Does any one read Employment News? I have safety question.

Does anyone here read a paper called Employment News?? It is a newspaper that focuses on employment information and education training programs.

I understand how they post ads on the paper about employment, but one ad in particular makes me wonder. There is ALWAYS this ad that says how you can make money at home just by stuffing envelopes, assembling products etc. and make over 500 cdn dollars a week. BECAUSE it sounds easy that is why I want to seek advice from you first. This ad has been their for over 5yrs already leading to the same site (external - login to view) which I believe can also be found via (external - login to view). I just don't want them just take from me and run, that is why I have few questions. I am NOT spamming, I just want some advice from jobseekers here before I do anything so I don't have to pay through the nose for no reason at all.

Again these questions are based on the ad on (external - login to view) website and the tangible newspaper in job centers and sidewalk newspaper containers.

The ad which gives the website (external - login to view) is what the questions below will be based on. And the fact that the ad has been their for such a long time gives me the feeling that there exists loopholes in the justice system that allows people to LEGALLY (yes LEGALLY, NO TYPO) scam you(can be theoritically or pratically) and run away laughing. So I am going to ask these:

1) The company or whatever claims that over 10% canadians make profit a home. How true is this?? Is home self employment really becoming a trend?? (this is all from the audio that is on their site)

2) What do you think may happen should a person subscribes?? They say they will send you free packages and stuff so you can work at home but whats the catch??

3) Is it possible to avoid pulling $$$$ from my pocket??

4) should I trust them why or why not?? safe or no??

5) Notice how on their website it says how they respect your private info, email etc etc. right. Lets say in the future I want to file against them, can that website be used as legal evidance?? Yes or No because the internet is lawless??

6) Is it a good idea to go to the city hall, court or etc before I subscribe?? But then again, government people tend to drag on and on and on even on the most simple matters Yes?
I look at this way, if there really was money to had stuffing enevlopes at home, than most people would be doing just that. There are alot of scams out there, its easy to think my ship just came in.
American Voice
Pick up a copy of the local newspaper, read the classifieds, and start working the phones. Best advice: person to person, face to face.
I've actually read it before, and I would advise you not to fall into this SCAM. If it looks to good to be true, then it is. Simple as that.

Why not try or workopolis? Good luck on your job hunt.
Diamond Sun
My mom looked into that too, and they supposedly pay per envelope, but only if it's done to spec, and all these other things. It's not a scam per se, but it's about as damn close as you can come. Don't do it.

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