Here I am sitting at the factory, and outside I can hear a car alarm. Making my way to the window to observe - no one even looks up from their cubicle, turns their head, or is remotely interested. So what happened with car alarms, and what will replace them to fend off evil spirits?
Haggis McBagpipe
I think car alarms annoy bystanders so much that they cheer the would-be break-in artist.
exactly. i guess that is why i can't believe people still bother with them. we had one on the jeep and when it would go off (like every night) we would stagger eventually to the window to check. of course it was always the cat. the one time when we forget to put it on we loose everything. i dunno, i think a set up with a bear spray would work better, or pepper spray. yeah, pepper spray. that would teach the little bastards to go near my junk.

we need more rage, more pepper spray and less car alarms. they are annoying in our quest for silence.
my goodness, i am in a bitchy mood this morning.
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by galianomama

my goodness, i am in a bitchy mood this morning.

Well, it IS Monday morning, after all. 8-)

It is my understanding that the best theft preventative devices are the ones that disengage the engine. Apparently expensive to install but worth it if car theft is really a problem.

A free, and probably just as effective, way to stop any but the most determined car thief is to simply disconnect something under the hood when you're parked somewhere iffy (like an isolated area when you're going for a hike), and take the connector with you. Obviously, choosing a small lightweight piece to pack with you is your best bet.
Or, you can rig up the electrical system to deliver a shocking 'buzz off' to any would be thief.

Then, with a remote camera recording the event, entertainment for the next party is assured.

Just a thought.
This isn't a game!
Haggis McBagpipe
Then why are we playing? 8-)

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