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Bevvy! you is one tough mama the bee in the car thing is always scary!! sounds like you were grace under fire. Yes my night was interesting to say the least!!! something in the air my friend, I can hear it in the russling leaves....I am tuned into this stuff...nature stuff I mean

Well as a matter of fact it was a very good time!but than again I always have a good time, I think? We ate at the wharf in brentwood bay..than had some chit chat with fishing people around the wharf. Than, now this is"big" we went to goldstream park and watched the "bat cam" it was....well really no words, you have no idea how interesting bats are. I have watched them in my! hits his target everytime! bat radar..interesting...the fact that they are blind..darn right awesome!!!!!

Anyway back to my point....which was? ....oh I had just mentioned passing my bat musings. Now I am taken to the "bat cam" what gives here? Did this guy really listen to what I said???? and if so why? What he up to? A. He is just a kind and thoughtful person. B. he listens alright, so he can find the right angle to mess with your head. A or B?

Hey you can't start a fire, without a spark!!! and the bats were dancing in the dark! HE HAW!!!!!!
I am not replying to myself here but hey bevvy and everybody else..where is insengard this morning? ....anyway what the worse worse date you ever had...provide details! but nothing gross. You first bevvy....
How about, one day I go off with this guy to go horseback riding up at Cowichan River. No biggy, I've been horseback riding before. Well I got stuck with this mare that was as stubborn as a mule. I got across the river OK but I couldn't coax her back. So he had to dismount his horse and come get me. He was soaking wet and not impressed. I was mad and embarassed. Then when we got to the other side my horse takes off down the road and refuses to slow, halt what have you. She was going home and nothing was going to stop her. Well needless to say the last part of the day just wrecked the whole thing. Never heard from him again.

Now about this batcam? What do you see them doing exactly? I thought they just flew around scaring everybody.

Now a nice fire in Goldstream, that's romantic. Glad you made it there before the salmon spawn cause that gets kinda stinky.

So will there be another date?
you can't have a fire in goldstream park. I was just whimsy kinda like a metaphor or something like that. What do bats do?????? plenty my friend...they track dinner with radar...and at dusk you can watch them doing just that. bring your popcorn and wear your garlic

Well I will have figure out if its A or B don't I? thats all I am saying no more jinixing.

Ya, now about the worst date..mine is with those twins rick and I said before they use to mess with peapod. Once we had a huge party on a float house on great central lake...port alberni again! .....oh ya...years later we learned that the owner of the float house was a real weirdo!!!!! but we were just dumb teenagers looking for nice shelter to party in. The guy was in his thirties...considered very old when you are 17. But hey we never saw anything strange..if we had of we would have feed him to the fish!!! we were a fun crowd, lots of laughs crowd, lets party crowd. But try anything weird on us and watch out!!! we could kick *** if we had to....we never did have to but than again we never saw anything weird
Back to my story.....well at this party the place is packed and rocking...those were the days when I liked beer alot Well un be known to she who is me...the other twin appeared at the party...I was with his identical the other twin. Now mostly what me and the twins did is neck!!! never had a whole lot to say...our forte was necking So everytime I went from living room to the kitchen to know the trail you make when you party...there would be the twin???? hey I just necked with you on the couch in the living room, what are you doing here....catch my got dizzing lips swelled up next day and I could not talk for a week!!!! peapod does not like it when she cannot talk!!! also secret: I had a great big hickey!!!!!!!!! now I don't like those suckers!!!! so now I am mad....time for peapod to mess with those twins...which I was good believe me!!!! another story for another rainy day....twins....double trouble my friends
I thought you could have a fire in Goldstream, at least by the picnic tables. Or is that just for food?
Maybe you can? we were not in that part of the park. I just figured the fire ban was still our mission was bats!!!! lighting a fire never came up. Bevvy???? whats going around here today, have you noticed none of the usual gang have appeared! Its spooky I tell you...
Aw they are just catching up on reading all our posts, taking a bit of break to let the belly laughs subside and then off for a bathroom break. They'll be back, just watch.
hey im back...damn school...keepin me from posting...and making good conversation with peapod and avi....
You are real cute..little rugrat...if you were here I would pinch your cheek

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