jeans on. Catch up with you later...ehm..sooner than later I hope :P
Rick van Opbergen
Oh, is that the same ferry you're gonna take some of the pics? 3 hours is long ... Have you told this to Cosmo and galaniomama? They have to feel bad about this! Well, I'll catch you later, good luck with ehm your jeans ... and the trip ... and LadyC :P
Morning ehm..well its just about lunch here :P How are you today ricky? You pm did not give me a email address where I could send the pics to. So whats new since a few days ago? Done all your christmas shopping?
Rick van Opbergen
I'm fine today, had my first of three exams, it was tough (three hours ... *sigh*) but I have a pretty good feeling about it ... I'll pm you right away with my e-mailadress, then you will find out what my real name broahahahaha ... it's not that shocking actually, but anyway ... I still have to do my Christmas shopping I hope I'll make it!

And, how are you Erwtendop? :P
Erwtendop...ehm...well I will use that when I am tired of peapod :P Not much new with me ricky, except the usual when I get visitors from my home town. They have gone back home now, after buying out the stores. One thing tho that really pisses me off, and you would think after all these years I would remember!!! But I never do. Firstly twice I almost fell in the toilet, because the seat was up!!!!!!! grgrgrgrgrgr. This morning when I woke up I went to turn the water on for a bath and I was blasted with water on my head. it happens everytime!!! other than that, well the sun is shining full blast here today good day for shorts. :P this is lotusland ya know.
Rick van Opbergen
"Good day for shorts" I'm freezing here! It's like -6 Celsius here (you use Fahrenheit not? Or is that only the US?), brrrr .... I know what you mean with guests surprising you like that. When my aunt visits from Austria, she always turns the shower like 10 degrees colder, so when you turn on the shower, you jump out, SO COLD! She also manages to do "weird things" with the cheese ... My sister always says "She raped the cheese again!"
"raped the cheese" what the...???
Rick van Opbergen
I know ... She just mutilates the cheese ... It's an art to handle Gouda cheese
ehm..does she take it in the shower with her go check your email, I sent you some pics will send more later
Rick van Opbergen
I saw them, they are great! You look like a very nice lady! I'm will take some pictures of me (and other things etc.) in the near future, OK, so keep your e-mail posted Again, great pics!!!
pics where?! SHOW ME!

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