That's One Way, I guess...

It's a sick culture that takes an anorexic and makes her shill for fast food:


Olsen twins promote McDonald's meals

Sept. 16, 2004 | PARIS (AP) -- Mary-Kate Olsen, recently treated for an eating disorder, and her twin sister Ashley are promoting McDonald's in France.

A Happy Meal campaign featuring the twins started Sept. 8 in the 1,035 McDonald's outlets in France, said a spokeswoman for the French division of the Oak Brook, Ill.-based fast-food giant. She refused to be quoted by name.

The meals come either with a photo album, a denim bag or a crayon box, she said. The album bears the twins' photo, and the bag and box bear their names, according to pictures on the McDonald's France Web site.

Mary-Kate was released in July from treatment for an eating disorder.

Well, she didn't have to accept the gig now did she?

But I guess we can all see where the twins priority lie, money.
Quote: Originally Posted by bevvyd

But I guess we can all see where the twins priority lie, money.

It's sick that a marketing exec would even think of it!

I make a point of trying to avoid Wal Mart, but last time I was there, there was a multitude of Mary Kate and Ashley nonsense. I don't think this urge to shill for money is anything new for these two girls... but fast food? After a bought with anorexia? Where are her business advisors!
Rick van Opbergen
This is just a waste of money. Not only are they using I-just-had-anorexia Mary-Kate Olsen to promote McDonalds, they are promoting it in FRANCE. Hello? McDonalds? France? That's like promoting gay marriage in Kentucky!
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by Jillyvn

It's sick that a marketing exec would even think of it!

It is sick, sure, but not in the least surprising.

McDonalds is known as a place where you eat bad food that will make you fat. Ergo, you advertise with a scrawny girl who 'loves' McDonalds and whoa! look at that! she is TOO skinny. Subliminally speaking, you will lose weight if you eat at Micky Doo's. Are people really that gullible? Sure, 'cause when you make an ad you talk to the emotion, not the logic.
That evil clown again I understand the olsen twins have more money than they could possibly spend. Yet instead of doing something that might benefit their peers, they opt for greed. CBC has a documentary out about a guy who decides to eat nothing but Mcdonalds for 6 months. I think he had to quit before the time was up, because he was so fat. He also had developed serious health issues.
Its not hard to understand fat, most products have to list, by avoiding a few simple things, you can have good health, and stop burdening the health care system with diseases that can be avoided with some good habits. It is really hard to believe that people actually buy this stuff.

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