We use to play this sometimes at the CBC board. Shut down, way to much nastiness

You name something that will create the perfect ambience in a room when having your buds over. I think it went like that, its been a while.

I am putting a log in the fireplace and starting it up. Your turn to pick the next item.
I'm making sure we have enough ice and glasses and mugs
Ah! I was worried you would beat me to the dozen homemade Dad cookies containing a quarter finely chopped BC bud. I am putting them on this plate on the coffee table, in front of the fire. your turn
i'm there. putting my feet up with my nice big heavy wool socks, long johns, and cotton sweater. soft music playing - harry manx (my new fave), quit hogging those cookies you two, and pass one down my way.

sooo, what's on the menu for discussion today? olympics, planes down in russia, what's your favorite it!
I see you having been eating cookies already this morning by your post You are not staying overnight, so you don't have to come over in your nightly apparel.

I am moving the big screen tv over so we can all see it, after we eat a few cookies, and drink our icy water in our mugs that bevvy brought over, I have two movies that are a must see after several cookies. They are Godzilla vs mothra, and my personal favorite becauce I love nature Godzilla vs the smog monster! wake up galaniomama, its to early to be nodding off.
Bogy, undergrandnitz what are bring to this party?
I'm bringing more food,pretzels, chips and my special meatball sauce and Italian bread. (Those darn cookies just make me hungrier)

Also bringing beer to put in those icy mugs. Name your brand, I'm a Corona man
Well that sound like pretty bad snack food, you trying to get us fat are you bring that soya sauce sitting in puddle in your fridge? I think I sound like I have been eating a cookie myself already this morning.

I not drinking any beer, it effects my thoughts about the effects of gamma rays on marigolds something I contemplate after eating cookies. Corna has great commericals...and so true

Ok we got to get a little parniod here....enhanced by the cookies we have to watch the following movie:

Monkey Shines tells the story of a friendship between a man and a monkey that turns from an affectionate, even loving companionship into a terrifying dependency after Allan, the protagonaist and a promising Oxford law student, is paralyzed in a tragic accident. Ella, a lab monkey who is involved in experiments to increase her intelligence and ability to learn, become his caretaker. From this point, the relationship between man and monkey mingles into something dark and unnatural.

Who is bringing the popcorn?
Monkey Shines? I thought we were watching a Chuckie Movie......Chuckie takes a Bride is a good one. I love those movies, so real, so 'right there'.

How 'bout a black and white sobber. They are always good for late nights, yawn.

Hey - I've got some angels on a donkey in the car......lots of junk food, you can never have too much. Chips, pretzels, cheezie puffs, that stuff that's all mixed know, the pretzels, cheerios combo - number one in my book!!! cold pizza is also in the car. whoo hoo!!

I brought my sleeping bag, that way I can watch and sleep at the same time.
What the hell galaniomama just how many cookies did you eat this morning? you are messing with me now.

Well guess I will open the french doors out into my great garden. check out the tempture in the hot tub. Bevvy no diamonds in the pool, in fact leave your diamonds at home anyone using emodium is not allowed in the hot tub.. what else do we need?
WOT, and come naked?

Now, for the big controversy, music? What to listen to?

I'm a person who likes many types of music from country, rock, easy listening and classical. I hate rap, and I'm not big on folk or 50's music (at least only in small doses).

Hey Pea, just what is in your TV room if you have to move the big screen over for us to watch? Mine takes up a whole bloody corner of my room.
Now bevvy this is just pretend remember? now what would peapod want with a big screen tv, I am lumberjack I make my own television

naked uh? one in every crowd, I think that would cause a problem, especially since galaniomama mother is attending, don't you see her sitting over there. Although a very cool mother, she wears the crown of tsk tskers. She also cheats at her don't play any games with her Hey thats funny galaniomama and undergradnitz are sharing a hoot! I think they are going to play a game. undergradnitz do not tell galaniomama mother your useless facts regarding....well you know what.

Galaniomama time to put those bacon wrapped prunes in the oven, boy are yummy! do you have any that is wrapped in turkey bacon? just asking.

What kind of cocktails do you all want?
pea, i've told you many times about eating too many of my prune wraps......especially when entering the hot tub. not a pretty site. remember the school reunion??? need i say more???

any music is great to me, I already have Harry Manx on the go, but hey, take you pick and put on anything you likeeee.

hey, leave undergradnitz alone, i've learnt all sorts of interesting you know that a sweater made with a nylon component will attract more lint than a sweater made of cotton??

oh, time to dive in the pool and cool off. what, where did you hide the pool now pea???
I give up galaniomama, ya whatever you say...sure I will put your favorite song on and we can do a little dance maybe a conga line oh ya here I will put it on....ring my bell, you can ring my bell, ring ring ding dong many vodka martini's is that now and how many cookies? things are starting to heat up

Undergradnitz and your mom are dancing to ring my bell, the little rugrat has some good moves. ah Prometheus we know you are a board expert but no skake boarding in the house. I thought you said cookies mellowed you out.
bevvy its time to hide the cookies. Things are getting strange around here. Think I will my twinkle lights on in the garden, the whole place twinkles when I plug them in. Yes time for some mediation. Galaniomama no gum boots in the hot tub! I don't have a pool.
Ok whats next, what else do we need?
Isengard , what are you bringing to this party? what do we need?
hey pea, you don't mind if my buddies from galiano show up for a spell do ya???

good, you sure make a mean martini. i love that vanilla vodka, but whoooaaaa, slow down there. you are making them waaay tooo mean!!! rootbeer, my fave type of martini. yummy.

hey those lights look good on you pea!!! I thought you said you were going to 'plug them in' outside. what the hell! you sure can dance in them though.

i love your pink carpet. ooops. i guess it was suppose to be 'beige'. stuff happens.

well last time i was here you brought out the kiddie pool and we all got to swim, member? i guess we had too many bodies in it at the last party. can't see to find it here. oh well, i'll keep looking, i'm sure i will come up with something.

bevvy, put that lampshade down. although it does look good on you, i like the print!!
the lampshade was a nice touch! hope she gets you back. Ya I know you like martini's and you have had a few to many are starting to get all snuggly and touchie feely with everybody in the room....**** the high pitched squeal though has to go...and undergrandnitz cannot be that funny get a hold of yourself girl, here let me dunk your head in that sweet little pool you dropped off from zellers, cheap skate! lets play kill bill moves...I am a bit slow..having eaten to many cookies.. Hey where did your mom and undergrandnitz go? remember that movie harry and maude? just a thought..bad cookies, very bad cookies..good thing I am not drinking any beer or martini's. Lets all go to the beach! I will bury you up to your neck, it will be lots of what do want to do next? this party is begining to be a dud... Bevvy Help!
hey, the room is this an earthquake??????
My kit is in the garden shed, I am not sharing sink or swim my friend.
Lets fire up the any ideas.. i got some prawns from my "fishmonger" my brother. should I soak em in tequila for awhile? Put another log on the fire would ya... I am waiting for Prometheus to pass out in his spaghetti and meatballs, so I can draw stuff on him with my permanent BBQ receipe galaniomama...and those friends of yours from galanio island better not show up here...
My millinery scense on this lampshade thinks it need dingleballs. Please pass the cookies. Thanks Pea.

And what is that floating in the hot tub? Oh thems boobs, sorry about that Ma. Not used to seeing them this far up. Thought I needed to get out the skimmer.

Say, who is the dancing out by the garden lights?
#20 must lots of fun at a party bevvy but you will have to keep your cloths on at this one. I have run out of cookies, but the nice iranian grocery has just dropped off one those big bongs he sells at this store...time to take out the big guns, wish he had not brought a box of dates tho...keeps giving me dates, don't have the heart to tell him, I don't like dates.

Well that would be me dancing fire up that bong, and what are we going to BBQ? lets get galanimomama.
But you said not to bring night clothes and it is night time.
dingleballs! galaniomama has a whole set she strings up if we go camping in her tent...

Is it night, I thought it was day. I am not sure anymore? does it matter everything is just nice and pleasant right now...I don't really care what you say or do. Right now I love everybody. So bevyy take your cloths off if you have to. But I know galaniomama will soon follow, after all the women loves dingleballs

Speaking of dingleballs where is she anyway? probally outside talking to total strangers like they are long lost family. Which reminds here comes peter the bum, the local neighbourhood homeless person. He can smell a good party or was it the BBQ? Come in Peter fill your face have a hoot. Tells us the difference between this life you have and the one where you were a teaching professor at the university of victoria. Even you are a bum Peter, you still have something rare dignity. mind kind of wandered there....the bong causes lots of drifts. I think I am getting sea sick here, my head keeps weaving side to side...good thing I am sitting down.

Bevvy whats up with the BBQ? I am getting hungry again. What are we gonna have? What is galaniomama doing now..she is running through the garden in a cape and mast.....please not do that naked

So what cooking?
peace love and groovy
whoooaaa, did i miss something?

bevvy, quit hogging the dingleballs. hey, that's one mighty bong you got there pea.....or is it bevvy??? can't tell, the light in here is bad, and the room is very smoky. i think i like it better back outside. i was talking to your deli owners. they cornered me outside and plied me with dates. i love dates. yummmy!!! and figs too. after awhile they started talking about camels, and took on the characteristics, i knew then it was time to come up for air so to speak, and theeself out of there!!! wild bunch of guys, and great stories too!

hey pea, you got anymore yogurt cheese left? oh mama, now that i can pig out on that stuff, along with the iranian bread. good eats!

i brought over some borscht, anybody ready to chow down??

hey pea, how about we plot a plant raid with bevvy??
Food! thats all we are talking about now. see what happens when you bong to much. Galaniomama you gotta settle down, mellow out, I can feel you jumping up and down nipping at my heels with your hair brain ideas all the way cross town. It the combo of a couple dozen martinis and the bong. Choose one or the other. the key is moderation my friend. Pass the bong please. Would you like some cheese to go with your whine....sorry I mean wine of course.

Yes bevvy, do we have to watch the shopping channel in this state of mind, I do not have the physical strength to get up and fight you for the remote...wonder if I could throw this mini mexican watermelon I have my face it could make it from here to the big screen tv if I put all I got into the pitch....

Lots like the bbq is a dud, I wrap the prawns up, but I will drink the tequilia they been sitting in for the past few hours....oh molly there is that tune again simply red "sunrise....I am getting my energy back..I am tapping my toe....its moving up my leg, now my head is doing the broken neck dog thing.........time for a little dance...bong later... just about closing time....
Hey! three island mamas in one place at one time this is where I bid fond farewell my lovelys....its been great partying with you, we will have to try it for real sometime Starbucks and my afternoon jest its feels like I got a hangover tho. Shut the place down when you leave...Catch you tomarrow
Touch the remote Peapod and consider your podded. I've always loved the shopping channel, they got some of the coolest stuff ever. I think Ivana Trump shops here too.

And please don't put away the prawns, they are just starting to feel the effects of the tequila. They told me when they get marinated they want to become a worm and be put in a bottle.

Galianomamma yup that's me doing the happy dance with the bong. Hey somebody it needs a refill, all I'm getting are bubbles! Oh sorry that was from the hot tub, better sit up.
kewl. now that pea has left the building we can have all sorts of fun bevvy!!! check out her underwear!!! too good eh, especially those thongs. i never knew she liked those so much. bevvy, you better get out of that 'secret' drawer. she'll know we were in it too, but hey, what the hell. lookee, she has lots of prizes she brought home from up island, and look at this bra with two crab shells for cups. too good! god, she'll never live this one down, i tell ya. heee heee.

bevvy, put that picture down of the lumberjack. that's her mentor. i think he posed for the kokanee beer ads. good pic!! oh look, it's autographed! to my lumberjacker.......what the hell does that mean?

oh well, i better be on my way too, before i pass out.
Darn! I got to wait the this doctor leaves the building before I sneak off to starbucks, oh well I am awake now and can party for a bit longer

hey can man, you are from Vancover, you are a bricklayer for petes sakes, you know how to party, get in here and help us liven the party up. Got any ideas?

I am hungry again...maybe if I lift promethus's head out of his sauce and meatballs I could have a plate. What somebody did with his garlic bread is not very nice....the wiskers and new nose I gave him/her looks sharp though, you can barely make it out on the red face.....he has one to many meatballs, corona, and bonging...someday I will get the medication I deserve....ok bevvy what next?
Hey high five to you all! look at registered members! all hounds till the bitter end
Well you know Pea we could play spin the bottle. We could use my bottle here, I just finished it.

You spin first.
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