heartbreak hotel

How do you comfort your friends when their hearts are breaking over their relationships. What can you do for a stranger?

I know everyone in my neighbourhood, I make their business, my business, kidding, but I do seem to know more than the average neighbour. It has always amazed me that you can live in a neighbourhood for years and not know anyone, personally I find that distrubing, a statement to the way of the world today, and self.

I know everyone where I shop for grub. Some are friends now, others are just good jesters. Last night I go in for some food and a jest. There is a young man that works there, a good jester, a fine looking young man, owner of a good personality as well. I say hi, he replies, but not in his usual manner. I remark that you seem bummed out tonight. A floodgate opens, it startled me at first. It seems the young man has a broken heart, he girlfriend having left him for another. His pain was so raw and intense, he had trouble keeping control of himself. His honesty about his feelings were painful to listen to, I felt like an intruder with no tools. Its all he can do not to cry, I suggest he talk to his friends, he tells me he has only one friend and they don't want to listen. How can that be? Someone so young, someone beautiful, someone in possession of such a sweet nature, only have one friend! the world is a strange place when it comes to humans. Alright I will be your friend until this to shall pass, and it will. I always have room for another stray in my collection.

I equate everything to a song, what the world be without tunes? I equate him with that fine song by the scottish band the "corrs" Take out the she and put in he and its the best advice I can offer.

You see he's
Turning the key, unlocking the door
Embracing the rollercoaster world
Stepping outside, with body and soul
Taking whatever future holds
Turning the key, unlocking the door
Embracing the rollercoaster world
Take it in stride, you're just twenty-five
And you know we've all been hurt before

I myself will be disappearing for awhile, I have colvert operations happening, all within the laws of land, but just enough to ruin a fish farmers day. I also have visitors coming from the kootenays, and they like to go outside more than I do. I will return and hopefully haggis Mcbagpipe will have returned and the board will once again be the magic place it once was.
Hey Peapod,

You are such a nice person to console this heartbroken sole. I bet he/she has more friends than he/she thinks and this one that he/she says doesn't want to listen to him is not a friend at all IMO.

I have a taunting task sometimes of consoling a hearbroken teen. Lord knows how many times Mr. Right has come and broken their heart only to be replaced by another Mr. Right. It's not easy sometimes to get over someone who you had very strong feelings for. Especially in a case where they leave you for someone else.

My sister-in-law had the last laugh when her hubby left after 17 years. He wanted to quit his job and retire and she was just getting started on a new career. He met this lady, left her, and bamo his new lady got pregnant and he's starting parenthood all over again. He's not exactly thrilled about it. But at least he's man enough to stand up to his responsibilities.
Yes it was an interesting evening to say the least. The next person I meet up, I make the mistake of asking how are you doing? Well not that great if your asking. It was my birthday on Sunday, and I did not get a card or a phone call from anyone, not even my son. Here smoke this, it will make everything that happened to you seem really funny, than we can eat some chinese food if you like, which you probally will
Me either for mothers day. But boy are they making up for that one.

Many years ago we were moving from Hamilton back to BC. Hubby gave away all my Xmas ornaments as he felt they were too fragile to move. He's been paying for that one for many years now. And my taste and quality has improved quit a bit since then too.

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