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this thriller will come to theatres around hallowe'en, but i was lucky enough to see an early screening at a local film festival here in calgary

click here for page of trailer links (external - login to view) (i recommend Teaser #1)

this indie film is a first-time effort for both the director and the screenwriter (who also co-stars), so there were traces of novice in the movie - mostly in the editing, but some of the dialogue could have used an objective review - but overall the movie was very enjoyable.

cary elwes manages to fit into this dark story without any effort - a feat which has encouraged me to track down and see him portray the Green River killer...

danny glover plays a (gasp!) cop role that could have (and possibly should have) been filled by a no-name

visually, the director is clearly influenced by the david's (fincher & lynch)

the score is handled deftly by NIN's Charlie Clouser

I plan to see this again when it hits theatres and again when it hits dvd, and i can hardly wait to see what these two names come up with in future productions.
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The David Fincher Movies Trivia Quiz

1) David Fincher's feature directorial debut was...

Alien 3
Alien Resurrection
Ernest Takes a ****!

2) Well-known jerk Sean Penn co-starred with Mike Douglas in Fincher's THE GAME. In it, he played Douglas'...


3) The second rule of FIGHT CLUB is...

You do not talk about Alien 3
You do not cast Steve Guttenberg in it
You do not talk about Fight Club
If it's first time at Fight Club, you have to give another guy a handjob
You do not blow the ending on national TV (Rosie O'Donnell, you idiot!!!)

4) What's in the box at the end of SE7EN?

Morgan Freeman's balls
The script to Fight Club
Jennifer Aniston's phone number
Geena Davis' career
None of the above and I'm not saying because I don't want to ruin it for anyone

5) SE7EN was released in movie theatres in the year...

Trick question: SE7EN first premiered on HBO in 1993

6) Jodie Foster stars in Dave's PANIC ROOM. She won her first Oscar for...

Taxi Driver
The Silence of the Lambs
Acting like a heterosexual (yeah,'s none of my business!)
The Accused

7) What did Brad Pitt break while filming SE7EN?

His arm
His foot
His cherry
Morgan Freeman's balls
A TV and a lamp in his trailer

Meat Loaf has an important role in FIGHT CLUB. His real name is...

Hot Dog
Lee Harvey Oswald
Jack Wilkes
Marvin Lee Aday
Richard Doan

9) In THE GAME, Michael Douglas plays...

A man cheating on his wife
A man suing for sexual harassment
A man trying to kill off his wife
A man hunting lions with Val Kilmer in Africa circa 1896
None of the above

10) In FIGHT CLUB, when asked which celebrity he'd like to fight, Norton's characters responds with...

Lee Majors
Tom Selleck
William Shatner
Gary Busey
Henry Winkler (although technically, not a celebrity?)
God I loved that twins peaks!!! the whole thing was mesmerizing. I became so obsessed with it, that one christmas I recieved two laura diaries I still play the weird music they had on the goes good with laying in my hammock looking up at the 100 year old pondersoa pine over the fence...a real nice touch is when a few crows land in the tree and start to caw..that eirie cawing...than I start to get a thinking about who really did kill laura? Whats your theory?

The owls are not what they seem
BOO!! how about blue velvet.....don't forget to stay away from lincoln drive

I will just keep writing to myself...she who is me, likes reading her own stuff now you got me going on scary are a bad influence on peapod....

But it's only as real
As any dream can seem
I'll see you,
In your wildest dreams
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