City skylines

Here's another one of Montréal:

Haggis McBagpipe
Hey! Now I want to live in Montreal!
Syndey, Aussie:

Some of these skylines are really really nice I'd love to be in Aussie tonight.
Montreal at night
Here's another of Toronto.. This one has a shot of my building (somewhere near the skydome )! How cool!!!!

Diamond Sun
That's a great skyline photo of Toronto Andem. I have a nice one of Bangkok somewhere, I just have to find it!
Montreal's PDA at night

Herare are a couple of sky scrapers from Montreal

Haggis McBagpipe
These pictures are sure making me want to travel to that part of Canada. Actually, we are going to be taking our holidays in Quebec this year, we want to spend three weeks cycling the Route Verte (I think it's called). Bicycling magazine calls it one of the most beautiful bicycle routes in the world. I can't wait.
Here are some hiking / biking trails North of Montreal on Mont Tremblant...

Haggis McBagpipe
Oh my god, we won't miss that, for sure! Thanks for posting these, Jim. I am so psyched to cycle around Quebec, it's the best way to discover a place. I've never been farther east (in Canada) than Portage La Prairie, Manitoba (which I think is the halfway point in Canada).
Diamond Sun
Definitely head out to Quebec Haggis. I spent a few weeks there several years ago, and I fell in love with Montreal. I wish I was a bike rider so I could go bike in quebec. That would be really fantastic!
Rick van Opbergen
wow Québec and Montreal sure look nice! such panoramic views are non-existing here
Oh I love it!!!! I wanna live there!!!!
Ok, ok, JD.. so when do we get to see pics of Nimwegen/Nijmegen?
More from Montreal

The Old Port...
Haggis McBagpipe
Jim, those are great pics. The first two especially blew me away, that is some awesome photography.
Very nice pics Jim

Here's more of Toronto:

Rick van Opbergen

Amsterdam from above.
Haggis McBagpipe
I'd lik to see Toronto one day too. My daughter flew in there during your worst snow storm ever, when the city was basically shut down, so I only heard about snow snow snow and people having fits fits fits about it.
Rick van Opbergen
Here's one of the Dutch city of Naarden. The unique structure can be explained by the fact that this was a sort of defense for the city.

Whoa! Yeah Naarden is great, A pic of Nijmegen.. Hmm lemme find one

I know its a little pic but its how Nijmegen looks in town when there's a party or somethin, Nijmegen is the oldest city of the Netherlands and In 2005, Nijmegen will celebrate its 2000th birthday? :P

2000 years ago Nijmegen was named Ulpia Noviomagus Batavorum
by Marcus Ulpius Traianus..
Rick van Opbergen
Well they also say Maastricht is the oldest city of the Netherlands ... but I believe you JDream ... my city is like what is it, only 700 years old or so ... bummer!
Rick, Een mega feest komt volgend jaar in Nijmegen ten ere van het 2000 jarig bestaan.

The first train station I guess It was nice, But got destroyed in WOII, 1944.

The german emporer.. Frederik Barbarossa built this Its so nice.

These pics are a bit old they tell us something bout the history bout Nijmegen, Not really that interesting.. I'll find somethin else.
Rick van Opbergen
Hey I know that, I saw that during my introduction, the people of Nijmegen destroyed it for a large part (that Roman temple/Christian church - it was turned into a church later, lower picture) because they needed money and the stones were somehow precious or something, so they sold large parts of it.
hehe You know it :P You rule!
Rick van Opbergen
well that's all I know about the history of Nijmegen actually
Diamond Sun
Thos pictures of Amsterdam and others are fabulous!! I've been to Amsterdamn, but I never got to leave the airport. It is on my list though. Thanks for the pictures!
A few more of Montreal

McGill U. Campus


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