Neighbours from Hell

This topic came up in another thread and I know I'm not alone in this.

Have you ever lived beside the neighbours from hell?
Ok I'll start.

We had the worst neighbours possible. Everything from extremely loud parties on every long weekend to property damage. The boy even tried burning down the house one day too. The wife told all perspective buyers for our house that we had rats (and we did not). The hubby used to put all his garbage and recycling on our lawn, not theirs. And they always had to park in front of our house, they lived on the corner, but always had to leave lots of room which prevented us from parking in front of our house.

So one day enough is enough. I call the RCMP and tell them everything. They marched over to talk to them and brought up everything right in front of their kids. Too funny as some of it was about Dad smoking pot in secret. Not now the cats out of the bag.

When the underage parties were happening with kids blatantly doing hard drugs in the street, yeah you guess it, we called the cops and shut them down.

So needless to say it was a happy good-bye on both our parts, except I threw some English Ivy seeds over onto their property just as a friendly reminder that I'm not someone you want on your bad side. They seem to have some new growth on their property. Darn that stuff anyways, it is sooo invasive and almost impossible to get rid of.
Yes I have....but he was just one neighbour...nobody in their right mind would live with him! I knew the little bugger to, because he use make fun of me in school...called me spaghetti arms...I got the little (&*(%^%$# tho...than he turns out be my neighbour...all the guy did was drink!!!!!!! which I could care less about, but he had a habit of bring lots of people home from the bar after closing time...stupid people to...fighting and arguing people.....he drove me nuts....I kept phoning the cops on him. Finally I decided that he seemed to like the daytime hours on the weekend to sleep, after his that is when I decided I would mow my lawn, use the tiller, trim shrubs, build stuff...things like that...and I would start around 7 in the day he finally comes over and asks me not to do that....*** for stop keeping me awake friday and saturday night and I will let you sleep the day away....and one more thing....write out a hundred times, I am sorry for calling peapod spaghetti arms!!!!!! we got along fine after that...sometimes we would even share a hoot over the fence.......

Darn that stuff anyways, it is sooo invasive and almost impossible to get rid of.

Ah, Bev - you is pure evil!

I've got great neighbours - I even came home the other day to find my front lawn mowed for me.
Hmmm... maybe it was a hint?

There's one neighbour down the street who's pretty annoying. I swear the guy's got city hall on his speed dial. Every spring he calls up the by-law inspector with a list of between 4 and 8 neighbours. He's complained of everything from parked cars to junky carports.

Someone needs a hobby...
What a nice thing for your neighbours to do. We used to mow our neighbours lawn and shovel her walk, when we lived in Ontario, as she had bone cancer. But every spring she would toddle on over to our house and slip $5 in the door and flatly refuse to take it back for all the work we had done for her. She was such a sweety.

And why is it every neighbourhood needs someone who calls city hall about everything. They could be volunteering or doing something to become a contributing member of society. Heaven help those parking pirates and other abominable people.
When I was a kid we had a neighbour who was very nosey. So good ol' dad put up a fence between our properties which was 12' high. No lie. About 80' long too. Made our place look like a fortress! The municipality tried to make dad take it down, but that was back in the early 60's so it stayed up!!!!
Reverend Blair
My neighbour bought the house next door after it had been on fire and rebuilt. A new furnace was part of the rebuild and evidently they put the cold air intake beside my driveway, something that's against code. For two years I've complied with his request that I park my truck someplace other than where it belongs in the winter so when I warm it up he doesn't get exhaust fumes in his house. It's a hassle, granted...I need a longer extension cord and it means crawling through a snowbank, but I kept waiting for him to move the air intake. He's young, so I figured he might be short on cash.

The same neighbour has weeping tile problems. Instead of fixing them he came up with the brilliant plan of sloping his yard so it drains into my driveway. When I asked him about it, in a perfectly reasonable tone, he told me, "Go back in the house with your commie wife." Then expounded on how he could do whatever he wanted on his property. I tried to explain manners to him, then basic building science and landscaping, but there is no reasoning with this moron. His water now makes a lake in my driveway, then percolates back through the ground into his basement.

His idea of home repairs is to make it the neighbour's problem.

Anyway, next year I'll build a dam to keep his water on his property...just some railway ties to mark out my driveway. This winter I'll be parking my truck right where it belongs...backed into the spot next his cold air intake.
my neighbours never annoy me for long, i have a notoriously short fuse.

on a related note, the grass in my back yard is lush enough to make ed hume smile from his uber-garden in heaven
HA! I just checked my realtors web site and I see that the people we sold our last house to have sold it after only 2 years. I wonder if the saggy breasted neighbour had anything to do with it. See what I didn't tell you was our kitchen window was located directly across from their ensuite window and next to that was their main bathroom window and we saw everything, I mean everything. Stupid people they didn't realize, or maybe they did, that when your window is wide open the obscure glass isn't doing what it was intended for. Oh shudder shudder to some of the sights we have seen. Just proves that the human body is not beautiful, especially after 3 kids and the G force has hit. Oh and teenage girls are still concerned about development and same with teenage boys. Just so you have an idea of exactly what we saw. Oh, and they don't know. They didn't even clue in when I would wave in the morning. Stupid people deserve treatment like this.
Wow! whats the real story with the neighbour so basicly you are saying you are one hot tomato naked! Prove it!

I have binocolors, people think I am watching birds, everything that I see is nice
Oh thank goodness the G force hasn't hit me yet but that doesn't mean I'm a hottie by any means. Hubby may think so but now, heavy sigh, they (the studs of the world) are more interested in my 22 year old daughter than me. Experience just isn't appreciated anymore.
Ok so you got out of the photo opt...whats the real story on the neighbour I tell you when they were building those 5 houses next door last year....what a smorg!!!! even galaniomama was coming over at lunch hour to watch those really was to much! day in and day out..looking at that
Sadly, that is the real story. They were THE worst and both had this squeally little voice that was more annoying than anything, permed hair left over from the 70's and him with his gum boots, ear protectors and face mask while weed eating.

Yeah so pretty much everything about them bugged me, but what still kills me is that they have no clue about what we saw. Her son went to school with my daughter and when she teased him about it he thought she was joking.

I thought about telling them, but that would have spoiled all the fun. Only hubby and our roomy didn't appreciate the free show, they kept saying they would rather pay for something worth looking at.
I never pay for something worth watching...I got bincoculars

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