Morning Ricky

me do u think i got 60+ post a day being quiet ricky?
007 leave ricky's thread alone :P christ you are in every single thread on the board. Morning Ricky :P where are you this morning?
Rick van Opbergen
I'm here, had a busy day, it's 19:00 here now, and I'll be leaving again in some thirty minutes or so ... so, how are you peapod / Miss Moneypenny? What did you have for breakfast? :P
Moneypenny here little monkey :P well I had a bran muffin, a orange and 2 cups of coffee for breakfast...I gotta run 007 will be on my tail...
cheers and beers
Rick van Opbergen
Sounds great Ehm I know it sounds stupid, but I have to go now, maybe I'll speak to you all later this evening, else tomorrowevening. Bye!

Signed: Little Monkey :P
bye little monkey
Rick van Opbergen
Why so sad, eh? I'm not leaving forever you know
Hey Ricky :P just got back, and what do I see little monkey is here :P now I am happy as can be :P
Rick van Opbergen
Haha, I'm glad to see you too So, what's up? Anything new back there in Canuck-country?
You taking over the board Ricky :P How are you this morning, whats for breakfast?
Rick van Opbergen
Yeah, I'm taking over the board, I'm evil remember What I had for breakfast? Nothin' special actually, just two slices of bread with cheese, yea, kinda boring don't you think? And, what are you having for breakfast, must be around ... 4:30 in BC??
4:39 to be exact, I woke up for water, (coffee hangover) and saw you were here all alone, so I could not leave you here all by yourself, It made me way to sad...sounds like a soap opera to me :P Hey its still dark outside
Rick van Opbergen
Hey, I really appreciate that ... I do have to say it gets lonely sometimes, here on CC *little sigh* ... It's nice to have The Pea around here
*sighs back* yes its a burden to be so popular, but I bear my burden as best I can, it lonely at the top ricky, good thing we got each other pass me a banana please.
Rick van Opbergen
*hands over banana* yea ... sometimes I wish I could return to my normal life again ... it's such a burden to be so smart and sexy *sigh* ... You know what I'm talking about, right peapod?
*sighs* and looks in the mirror, *mutters to self* dam I am fine. Oh what was that...yes we all have our crosses to bear ricky. * bites into the nice banana. Thanks for the yellow friend.
Rick van Opbergen
you're welcome ... oh wait, I have to sign some autographs, my fans adore me you know ...
Look the rev is here, see what happens when you mention the word beer *sighs twice* my autograph line does not start until 7 when I get my where are those sunglasses. Its so hard being me...
Rick van Opbergen
I feel for you peapod, I really do ... maybe we should start a sort of organisation, "Beautiful & Famous People In Need" or something like that ...
Rick van Opbergen
Hey, I'm off again, I'll see you later 'gator, I'm off something to eat and then I'll have to do some homework. Bye Miss Moneypenny, see you in Amsterdam (or is 007 going alone?)
Bye little ricky, until we meet again under the yum yum tree Think I will get some beauty rest for another hour...and no I think 007 perfers to travel alone..
Rick van Opbergen
Hey peapod you're online I see, how ya doing?
Hey whata doing back in here, I thought you had stuff to do :P can't stay away eh?
Rick van Opbergen
Nope, guess not ... did some homework etc., but I was bored eventually ...
Dam that avatar is cute!!!!!!!!!!!! always brings a grin to my face, hey ricky did you see the ohio gupies video over in the commerical thread in the lounge, I am thinking that galaniomama and I should make one of those.....We do that stuff all the time :P
Rick van Opbergen
Huh, no, haven't seen it, gonna watch it right away!
Ya, god I would like to join up with those ohio gupies and make a movie with them...they are awesome. :P
Rick van Opbergen
Grrrr, I tried to open one, and everything went OK, but then suddenly I got an error.
Hey you are all over the board, are you trying to outrun 007 :P Ricky did you read what I put for you in the learning dutch thread :P
Rick van Opbergen
Yeah, I read that and I still have to process that It's about ... chips! Where did you get that one from? I really want to do. Did you translate it yourself?

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