Describe your personal cyberspace

What is the view from your computer room or office or where ever you post from?
I'll go first.

My office is large with 9 thin long windows which are rounded. I overlook 5 acres of trees with deer and coyotes and bears meandering through my front yard, not to mention all the birds. Between giant swallows, snowy owls, starlings, stellar jays, woodpeckers, osprey, eagle and robins I refuse to have my desk facing the wall (who thought up that stupid rule anyways?) when I have so much to look out to.
Well, first, it's a long drive to work ... down 2 flights of stairs to my basement office that has a patio door walkout

Main desk is right beside the patio doors, and all I see is trees, sky, grass, and birds. And we are are right in the middle of a large condominium complex (500 units) - mostly townhouses, like ours (we have an end unit).

Birds are plentiful: Chickadees, Nuthatches, Blue Jays, Orioles, Gold Finches, Cardinals, Hummingbirds, Red-headed Woodpeckers, Grosbeaks, Robins in the spring, and, unfortunately, squirrels.

6 networked computers (includes one for my wife in her second-main floor office), and high-speed 3mbit DSL.

Normally staring at the tube and keyboard from around 6 am (sometimes earlier) to 7pm, and many times (depending on business) until 11pm. Occassional sanity breaks and escapes around town to do errands, gather more nuts for the nest, and see that the outside world still exists.
Thats a good one bevy. I look out a window, most of it is garden with some nice trees, a big horse chestnut tree, when its blooming it is swarmed with fighting humming birds, each one wanting the tree all for himself. There is an office building not far away, and you can watch ravens drop nuts off the top of the building to bust them open. Those birds are very smart! Whats really nice is when a little wren sits at the very top of this 5 ft fir, right outside the window. He is not especially pretty but when he opens his mouth..barbara striestand of the bird world. He usually comes by a few times a week to sing a song to peapod. Thanks little wren, I really like you.
At work I can't look outside because of the blinds we put in the windows so people outside won't crash into my office and steal all the computers. But I can hear a lot of screaming from the people in the building taking their breaks just outside my windows.

At home, I have a window on my left with a splendid view of the appartments backyards across the "ruelle", I dunno how to say it in english. With all the kids screaming at each other... Oh just now, a little girl is crying because I think her big brother made her fall! Bad boy!! To continue with the nature valley thing, I can also hear plenty of dogs barking like crazy when a fly passes by them!

Oh, I almost forgot about the nice guy that lives on the corner with his Harley Davidson and his mega-amazingly-noisy-as-if-he-was-about-to-break-the-guiness-record-of-decibels pipe!

I love the city!!

Wish I had a guy outside my window, bike or not bike. Lucky.
I can send it to you right away since I'm not really into guys nor into bikes!
For pete sakes bevvy you are a greedy blue jean diamond wearing girl. You gotta a husband, but yet you still want something more Thats ok tho, you can have the biker especially when they bend over and you can see the crack of their ***! It so disquisting, cheap art.

Isengard, I am sorry it sound like you live in hell
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

Isengard, I am sorry it sound like you live in hell

Thanks for your concern but it is not that worst!! In reality, I have quite a view of the St-Lawrence river when I go outside just have a look at that:
Isengard, that view is incredible.

I have two personal cyberspaces. My one here at work is when I assume my 'office diva' job. I work in Chinatown, right in the middle of the action. Lots of noise, great food, and people. Our building is a brick building, over 100 years old, which is nothing to those of you in the east, but it has been beautifully restored, and was a chinese comcubine home. Very colourfully painted and trimmed in six different colours. Purple, yellow, green, blue, deep pink, black and white. It has three floors, no elevator and we are on the top floor. As you come up the stairs to the third floor, there are four pictures each one 3 x 4' large, and they are placed together to make a picture of the landscape off of Beach Drive, looking onto the water. My desk is about 15' long and 3' wide, and is curved around in a semi circle. It is facing onto the open staircase. I have a radio and get to listen to the CBC or whatever I want all day. My desk top is a deep blue, and the walls are a soft yellow, the 'feature wall' is the same colour as my desk top. Carpeting is a blue/grey. I have a covered balcony off the front and floor to ceiling windows. Opening the door and letting the fresh air in is a treat, and then I get the smells of chinese/thai food drifting up!!! I am blessed. sigh. I work with three other people but I never see them, the office is about 100' x 50' and the feature wall seperates us. Very relaxing.
I'm not greedy. I just enjoy a fine view is all. I was hoping for the Peter Fonda type, just so ya know.
I know beauty when I see it, thanks for sharing your beauty. I know ontario (northern) and quebec are beautiful provinces. My father was born in Quebec city, comes from a long line of frenchmen. So I have been there and it very beautiful. One thing tho how did you post that picture? what are the mechanics involved?
Its city living that I could not do. I can barely stand living in Victoria even tho it is a beautiful city. If I could not get out of here just about every weekend I would go mad. Every few years I go to Toronto to visit my uncle, he lives right downtown Toronto. After three days I tell him that peapod has to go now, or she will jump out this 14th floor window But I love northern ontario, they have real good fighting fish there.

Galaniomama you forgot to mention that you work above the noodle box, the best food in china town. You are just a regular chabby chic girl aren't you. All the years you have been working there has that draftsmen ever spoken one word?
Isengard, that is an awesome view.

Bogie, any head on collisions during your commute, or congestion at the landing? Teehee! Lucky guy and wife both being able to work from home.

Galianomama, you work in Chinatown. Sushi, noodles, veggies, rice, oh yummmm

Peapod, I love watching the birds too. Sometimes I wish I could come back as one just so I can see the view that they have.
Quote: Originally Posted by bevvyd

Bogie, any head on collisions during your commute, or congestion at the landing? Teehee! Lucky guy and wife both being able to work from home.

Well, we call it my wife's "office", but she stopped working about a year ago. Told her to just do what she wants, and quilting, taking frequent trips to our daughter's place in Waterloo (Ontario) to see our 2 grandsons, and being involved with her passing-on free books by way of (external - login to view), she doesn't have time to work for anybody! Our 3 children (2 in Toronto, 1 in Waterloo) are online, her sister is online, my family is online - including my 80 yr old mother (with who, at Mom's winter Snowbird home, she spends 2 or 3 wks every year with down in Florida - without me - someone has to work!), and email is the family means of daily communication.
Bogie I know what you mean about birds! I never would have thought I could ever get into them so much. I even buy bird books now, have my own bird binocoulars to. I could watch them for hours, its scary what entertains me now I refuse to wear the birding outfits tho. I can get chickadees to eat out of my hand
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

One thing tho how did you post that picture? what are the mechanics involved?

Well, first you need a space on the web to put your pictures, I have a web site, so I just uploaded it there. Then you create a link to the image with the "Img" button you see just above the textbox you use when you reply to a message!

That's it!
For you nature lovers, I took this picture this morning during my bicycle ride


500 units in one complex, that sounds like a city within a city.

Isengard, that is goregous. I love the water, guess that's why I live on the coast.

Peapod, ever been to Kagawong,in northern Ontario?

Awesome picture Where was it taken? Give us more! what gives you the idea we like nature

I followed your directions, I got some pictures I want to post along with yours. But...hate to admit this, I am a dumb *** when it comes to this stuff. Now I got my pictures at a site, when I come back here I click on Img? it does not seem to work, Please tell it to me like a receipe, like dick and jane
Ok so you put your pictures on a web server somewhere, then you have to know the address where your pic is


Then you put this address inside the Img tag, it will link to your image and show it here

Just like that:

And this:

That's it!

The other picture posted is another from the St-Lawrence river where I live. The 2 here are from Cayo Largo, Cuba.
Bevvy I have not been to the place you mention. My grandmother lived along the shores of lake huron, we spent most of time in the north channel fishing, around a place called spragge. She was a few hours from Sudbury. I would like to take a canoe trip into that park on lake superior, I know people who have taken it, and it was pretty awesome. There is definately places in northern ontario that revial us. I like their forests, you can see something, although very beautiful here, its hard to get into and besides seeing wonderous old growth forest, most of its left to hermits that wander them.
Kagawong is on Manitoulin Island, turn left at Espanola, before you hit Sudbury, if I remember correctly.

Anyhow that's where my mother-in-law used to live. Not much goes on there except fishing, hunting and swimming. But they got flush toilets. Lots of billboards to advertise that feature. I always got a kick of that. Very pretty during the fall, but too far away from civilization for me. Seems alot of the residents committ suicide during the winter as alot of them are snowed in and can't take it anymore, I guess cabin fever sets in. Scary!
Funny I don't recall that name, I have been to espanola, it stinks there just like port alberni, they had some kind of pulp mill there. The island is very nice, we took the boat a few times over to tobeymory. So you must have drove through blind river? Don't blink you would miss it, a real huckleberry fin summers I spent around that place

Hey I am working on the picture thing, it might take me awhile I am such a dumb *** at this kind of stuff. Well at least I am dumb at something and like my underwear my humilty is there you just can't see it
High five to bevvyd for a great thread!

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of my cyberspace. It's nothing special, though, unlike everyone else here!

I have my laptop and my desktop system around a large circularish desk with a view of a 27" TV-Out setup (for movies and stuff). Occasionally, I have my espresso and coffee machines setup on the table across from me, LOL. That's when I get really busy and can't go to my kitchen for my coffee. Talk about an addict!

My view of the city of Toronto is great, though! On on side I have a view of lake Ontario, on the other, I see tons of construction sites of the developments around me by Cityplace and other condo corps (I think there's some pics at ). When the sun is going down and coming up, though, it's beautiful (minus smoggy days).
Its not working for me, galaniomama is coming to the board to try and figure it out for me. Now I got some work for a bit, they are just bound and determined around here to find something for me to do
Hey Isengard,


Then you put this address inside the Img tag, it will link to your image and show it here

when you place a picture to be posted, do you just click on the 'img' right click your address for the picture, and then click again on the img??

just as if you are placing a quote??
Yes, you do it like this:


Just replace the "{}" with "[]"
thank you!!!

did ya get that pea?

I bet you have a great view. Your wildlife is just the 2 legged kind where ours have 4 legs and fur. Not sure which is scarier.

I used to live in Hamilton for a few years and touring around Toronto was always great fun. I used to spend most of my time down at either Niagara on the Lake or Niagara Falls, cause they had Sunday shopping and I was going through withdrawals. I'm a shop-a-holic by nature, and by trade come to think of it.


Thank goodness those last pix aren't your personal cyber space or I'd be moving in with ya. White beaches can't be beat.


You must have taken the Chichiman (sp?), probably from Wiarton? We only went that way once, used to drive around all the time.

Oh, one time we were driving up there and we didn't take a turn off in Toronto that I thought we should. Mentioned it to hubby who just looked at me said "No, were going the right way" and then I said "well, don't we have to by Barrie and Molson's Park?" As I had only been to Ontario twice before I thought "what do I know". Put my feet back on the dash and sat back. Well it was in Kingston that we stopped for gas and I mentioned I should call my girlfriend in Ottawa to put on the coffee, that he realized he had missed the turn off. Out comes the map and me driving around all the great lakes trying to get to Manitoulin Island in the middle of the night. He has never been allowed to take his own route since.
bevvyd, actually we do have 4 legged creatures -- called squirrels! Actually, I don't see them much in my area but other parts of the city and in the parks for sure I also get to watch GO trains ;p

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