Morning Ricky

i give him an A++++++--+++++
Rick van Opbergen
It's a dull subject you know. I have to make an analysis of some studies, about their goals, their way of researching etc. The only nice part about it is that it are nice subjects - one is about erection pills for men (hahaha), another one about whether there is a link between the death of famous people and a higher number of people committing suicide.
Haggis McBagpipe
I'd give him even more pluses but my + key ran out of ink.
Rick van Opbergen
By the way, the part I presented to you was only a tiny part of the entire project.
a goothing 2 u know how much i hate reading
Rick van Opbergen
Especially when it's Dutch eh?
well i used a translator looks good
Haggis McBagpipe
We knew it was just part of the project and even so, gave you the highest grade ever received by anybody in the history of anytime. You're that good.
Rick van Opbergen
You translated the Dutch?
Haggis McBagpipe
Ummm, ahem, well sure we did. Nah, to be honest, we didn't have to, we just knew it was a masterpiece. We could tell by all the words.
Rick van Opbergen
Yeah yeah ...
well i did usin a shoddy translator so it wasint perfect but it looks good
Rick van Opbergen
Hehehe you're lieing
prove it :P
Rick van Opbergen
OK give me a translation
Haggis McBagpipe
TRANSLATION: My name is Rick. This project is a really big one. It was really good, too. Too bad the dog ate it. I deserve an A+++++, a grade which was granted to me by a highly evolved International Committee.
in which language ?
here it is in semi good translation english

2. Views over investigation

Task 2.1

WILL-project: firstly is this examine nomothetisch: the researchers want want to find from the collected gegevens of this particular rule moderations, so that can remove they that over the entire group (for instance teen-ager girls). Secondly becomes there by inquiries use made in this examine. Inquiries count as one of the favorite investigation methods of the experimental-analytical investigation. And as third argument about which here talk is of an experimental-analytical investigation is because of the observing character of the investigation: the examined group becomes “on distance” look at; the researchers seek for instance no personal overture till the studies. Werther-effect: Neat as the WILL-project is the investigation to the Werther-effect nomothetisch: the leader of the investigation, David PEN. Phillips, tries from its collected gegevens a particular rule moderation to obtain. Furthermore goes he over till an experimental review in its investigation: he collects self the gegevens that he necessarily has on the basis of own observations in different kinds of media….

Task 2.2

Powers relations between men and women:

A time without work:
Rick van Opbergen
both you guys came very close!
ooo who wuz closer?
Rick van Opbergen
Haggis broahahaha ... no you were actually, but I don't think that's proper English eh?
G'morning all *yawn* ... Peapod phoned just as I finished re-installing my photo software so I shall get your pictures posted to the album asap, Ricky.
Rick van Opbergen
She really did that??
Quote: Originally Posted by Rick van Opbergen

She really did that??

Did what ... phoned and woke me up? Well, I was actually awake, but the pod doesn't use the same time keeping system the rest of us do. She on "Wogg Time" which means accelerated. Usually I am sleeping when she calls in the morning and I get to wake up to her "whaaaat's uppp?" on my machine.

Or did you mean took the picture? Of course. She was just like Tim Burton, directing us all. I only have a crappy little digital so everybody has demon eyes. Oh well, I am working on it. My Photoshop is being terribly finicky ... crashed twice already, but I'm on the job, Ricky!
ha ha wogg time, I remember that, but yes I do like to get up before the sun goes down :P Where are my pictures, remove all red eyes before you send them. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Ricky one of your pictures is in the forum album...right about jimmy hendrix
my photos r in the forum album enjoy
Rick van Opbergen
I'm back ... for ten minutes or so, busy - busy - busy! *sigh* I see there has some avatar-changing-things going on here So, how are y'all? I see you are online peapod, so I'll start with you: how are you? What did you have for breakfast?
Ricky go to the photo album and see the nice hello galaniomama's daughters have for you I have not eaten yet, to busy in this place. I think I will ask victorus for a banana. :P
Rick van Opbergen
SSSSTTT! Don't use the word banana when Victorius is nearby - he's on a diet
Rick van Opbergen
Hmmm I said I could only be for ten minutes here - but who cares actually? I'll just MAKE time hehehehe. And peapod, you are awfully quiet, everything OK? Are you on a secret mission maybe?

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