Where is undergrandnitz...I miss the little rug rat I got nobody to fight with in here. I hope he comes back before his 16th birthday....
i'm always up for a good fight
Undergrandnitz is my peer tho a worthy opponent is to. And I am one up on him, cause I know he has no idea who the dead milkmen are
hey im back! school has been busy...i havent been on my computer as much lately...but im gona try to come here more often...
oh boy am I glad to see you back boy I thought maybe one of those racoons on the railway tracks bite your *** and you a touch of rabbies So sup?
nun much...busy...tired...have the afternoon off school...

hey were the only regestered users online!
ya we are so pitter patter lets get her....first things first...did I see you really have a pomerian as a dog you are suppose to have a big yellow dog. Did you check out the rug rat board I sent you? My nephew goes there, he will hang out with you. The only way he would give it to me was if I swore not to go threre and spy on him now I can spy on both of you Hey nice to see you are writing sentences now....way to go....I knew you had it in you...
no...i dont think that i recieved the board...and yes i do have a pomeranian...her name is katie...shes 5...
well...im still tried from doing nothing...im gona sleep...i will be back later...bye...
I did not send you the board :P I sent you the address, check your mailbox. Not the one at home silly....the one you have here
Ya ok...I gotta go do some work myself....sleep little baby....catch you later
uhh...im back..still abit tired..but the tiredness is overwelmed by hunger...
You said you were going to sleep, you are trying to give me the slip. Don't you have any food in the fridge?
well it wasnt really a sleep...it was kind of a nap...so...yea...
So did you just wake up? did you see that disquisting avatar that sparky has...god I finally managed to ditch her So what are you doing tonight? Its past your bedtime.....did you check out that board?
well...it says i have no new mail...try and send it again...
Oh..maybe I did send it to your house mailbox than ok I will send to you again. Whats this pluse game?
huh? oh...whatpulse...its a program that counts how many times a key is pressed and how many times u click ur mouse...it doesnt record or send what keys u press...

ive been doing it for awhile now...its also a world wide project...u can check it out at www.whatpulse.org (external - login to view) also u can check out my stats at whatpulse.org/stats/profile.php?uid=101524 (external - login to view) i havent pulsed in awhile...i have like 140,000 keys stored...i will prob send it soon...

i sugest u get it...its really cool...
Thanks for the sugest Now I will go find that address for you. And thanks for making a sugest this time instead of an order
well..im injured and in pain...so i couldn't be my demanding self...i will try to post pictures of my injury...
Well...I am waiting to know how you got injured? were are the pics? provide details please. Thanks for the tip about pulse key, yes I am sure I can catch up to you in no time...cool

I gotta go out for dinner now, never turn down a free meal I will return later to check the pictures out of your bobo...say around 9..try and post the pics...bye...go eat some dinner now..take kate for a walk on the railroad tracks...oh I forgot its to late there...ok bye...till later..
Yo...undergrandnitz..how are you? ...how is your wound?
here i just got back from my friends and i just uploaded the pics...so check them out...it doesnt look as bad in the pics...i didnt get the angle when i have a huge lump on my leg under the lower cut...

www.freewebs.com/undergradnitz/images.htm (external - login to view)
Ah...you are really cute and so is kate... I am so moved that I got to see you ...you really did hurt yourself..pretty bad...how did it happen? details...
me and my friends were doing some tricks on our like $400 bikes with amazing shocks we were doing it for like 1hour and i was doing some pretty amazing stuff and i was just about to stop for the night....and i tried to do a double bunny hop for the 10th time.. and when i landed it my left foot slipped and bent my big toe back and that made the petals swing around and hit and go into my leg...but i was also still goin down and thats when it made the gash... it didnt bleed right away...it kinda just slowly oozed out...it was kinda funny...it didnt hurt at first...but the next day and uptill now i cant put preasure on my big toe on my left leg...so i kinda just limp around...
Those double bunny hops area killer...it took me forever to master the triple bunny hop. This has been quite an evening First I get to see your cute little face, and than your wound, which was also impressive, and now you have written me a whole pargraph..I now consider you my bud. Do you think you will have a scar? Well I am gonna go out tomarrow and find a real cute girl to send you a get well message. stay tuned...I will post it right here in our little crib...
awsome...and thanks..i can "write alot" well...when i have to..for like school...i wrote a 4 page essay...on...i cant remember...and i prob wont get a scar...if i dont pick the scab...plus my legs and knees are already covered in scars...
You kind of got some bad language over there where your pictures are? better not talk like that in front of ma. Don't pick the scab off, thats how you get the scar...but it is hard to resist once you get hairy legs no one will be able to see our scars anyway my friend has a bike that cost 4,000.00 you could lift it up with with one finger...I just have a regular old mountain bike...I like doing trails, there are some really good one around here, and they have some good hills..
Scars are cool......

on guys.
Well bud...guess thats it for another week, school for the week Don't pick your scab, or talk to strangers Ok now I will leave you with a little bedtime song for when your counting sheep.

scooby dooby doo
did a poo
and put it in his slipper
shaggy put it on
what a pong
it made him shake and shiver.

scooby dooby doo
where are you
half way down the ladies loo
flush the chain
fly away on a a chocolate airoplane.

the adams family started
when uncle fiesta farted he farted
he farted through the key hole
and paralized the cat.

i beleive i'm a pie,
i believe i'm a veggie pie,
think about it every night and day,
spread my pastry and fly away!

I love po,
Po loves me,
Lets all gang up on dipsy,
with a great big bang and a bullit through his head,
sorry la la dipsys dead.
Alright bud...I am off to do business in my neighbourhood When I return I will post a nice picture of some sweet girl blowing you a kiss to make you bobo all better... :P
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