Now that's a beautiful mug!

Hey Bevvy - where are you looking to buy a new home? Hopefully you will make it over here before the end of the year!!
Good morning Galianomama,

We are looking for a new homestead somewhere in the Fraser Valley. We haven't pinpointed an exactly location yet as we keeping our options open to us. I called one of my suppliers about selling my pool table and he tells me he might want to sell his place. So after a long chat he is off talking with the wifey.

But all we do know is we need acreage as we have a horse and a bunch of other critters, which hubby wants to add to as soon as we move. I like having space between me and the neighbours so city dwelling isn't something that I like. Some people do like it and that's OK, just not for me. I need wing room and when I want to belt out something to the hubby or kid I don't need the neighbours listening in or adding their two cents worth. My last house was right beside the neighbours from hell, and I will never put myself in that position again. Hey thats a whole new topic.

I will definitely make it over before the end of the year.

Hey Pea, hubby is taking me to Mexico in December. We will be celebrating 20 years of matrimonial bliss. Do you want to see me with a tan or as a pastey white person? Complete with diamonds of course. Did you know they make you look better in a bathing suit too? Yeah they just dress everything up, no matter what the style or season. Diamonds are it.
Are you gonna have a shake up house warming party?
Not too sure just yet. Gotta find some digs first.
The last house warming party I went to...they had built the house, but they saved a small place in the gyproc by the fireplace to put a time capsule was and little notes from everybody at the party...somebody put a couple of hoots in there to....later it was mudded into place .......someday someone will find a nice little stash in the wall...complete with light entertainment

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