Hey what makes you goofy? What puts that skip in your walk? What can take you back to never neverland like when you were a kid...come on fess up!
Going away on an unexpected holiday for a weekend, or even for a day. Getting up early in the morning, grab a coffee and hit the road with a friend! Spur of the moment, that's the best!
oh.......and lots of bc bud. i forgot!
BC bud! that don't put no skip in your walk it makes you shuffle ever so slowly...Yikes peek out the window, somebody's at the at the door, don"t answer. have you ever wondered about the effects of gamma rays on marigolds? look I see trails, lets order chinese, so what if its only 10 AM. All that, but no skipping involved.....

So I take it you old coot you been having a hoot. Explains some of your postings...which reminds me of what else a story

I was driving from cranbrook to Vancouver someone that I worked with wanted a free ride. Well no problem, company is good to have on a road trip. Now this person when out of work uniform could easily have been mistaken for either cheech or chong. It was clear what he did in his spare time. Every couple of hours he would request I stop somewhere that had some bushes, and a store. Didn't bother me much, he actually was more intelligent after he came out of the bushes. After one such pit stop we were heading into vancouver....scary very scary, 4 lanes of traffic Up ahead was a transport a rather large one, but this transport was hauling another transport, it was a oxy morin! We were both travelling in the same direction, but I was catching up to them. All of a sudden my passengers starts screaming his head off, wow talk about withdrawal. Well its seem that yes, if you are approaching a transport towing another transport in the same lane at 90 km one might think the transport was headed for your windshield.
The way he was screaming it was clear this guy did not have his house in order. He calmed down when I pulled into a little rest stop for him...lots of bushes, no store tho...
Haggis McBagpipe
That guy sounds a bit weird, Pea. BC bud shouldn't make ya scream, unless maybe his roach flew out the window.

I seem to get goofy just by waking up in a good mood, which is what I do 99% of the time. Booze and drugs don't enter into the picture, since a) somewhere along the way I seem to have developed a sensitivity to wine, and b) the drugs were a teen thing (hey, it was the 60s) and will definitely be a senior thing, but right now I am just - to be as trite as I can possibly be - high on life.

I also like those spur-of-the-moment road trips. One of the trips my daughter and I took, my husband was very sweet, he showed us all the best ways we might want to go. Well, so we got into the car (my car at the time was a glorious, obscene, ostentatious, politically incorrect big fat white Cadillac with white leather interior) (it was a statement, a parody, but few people ever seemed to get the joke) and decided to just drive whatever way felt right at any given moment. It was a helluva good way to do a road trip.

I don't know, I've just been having fun all my life. It just seems easier than the alternative, is all. Goofy is something we do naturally in this family, it kind of goes like this, get up, get dressed, eat, get goofy, and not necessarily in that order.

Goofy is something we do naturally in this family

Yes! A kindred spirit. My family is considered goofy too. We are a large extended family with lots of family get togethers for no apparent reason. Rather annoying.

But - on the bright side - when the oldies make it to the 'gatherings' you can be sure we all tap our feet and wait for the tada - chicken dance - performed by my 85 year old aunt. she also sings opera in chicken. block block block block bla block....block block block block bla block. wonderful

then we all gather for the spoon session. yes, my brother holds the record for the spoon on his nose for a very long time. i think he was in the guiness. just the drink.

we do horse/jeep pulls and fun westcoast stuff like that. a lot of outside tubbing, we just fire up the wood under the tub and away we go.

i'm sure every family has this type of activity. how about yours?
You are correct your sageness. Drugs and other stuff are best left to those other people. However there is a strange trend over here on the island of lotus.. Seem there is no age barrier in learning the lingo of high times.
An example, I work with seniors, a 92 year old comes in one day and says to me..Dam that grandson of mine! borrowed my car and left one of his lousy roaches in my ashtray! Now there was a time when 92 year old ladies thought roaches were of the bug kind. Then she goes on to say, I smelled it and it was not even the good stuff. Do you smoke I ask? Are you nuts! she replied...of course I do not smoke....but she did have the lingo does leave itself open to lots of parody........

Hey I get the same goofyness you do doing the same things..but sometimes mine are a little on the tim burton fact here is perfect example of my goofyness a story and its a real big fish aspect to it at all...

A friend and myself took to making willow furniture, got ourselves a book and read up on it and figured we can do this. Well we got pretty good at it, but it was getting a little boring and alot like work, so we had to kick it up a notch. Now we lived in a town where most things you would consider odd but in this town odd was the name of the game.
My friend and I who was also from scottish descent down the line. decided in order to get our grove back in the willowing, we would have add some spice. We went to the local thrift store where we both found kilts. They were not of our clan, but who knows about clans in the forest of BC. My friend also bought a beat up leather coat they made the nicest pouches we could sling over our shoulders to carry our willowing tools. I refused to wear the tam tho, I draw the line somewhere! My line ended with knee high white stockings....and I keep my underwear on! So off we would go a friend seemed to know alot of lore about willowers of scottish descent, it was amazing. We took to doing our bends with scottish bag pipe music blasting away. Sure the neighbour wondered! but he lived next store to me long enough to know strange things went on there! We eventually tired of our bends, and we had a fire in my backyard to send the willower kilts on to freedom. We played danny boy...ya I know its irish...but like I said things like that did not matter in this town. All these events happened stone cold sober and straight as an arrow with a pinch of goofyness just for some fun...
Haggis McBagpipe
Geez, whadda buncha whackos, I love these stories, Pea and Gally! You strange island people. I am brushing up on dope lingo in preparation for being a Mean Old Lady with a Cane, 'cause I intend to be a Mean Stoned Old Lady with a Cane. BC bud is the best kine voodoo for what ails you, and legal or not it is something I plan to enjoy (again) when the time comes.

During our boating years when I was growing up, we tended to run into a lot of American boaters up for a visit. Now, whereas fellow Canadians were very civilized when coming into a bay or harbour, respectful of anchored boats and therefore slowing down, as you are supposed to do, the Americans would come zipping in full speed, which was disturbing to boaters who were anchored or tied to the log booms.

So, sick of this American boorishness, the next time we went boating, my dad and his friend brought their old WW II uniforms, and when the usual bunch of hapless, unsuspecting Americans came zipping in and around the bay, my dad and friend passed themselves off as RCMP officers and threatened them with hefty fines if the problem recurred. After that, all was quite peaceful.

I'm not sure why, but your kilt story reminded me of this.
I am killing myself laughing haggis, your dad is just my cup of TEA! Anyway I will bide my fond farewell. Places to go, people to see, and a big long bike ride, I will have a chuckle picturing your father of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Oddly enough, there is someone I work with that puts a "skip in my walk" and makes me goofy
You lucky dog can be boring, obviously not where you work. What kind of goofy and what kind of skip? JIm carrey or clive owens?
Jim Carrey!
does he have a slinky? lucky you! wanta share?
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Hey what makes you goofy? What puts that skip in your walk? What can take you back to never neverland like when you were a kid...come on fess up!

Playing with my kids. They're 3 and 6, fun ages, great reason and excuse to get goofy.
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