Morning Ricky

Rick van Opbergen
yea, you're probably right ...
Reverend Blair

It just struck me that the rev reminds of jesse james the guy on monster garage Razz do you have lot of tatoos rev?

No tatoos, but some of my forebearers were likely criminal and I'm named after a murderer, so there are a couple of things I have in common with Jesse James.

and I'm named after a murderer, so there are a couple of things I have in common with Jesse James.

okay, i'll take the bait, why were you named after a murderer?

what's the weather like down there rev? any snow yet?
Reverend Blair
It's nice snow. I'm only only wearing a vest outside.

I was named after a murderer. He wasn't a murderer when I was named after him, just a kid on a hockey team my dad was coaching. My mom liked the name, then I popped out, so I got it. A few years later he beat somebody to death.

Another non-interesting story.
oh ricky now there is murder talk in your thread and no there will no picture of my locks, I am only keeping them until cosmos comes over tomarrow so she can see them I don't really like it, I want bug out...maybe I will get one of those spirial perms, they make your hair bug out :P my poor hair will not be able to take much more whats your hair style?
Rick van Opbergen
My hair style ... guess pretty regular, nothing special ... pretty boring huh ...
Rick van Opbergen
I managed to cut my thumb today ... I was cutting an onion when I suddenly noticed there was some blood on the onion ... I had cut into my thumb without noticing ... it was quite funny actually ... I never cut myself ... OK that one time when I was a bit ehm I had just drunk a couple of tiny glasses of rakija (45% alcohol) ... my advice to you: do not go cutting tomatoes after that.
I like the way your hair spikes in your avatar. :P I have cut myself so many time I have lost count....once I had to get 5 stitches in my thumb from a very sharp henkel knife...and one of those nasty needles for lockjaw. which was good, I can't have my jaw locking up on me. :P
Rick van Opbergen
Haha you know when they got the picture of my avatar, I just saw Sugar Lee Hooper (external - login to view) walking by ... naked ... It was a shock ... you know what it did to my hair ... hah, you had to get a shot for lockjaw? :P I mean: ow, that's bad!
ha ha ha....naked eh? scary :P yes if you cut yourself bad, you got to get the needle....its good for 10 years tho...I don't know why they call it lockjaw. :P but I don't think it has anything to do with your jaw locking...maybe it does. :P Hey did you get to photobucket :P
Rick van Opbergen
ehm photobucket?
Hey whats up little monkey? whats for breakfast? I am eating cold pizza :P
Rick van Opbergen
Just the normal, sandwiches with what is it, meat ... It's already 16:00 here, so breakfast has already been some hours ago ... cold pizza? for breakfast? well that sure is ... a special breakfast! I hope you can handle pizza in the morning
ha ha I can handle pizza anytime :P its the delivery boy that gives me the trouble :P
Rick van Opbergen
what kind of pizza is it?
Well its a vegetarian one :P I don't like the ones with strange looking meat on it :P and oh ya the pizza delivery boy is galaniomama's son mad Max of all the pizza joints in town, I get him delivering my pizza, and he expects a tip, cause I know him, the nasty little rugby player :P I do give him a tip...I say getta a life max :P mwaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Rick van Opbergen
look out for galaniomama though, angry mothers are the strongest creatures on the planet :P ... I like vegetarian pizzas too, but I don't eat pizza very much ...
Ha galaniomama cannot outrun me in those gumb boots :P and max and I have a nice little understanding, if he comes to close I will give him a wedgie :P :P rugby player or not :P and I am not sitting in the back of the jeep with that rugrat again hours of yes, no, yes no....we both gotta get the last one in :P dam he is so annoying :P he just won't give up! :P :P
Rick van Opbergen
well you won't give up either it seems :P , so maybe you're both ehm annoying
ha ha ha...thats what the people who sit in the front seat say :P Yes mad max is my equal in the yes no department, and than he tries to add a extra 10 no's in his one I say yes it is, he says tis not, tis not, like a dozen times :P so than I have to say tis tis a dozen or so times, and real fast to! He just won't uncle!!!!!
Rick van Opbergen
Haha, maybe you should slap him in the face once and a while, not too hard, and say out loud "show some respect for me!" ... and than laugh of course ... don't make him cry ...
Well actually I have already found something that is nails down a blackboard for him. :P He starts up and I laugh like fran dresher from the nanny. I can do it really good :P Sometimes in the grocery store one of the stock boys will ask me to do it, just to see all the customers look around. ha ha ha they crack themselves up. Its very easy to amuse boys
Rick van Opbergen
I know that laugh ... hehehehehehehe ... something like that ..... yeah makes me smile already
Rick van Opbergen
Hello peapod how you doin'?
hehehehehehehehehehehehehe *laughs just like the nanny* fine thanks and you? :P Very foggy here this morning. I hear we have a oil tanker leaking out near our coast.
Rick van Opbergen
Well that can't be good, oil tankers leaking near your coast. I'm tired at the moment, had a tough day yesterday, working, chilling for like two, three hours, off for a nice evening with my colleague's, though not too long, 'cause I had to go to a friend's birthday afterwards, man did I socialize yesterday hahaha.
I know what will cure you :P I will give you 5 minutes of non-stop laughing like the nanny :P heheheheheheheheeheheehehehe
Rick van Opbergen
Hehe, I'm better now yeah so, how are you doing, how's the oil tanker, and what did you have for breakfast?
Breakfast yes...good is sunday, I go to white spot up the road, have breakfast with the stock boys from the grocery store :P Have some laughs, no preaching allowed, even tho its sunday :P I will do my nanny laughing in between french toast and crispy bacon...than make my way over to starbucks for jest and drive out and :P :P :P cosmos.
Rick van Opbergen
You don't visit church? haha shame on you. and what is it with you and starbucks?

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