What did you do this summer?

In the vein of this regular topic for english class...

I have had more late nights this year than in the past 10. groan...

My old live-in girlfriend from 23 years ago has the trailer "across the street". Since May I have spoken with her husband, she has walked by with her kids to the beach, yet only two weeks ago did we realize this. Small, interesting world it is.

I realized I have an obsessive-complusive disorder - to speak of the loomging energy transition. See! I couldn't help myself.

I sold my sea-doo.

I put on a couple of pounds... groan again!

I wrote a new song.

A friend passed away.

I became wiser.

I aged another year.

I have become very interested in the way the Amish live and drop by thier local market for fresh food.

I went water skiing - my obligatory once a year ski around the lake.

I, with my wife made new friends.

In short, a great summer!
What a great topic! You sure had an interesting and eventful summer vista. I love your cats!!

Okay, my summer was not so eventful.. but eventful enough to keep me sane. It involved heavy drinking for the last 3 weeks of June, a 2 week trip to Montréal in July to August where I met that special someone and ofcourse with more drinking involved.

I've been out to Canada's Wonderland for the first time in 7 years. Lots of new rides and fun stuff.

I visited my mother and her husband for the first time in quite a long time.

I got a lot of exercise in this summer so I failed to gain any weight.

Apart from that, I've just been hanging around the city and getting work done.. though I have taken a lot of time off, too.
yawn yawn.....
This was a good summer.

My friend and I took our kids to the Sunshine Coast for a few days. We stayed in Powell River and Lund, making the obligatory trip to Savary Island, which totally lived up to expectations.

We had a bar-b-q at the beach.

We spent a week at my Mum and Dad's.

The kids had lots of sleepovers - both here and at their friends'.

Had campouts in the back yard. I just took the tent down today, so I have a huge hexagonal brown patch in the middle of my lawn. Even found a few slugs nestled underneath.

Put the kids in Gymnastics camps.



Really looking forward to tomorrow, when everything gets back to normal, although I'll miss the sleep-ins.
Hello everyone! I started the summer by flying to Cuba for a week at the end of june, did some scuba diving there. Back to work for 4 more weeks before my next 2 weeks of vacation in august. I did a lot of bicycle/rollerblade on the shore of the St. Lawrence river, where I took the pictures I posted here couple days ago. I've been to a zoo in Montebello, there you can see forest animals like black bears, wolves, coyotes, buffalos(not really in the forests...), deers, racoons etc... They have birds of prey, really nice! I've hang with some friends, 2 of them were back from a 4 months trip to Holland/France/Greece/Italy/England.... They had a lot of things to tell. I've been to the movies a couple of times. Tried to work on my website, wasn't really in the mood so did nothing on it. Guess that's why we call it vacations, you got to do something different!

Got back to work on august 16th, got a couple of network problems that brought me right back to reality... So that's about it, I'm waiting for january, going back to Cuba to see those little fishes.

My uncle goes to cuba all the time, he loves it there, and the people. Its more of a adrenlin rush if you see critters out in the wild.
My summers are always the same...huckleberry fin summers...fishing poles, boats, hiking, camping, kayaking, quality time with my buds, protesting, the usual fare.
LadyC the sunshine coast rocks!! It's a beautiful place, as you obviously know

I worked all summer, didn't really do much else. Enjoyed the weekends and hid from the sun as much as possible to avoid even MORE freckles. We did all go to see the Celebration of Lights in Van and that was awesome!
Uhm, I've been on adventure heheheh to meet some people and I've been to Ameland (Island in the north of the Netherlands) for 2 weeks, great weather, good place to be and nice beaches :P

Uhm..... And I'm goin to school now my timetable is terrible lol, But ok

My summer was fun, hehe.
JD keep having those adventures
What I did on my summer vacation.

I got to play like a kid again, I had forgotten how to do that. Laughed. Made sandcastles.

Looked at my garden. Loved what I saw. Just full of admiration for a 'job well done' to Mother Nature. Grinned at my sunflowers - they are over 12' high.

Sat under my grape arbour and laughed some more and drank way too much wine.

Life is good! Summer is great!
Ya it was fun in your garden this summer but don't make out like its something you did....that wonderful husband of yours is the real gardener We did have fun with that wench of yours on your jeep....pulling the old bamboo out and over to your house
True enough, the male side of the family does have input to this. BUT, it is my creative mind which drives the winch! ......or is that wench........whatever.

Ya gotta love bamboo, one stand is now over 20' and growing! We are in love with it, but I don't think our neighbours will be when it shows up in the potato patch!
Heheheheh peapod, I will I love those adventures.. altho my mom doesn't like it, hahaha.
JD dreams....mothers are the test, you must out wit, out smart ...out play.
peapod you better watch out that you don't get sued for using a registered trademark :P

My summer was work work work and dentist and work again, and swimming on my days off.... Did I mention work?

Its a good thing I re-read the topic because I almost mistakened it for who did you do last summer
registered trademarks....pffffh....only in the land of drones does that mean anything :P
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

JD dreams....mothers are the test, you must out wit, out smart ...out play.

Quote: Originally Posted by Aviallani

LadyC the sunshine coast rocks!! It's a beautiful place, as you obviously know

You betcha! My daughter said she wouldn't mind moving there.

We camped (okay, we RVed) at Willingdon Beach. What a fabulous place! Great kids' park, mini golf across the road, and a fabulous beach. The boys buried each other in the sand, so I gave them nice "sand boobs". It was fun watching them try to shake them off without dislodging too much sand. After that, I gave them a six-pack and a nice set of pecs.

Lots of fun. And the ferry ride is beautiful.
Haggis McBagpipe
Our whole summer was devoted to the planning of our daughter's wedding on August 21st. All other summery plans were put on hold - shoved, as it were, into a Bag of Summery Plans - until after the fact.

The wedding planning was fun, though, and everything went swimmingly well at the wedding itself. The sun appeared as ordered (albeit reluctantly), the bagpiper piped, the bride and groom answered correctly when asked about future plans together, and all was well with the world. Certain mischievous rain clouds did think about crashing the party but felt a bit shy about it, and this was good.

After everybody had finally gone home, we breathed a collective sigh of relief, opened up our Bag of Summery Plans, raced excitedly to the door, flung it open and... saw that summer was well and truly over and autumn had taken its place.
Andem, yes Joey strikes such a majestic pose, doesn't he?

You mention you visited your mother the first time is a while.

I didn't get out to see mine all summer. I should while I still register as a familiar face.

Other musings...

I rode my bike but once.

I used my in-line skates zero times.

I smoked too many cigars.

I spent too much time on the computer!!!

FWIW, here is a pictorial of my summer highlights...

www3.sympatico.ca/pcstuart/website.html (external - login to view)
Those are great pictures! thanks for sharing them
For this summer I did this:

Vacationed to Italy for 1 week.

I went to Oslo in Norway for a weekend.

I visit my brother in Stockholm.

I have lots of shindig with my friends on weekends.

I have smoked weed many times.

Visiting to the beach many times with friends, also.
You are really hard done by sorry you had to smoke to much weed
What did you do this summer?

Jump out of the window of my flat that is on 3rd floor ...
Went to Cuba for two weeks.

Kids are finally big enough to go hiking with them, so we did some of that - they love it.

Had some birthday parties to attend and to host.

Didn't turn on the air-conditionner once.
Diamond Sun
Summer was a blur of activity. ( I didn't see this thread when I answerd the Diamond Sun thread...)

My inlaws visited for a total of 5 weeks over the course of 4 months. I love them and all, but seriously....5 weeks?

I saw my best friend from high school marry her true love.
I saw my mom surrounded by friends and family to celebrate her 50th birthday.
I saw my brother in a Fringe show, and was so proud.
I celebrated 4 years of wedded bliss.
I started to write a book. (started is the key word)
I went to Edmonton 3 times in 3 months.
I got a new BBQ.
I managed 4 huge projects at work worth $1,000,000
I didn't get a raise.
I planned the company summer picnic.
I didn't go to the company summer picnic (was in Edmonton)
I decided that maybe a baby is in my near future.
I reconnected with two old friends.

Oh, and I gained 10 pounds.

What a summer.
Diamond Sun
Oops..double posted for some reason...
this summer let's just say that i did a lot of things but it maybe to long for me 2 post but i'll just say some

1.went to califorina
2.went to disney world
3. i went to the bahmas love that place

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