Keeping the place fresh.

CC-Forums have become a pretty cozy place within the last couple of months. Lots of fun

Question: What suggestions do you have to keep the place 'fresh'? The games were a great addition to the community, thank you LuShes . Just added a comedy forum for jokes and the like. What else do you suggest?

There's always the option of redesigning the forum layout. We have something that is available for preview at . Unless you all prefer the current one, which is probably faster because it's less graphic intensive.

We could always add more games, which is currently happening: Thanks to Haggis, peapod, AV, galianomama and everyone else

And we could focus a lot on getting more users to join us here. Just invite friends and/or use the "Tell a friend" feature (which is at the top of thread pages.)

Endless possibilities!
Can I lick your avatar?
Sure, but if you have not dusted your screen in the past 60 seconds, you might be licking dust :\
Mmm delicious dust! Needs a little salt and pepper

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