Friday!! Wooohooo

Finally, the week end has arrived, just want to wish everyone of you a nice week end!


This is going to be a quiet weekend for me.

Have a good one!
Man it is so hot here today...its really outrageous...I wanna go swimming...what do we have to put up with this nice weather all the time Me well I am gonna buzz around tomarrow all day in my kayak...with some buds...we will look at this and look at that..maybe we will even see a pod or not peapods...whale pods On sunday I will be tortured with a visit from my papa is okay tho...I suppose I will have to feed them...liver and onions sound good...yes liver and onions it will be personally eating organs is not my makes me wanna puke my brains out..
Yeah happy friday everybody.

I'm going to start packing and a few trips to the dump. The dog will be so happy to hear about going to the dump. She just loves going there for some reason, same with the building supply store, go figure.

The beers are chilling and on Friday's I get to leave early because of all the interruptions I put up with during the week. Yeah, for having a great boss.
A trip to the dump how use to be able to find good stuff there...I have not been to the dump in bad I did not live in your neighbourhood...I would go with you. I gotta boss but I never see him..once in a blue moon..But I get a nice bonus at christmas for what? I am not exactly sure? but since I don't want to hurt anybody feelings I accept. Bevvy have you found your house yet? Are you moving in soon? Have a good weekend.
Reverend Blair
Hey, I have to go to the dump too.
and the next line would be...I just had a........never mind....I going out for dinner now

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