Could you help me to find a professional job here

Dear everybody here:
I am CCIE coming from China, Currently I live in Vancouver, I search and find some job opportunites form , But only receive automatic response mail. A little phone call come in. I am so bad, I exactly qulify all of position of network architecture or engineer.

Who can help me to introduce me to any IT company, or give me your personal suggestion or recommendation how to find the suitable job and suvive myself here. It's urgent!!!!

best wishes

Hi Thomas,

Welcome to our beautiful little forum.

Try to hook up with an employment agency. They will find you a position and they charge the company for the service. I am in your field of expertise as a network Engineer and I had a friend contact an agency and they placed him at HSBC bank. Try them. They are listed in the yellow pages as Employment Agencies.

Good Luck.
Welcome, and good luck, Thomas,

Please keep in mind that you are also competing for those jobs, along with many other qualified people. IT positions, in particular, are very hard to get. Due to the bust a few years ago, quite a few highly qualified people were thrown back into the "looking for work" situation. Many are still trying to get a job that suits their education, knowledge, and experience.

As moghrabi stated, an employment agency may be a helpful way to go, as it is in their best interest to find you work.
Yes we are looking for an experienced CCIE especially if you have hands on experience in AVVID IP Telphony

Please contact me
Gerry de Gruiter (external - login to view)

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