How did you come to know of this site?

View Poll Results: How did you come to know about this site?
Google 6 46.15%
Other search engines 1 7.69%
Friends 3 23.08%
Relatives 0 0%
Advertising 0 0%
Other way (explain in the thread) 3 23.08%
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Rick van Opbergen
I borrowed this idea from another forum, and it was always nice to see the reactions: how did you come to know of this site? And while you're at it, why not introduce yourself? (Yes I know, there's another thread about this, but else we would have nothing to talk about in here )
I came from Google to this site by looking up some terms on for something that had an article here. I join because people here seem very nice to talk to and the site is nice looking

My personal infos: I am 21 and I am studying in Lund, Sweden.

Goed idee Rick! Dank
Haggis McBagpipe
I arrived to this site on recommendation from another member, someone I have known on two other forums. This one immediately appealed, it has a nice, easy way about it. It has no flaming threads, no morons (with one notable exception) and I like that it has people posting from all over Canada and even Europe and the States.
Rick van Opbergen
Quote: Originally Posted by FireJED

Goed idee Rick! Dank

FireJED: nej tack (I hope that was correct).

I realize I haven't said how I came up with this site. Like FireJED I was just surfing on Google when I came up with this site. Normally I would take a look, and than leave again. This one however resembles much the site I was banned from (not my fault ...), so I decided to stay
I found out about this place from Andem. He was visiting TalkOn and had the link in his signature line.

So here I am. I like it here because there is no flaming and there is descent topics to discuss and debate.
I am here because I follow peapod around.
Nice avatar sparky LOL
I found this site while surfing google and saw a link to a Quebec sucks post, I was intrigued and came to have a look. As Haggis said, except for our only moron, other people are really cool unlike some other forums where you have a bunch of idiots trying to mess all the threads.

Let's hope it stays that way for a long long time
sigh.. it's me, isn't it?
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by fubbleskag

sigh.. it's me, isn't it?

It ain't you, but the name of our resident moron never needs to be said since it would be stating the obvious. It'd be like saying, "Bush was born without a functioning brain."
Not you Fubbleskag, but look around, you might find the moron!
Diamond Sun
I was on two other forums that were both dying slow deaths, of different kinds.

I plopped "Canadian Forum" into google, and low and behold ended up here. I wish I didn't have to work so much so I could visit more....
Like bevvyd, I come here from TalkOn, but not from clicking on Andem's signature. There was a topic posted about interesting websites, and this one came highly recommended. Like everyone has mentioned, the people here are great. Agree or disagree, everyone treats everyone else with respect.

I respect that.
I found this forum while searching something about Leonard Cohen. I looked a little bit around, I liked the atmosphere so I decided to join.

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