Online Tournaments

Andem has had a smashing idear of starting our competitive Monoply games online again! Which of course this can include Scrabble, Battleship, Checkers, Chess...etc...etc... We are encouraging alot of you guys to sign up so we can make this into a Tournament and bring a different level of games to the forums.

Where do I go to sign up? (external - login to view)
And be sure to post in here that you are wanting to join the Tournament, and post your screen name you create for yourself at (My screen name there is lushes23)

What time are the games? We will be posting times of games, and for different time zones.

Anyways, just lemme know what you guys think and what games
Haggis McBagpipe
I belonged to a forum that pretty much shut down once they included games. Prior to the games, people posted on all sorts of topics, similar to what we have here. After the games went up, everybody just played the games and the forum dried up almost completely. Not that I wouldn't like the games, because I would, but I sure don't like what it will probably do to the forum.
Well I don't think it matters, since it appears no one is intrested, which is fine. Only a suggestion.

I have been to many forums where we have had game nights, and there was no loss of users. Its all based if you have a stable user base. Canadian Content gets nearly 1 million hits a month, so there is no shortage of users joining the forums and making a home.

So me and andem will keep game night to ourselves then.
Haggis McBagpipe
Well, you sound out of sorts about it. I was only voicing my personal view of it.
Sounds like an intellectually stimulating idea, to me. Too bad about your lack of sun, there, Haggis. You might stare into your desk light and get the same results. It really works. Look at me. All sunny and bright.
You also have a pretty good tan there edgerunner...and kind of a glow..mmmmm wonder what that is from :P I am with you...bring on the games :P
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